Jennifer Lopez Reveals How Nervous She Was When James Corden Texted Leo DiCaprio On Her Phone

Credit: The Late Late Show With James Corden / YouTube

“I was afraid he would be mad.”

Jennifer Lopez visited “The Late Late Show With James Corden” for the first time since she and host James Corden took a ride together on “Carpool Karaoke,” and the two reminisced about how fun it was to let loose and sing. But Lopez and Corden didn’t just sing together — at one point, Corden snatched Lopez’s cell phone and sent a text message someone in her contacts list: actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

After Lopez recalled how nervous she was as she watched Corden type into her phone, Corden told guests Justin Theroux and Terry Crews exactly what he texted Leo: “Hey, Leo, I’ve gotta get out of my head and cut loose. Any advice?” Corden then revealed DiCaprio’s reply: “You mean tonight, boo boo, club-wise?” Lopez didn’t really have an explanation for DiCaprio’s response. “I guess he calls every girl boo boo,” said Lopez.

Of course, Lopez’s relationship with retired baseball star Alex Rodriguez was also a topic of conversation:

Credit: The Late Late Show With James Corden / YouTube

Although Corden pressed and pressed for details, Lopez remained coy. “He’s a great guy. He’s fun. He’s awesome,” said Lopez.

WATCH: Jennifer Lopez Let Loose On Carpool Karaoke With James Corden

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With No New Music In 5 Years, Cafe Tacvba Makes A Crazy Return With Music Video For 'Que No'


With No New Music In 5 Years, Cafe Tacvba Makes A Crazy Return With Music Video For ‘Que No’

Café Tacvba / Youtube

Mexican rock band Café Tacvba is back with a visually stunning music video for their new song, “Que No,” from their new (and independent) 8th studio album, “Jei Beibi.” The album was released on Cinco De Mayo, just a few months before the 25th anniversary of their self-titled debut album. The video is NSFW, as we found out by having to enter our birthday just to view it on YouTube.

Café Tacvba latest video explodes with color.

Credit: Cafe Tacvba / Youtube

The video starts out dramatically in all white and as the music builds, the colors start to explode. First out of the microphone, then the instruments, and finally out of people themselves. The video is up to interpretation, but appears to deal with the type of love that bites back. The video is multi-layered and can be seen in many different ways.

At the center of the video, is the woman in white, apparently living a life of opulence.

Credit: Cafe Tacvba / Youtube

The woman, who drinks milk and eats a cupcake, even vomits pearls at one point in the video.

The woman in the video eventually encounters a version of herself as a lion.

Credit: Cafe Tacvba / Youtube

The lion eventually woos her into a false sense of security, right before violently destroying her in a blaze of beautiful color splatter. What a mess.

Although the video could be interpreted as a critique of excess, some have speculated that the all white theme is a nod to cocaine addiction.

“I think it does speak about cocaine” said Twitter user @mfaresendiz.

In an interview out this week from Rolling Stone, which details the groups 27 years of music, the group says that for their upcoming album they had many different influences.

CREDIT: Café Tacvba Oficial / Facebook

With the song “Que No,” they were inspired by sounds of the ’60s. When they asked lead guitarist Joselo about his guitar influences for the album, he replied:

“We try different things every time there’s an arrangement opportunity with a new song. But I’m not the only one who plays guitar. Actually, it’s the instrument we all play. Ruben will occasionally play it, and Quique played many guitars this time. As Rubén was saying, exploring distinct paths is a way for us to feel alive, or feel like we’re doing something different. “Que No,” our latest single, has Sixties characteristics which we haven’t done before, and “Matando” also has certain elements we hadn’t come across.”

The band also has plans to go on tour, and released US tour dates just this week.

Check the full video (NSFW) below and check out their new album, “Jei Beibi,” which released on Cinco De Mayo.

Credit: Cafe Tacvba / Youtube

[H/T] Café Tacvba Talk 27 Years of Rock Experimentation

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