Good Thing Times Have Changed Because If I Had Behaved Like J.Lo’s Son Max Did On Ellen, Yikes!

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The Puerto Rican queen of film, TV, music, and making dudes jealous, Jennifer Lopez, was on “Ellen” a few years ago. Besides dancing and dishing on A.Rod, J.Lo’s twins came out and stole the show. Specifically, her son Max stole the spotlight, while ironically trying to hide from it. The two kids were uncharacteristically shy for what you’d imagine the children of superstars to be like. Lopez’s son, Max, was all of us trying to go home while waiting for mami to finish talking with la vecina.

In 2017, J.Lo was on “Ellen” with her kids Emmie and Max. Right away, her son, Max, tried to disappear.

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He probably thought “If I’m stealthy, they won’t notice and I’ll wait it out until a commercial break.”

He was found, but quickly changed tactics.

Credit: Hot Daily / Youtube

When hiding doesn’t work, a scowl might do the trick.

He soon learned, though, that the universe is a cruel beast and irony, is its only rule.

Credit: Ellen / NBC / Hot Daily / Youtube / Andrew Santiago / mitu

The scowl only made him more entertaining. (? Volume UP for full effect.)

Not one to give up, Max devised another plan of escape.

Credit: Hot Daily / Youtube

This time he would not be beaten.

Watch the video in its entirety to find out if he ever made it out of that box.

Credit: My Healthy Lifestyle / Youtube

Someone may have a lawsuit on their hands.

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