Answer These Questions And We’ll Tell You Which Hogwarts House You Belong In

Harry Potter continues to captivate people’s imagination. The world created by J.K. Rowling is one that everyone wants to be a part of. As such, we want to help you be properly sorted into the correct house. We created a list of questions that bring the Latino point of view to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and now you can find out which house is truly yours.

Pick your dream vacation destination.

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What telenovela villain do you feel the most empathy for?


Pick a flavor of agua fresca.

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Walter Mercado is...

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If you could only choose one...

Because even witches and wizards have to eat on the go.

Pick a Selena song that speaks to you.

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Now pick a Celia Cruz song that gets you moving.

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This one is pretty straight forward.

What Hogwarts House Are You Meant To Be In?
Hufflepuff! Your dedication and loyalty to your friends and family is everything to you. Those who know you admire your patience and your temperament as the most important qualities you bring to all of your relationships. You are definitely a wonderful Hufflepuff. Helga would be proud to count you as a pupil.

Ravenclaw! You are a magnificent and talented student capable of handling any assignment thrown at you in work or school. You are self-motivated and take the kind of initiative everyone wants to see. Not to mention you offer sharp and original ideas setting you apart from the rest of your group. You're certainly a smart Ravenclaw. Rowena would be delighted to teach you everything she knows.

Gryffindor! You might be a little short-tempered, but it is all for the best. You value justice and bravery above all else and will do anything to defend those closest to you, even if it means getting a little reckless. While it is not the best strategy for getting things done, you will not rest until you make life better for everyone you love. Godric would be pleased to know you are continuing his legacy.

Slytherin! Your house gets a bad rap because of a few bad seeds but it isn't fair. You are just shrewd and cunning so people tend to believe you are a bad person. There is nothing wrong with your sense of self-preservation and desire to be the best, especially since you think things through before you act. Salazar would be thrilled to count you among his followers.

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20 Harry Potter Nail Designs To Inspire Your Next Manicure


20 Harry Potter Nail Designs To Inspire Your Next Manicure

Sierra Unsicker / Pinterest

It’s been over 20 years since the release of the “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, and the hysteria surrounding this page-turning fantasy series isn’t even close to dying down.

Indeed, there’s a collection of Potter-heads out there who will spare no expense for the chance at adding the perfect piece to their memorabilia collection. And with the 2016 advent of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to Universal Studios Hollywood, there’s no limit to the amount of money this franchise can potentially milk from its fans.

But more impressive than the cash that Potterheads spend on proving their fandom is the creative way in which the fans pay homage to the series through their art. Of course, there’s the usual suspects of fan-art and Cosplay, but some Potterheads take their fandom to new levels. A little-known fact is that there is an entire community on Instagram devoted to Harry Potter-themed nail art. And some of the designs are downright magical. We’ve compiled a list of the most eye-catching Harry Potter-themed nail art on Instagram.

1. The Hogwarts Skyline


Nothing takes you straight into the world of Harry Potter more than a great landscape portrait of the Hogwarts grounds. This nail look truly takes our breath away.

2. Wear-able Harry


A quick search of “Harry Potter nails” on Instagram can turn up quite a few results of elaborate nail designs that look better online than they would on your hands. That’s why looks like the one above are perfect for Potter-head who prefers a more toned-down look. 

3. Minimalist Hallows


Another minimalist design, we love how unusual this Harry Potter nail look is. While many HP enthusiasts commit to intricate nail-bed paintings, this person opted for a simple gold french tip paired with a matching Deathly Hallows symbol.

4. The Three Amigos


Sure, the Deathly Hallows symbol is cute and all, but the real star of the magical book series is the friendship between Harry, Ron, and Hermione. If it were on our hands, we know we wouldn’t be able to keep our eyes off a design like this 

5. Adorably Harry


As much as we love the later installments of the series, we can’t help but hold a special place in our hearts for “The Sorcerer’s Stone”. We love this delightful design that includes the legendary line, “You’re a wizard, Harry”.

