Jennifer Lopez Appears To Be Channeling Yoruba Deity Oshun In The Art For Her New Song

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Jennifer Lopez is giving us another glimpse into her upcoming Spanish-language album, posting the art of her upcoming song “Ni Tú Ni Yo” to her Instagram. Per the hashtag in her post, the song was released on the 4th of July during the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Show. The song features Cuban reggaeton group, Gente De Zona, who were on stage with J.Lo for the performance.

Lopez has been slowly releasing music from her forthcoming album, which is currently in the works. Ex-husband Marc Anthony is serving as executive producer on the album. The last look we got into her new music came back in April when she showcased the song “Mirate” at the Billboard Latin Music Awards — the same night she was presented with an award for excellence.

In the Instagram post, J.Lo is wearing an Oshun-inspired look that we’ve seen recently used by another music giant.

Estrenando Nueva Música… #NiTuNiYo #July42017 #newmusic #July4th

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Here J.Lo is on the beach, in front of the ocean, in the most gigantic and flowing sun colored dress we’ve ever seen. If she looks magical, it’s because she’s clearly pulling from a Yoruba Goddess. Oshun, an orisha, or deity in the Yoruba faith, is commonly seen wearing yellow and near bodies of water, as she typically represents water, purity, fertility, love, and sensuality. And this photo of J.Lo, exudes all of those qualities and then some. That leg deserves its own Twitter account.

Beyoncé famously used Oshun-inspired imagery in her visual album “Lemonade” and has continued to find inspiration in the Goddess.

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We’ve got to wait and see if J.Lo releases any more Yoruba imagery, but when used properly, it can be powerful for storytelling, as Beyoncé expertly showed.

J.Lo performed the song for Macy’s 4th of July celebration.

The crowds went wild for the new jam, which was played right before the huge Macy’s firework show in New York City.

We’re pumped for this new J.Lo song.

Credit: American Idol/ Fox/ Giphy

A new J.Lo song on the 4th of July was definitely like Christmas in the Summer.

You can listen to the entire song below.

Credit: JenniferLopezVEVO

Can’t wait to party to this one!

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