6. Dobby Love


Up there with Hagrid, Dobby is one of the most beloved supporting characters in the Potter-Universe. He deserves his own Dobby-themed nail art like the delightful designs above.

7. Hogwarts Houses


Contrary to popular belief, no one can force you to choose between Hogwarts houses. They all have their qualities! That’s why we love this nail look that reps all of the houses equally.

8. Painted Patronus 


We stan Harry Potter nail designs that think outside of the box. We love that this nail artist included Harry’s noble stag patronus. In these striking designs, it’s as if each nail tells a separate story.

9. Simply Slytherin


Slytherins get a bad rep. While practically all of the series’ villains hail from this serpentine house, even J.K. Rowling herself has gone on record to state that Slytherins are “sleek, powerful, and frequently misunderstood”. What’s more sleek than this stunning emerald-green look with a lone snake on the ring finger?

10. Fantastic Beasts


The red-headed step child (no shade to the Weasleys) of the Potter Universe , the “Fantastic Beasts” spin-off doesn’t get as much love as the main attraction. But the prequel series definitely has a beautiful asthetic, as is evidenced by this navy and perriwinkle creation that features a gorgeous Thunderbird.

11. The Tale of Three Brothers


Written by Beedle the Bard, “The Tale of the Three Brothers” is the fable of three wizarding brothers who were gifted the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Invisibility Cloak by Death himself. This artist truly out-did herself with such a loving (and accurate) depiction of the story on her nails.

12. The Flying Ford


Who could forget the historic scene of Harry and Ron escaping Number 4 Privet driving in a Flying Ford Anglia? This is one of the most creative Harry Potter nail themes we’ve ever come across!

13. The Nail Synopsis


If you can’t make up your mind about your favorite aspect of the Harry Potter series, do like the person above and create a nail design sampler, so to speak. This Potter-themed look has everything from Hedwig, to Platform 9 and Three-Quarters to the elusive Snitch. Why choose one design when you can have them all?

Updated May 21, 2020.

13. These Potterpuff twinkle toes

flourish_and_bloss/ Instagram

15. These Jelly Bean Nails

neri_skottman / Instagram

16. These nails that reach out to HP cousins.

thegossipnailbar / Instagram

17. These super sweet and simple HP nails

nailsartlupa / Instagram

18. These slippery Slytherin nails.

notyourusualnails /Instagram

19. These nails that are up to no good.

notyourusualnails / Instagram

20. These nails made for the ultimate golden snitch match.

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This Quinceañera Theme Was So Legit, Even The Centerpieces Followed The Theme


This Quinceañera Theme Was So Legit, Even The Centerpieces Followed The Theme

My mom would have said NO if I asked her to have a quinceañera like this, but luckily this 15-year-old was able to get approval and go all out with her Harry Potter-themed quince. Yes. Harry Potter.

Every quince has a different theme and color scheme, but this quinceañera took it to a whole other level – with a legit Harry Potter theme.


Already feel like I’m at Hogwarts.

The entire venue was set up to look just like the dinner hall in Hogwarts.  


Okay, now I’m just waiting for Harry, Ron and Hermione to enter the room.

With wands by every dinner plate and a golden snitch above every champagne glass, this quinceañera really went above and beyond.


I wonder if tías fought over these centerpieces.

To personalize it even more, she cropped out Hermione Granger from the picture and photoshopped herself in it.


Bye Hermione.

Since Harry Potter and Ron Weasley couldn’t make an appearance, the chambelanes were dressed up as wizards instead.


Of course he had to dab in his wizard robe.

Her family joined in on the fun as well, ready to pose in their wizard robes and magical wands at hand.


Soooo cute.

Even though this type of theme is not the typical theme for a quince, having the quinceañera’s loved ones join in on the Harry Potter spirit, is really what made it a *magical* night.


This is a dream come true for every Harry Potter fan.

To see the rest of the details of this quinceañera, check out the full video below.

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