Here Are 24 Of The Best Tweets For Camila Cabello’s #DoodlesForNeverBeTheSameTour

Since breaking out as a solo artist from the band Fifth Harmony, Camila Cabello has broken records and captured the hearts of millions.  She’s dorky, she’s a passionate activist (you could find her in the streets of the Womens’ March and March for Our Lives) and her music slays.

Then, on an otherwise normal day in Mercury Retrograde, one tweet to her almost 7 million Twitter followers changed everything. Behold, a stan explosion of doodles, memes and tributes have been born. We’ve got the story, the doodles, and the memes for #DoodlesForNeverBeTheSameTour.

So here’s what’s happened.

CREDIT: @Camila_Cabello / Twitter

Just before tweeting this, Camila tweeted, “guys!! you’re such a big part of my life, you’ve been such a big part of my story, i want you to be a part of this tour!!! don’t ask why, buuuut ………” We don’t know why, but Camila seems to be insinuating that these doodles join her tour! Tap on to see the art her fans created!

1. First there were doodles.

CREDIT: @macheriecamzi / Twitter

This is my actual favorite official doodle. But fans gave her so much more. Keep tapping.➡️➡️➡️

Caption: “#DoodlesForNeverBeTheSameTour Camila, thank you so much for inspire a 13 years old girl to be proud of what she did. Love you forever! Thanks for being some of my biggest inspirations”

2. Talk about iconic:

CREDIT: @Mhylia_Castro / Twitter

Caption: “#DoodlesForNeverBeTheSameTour even with all the mess and chaos you find the love somewhere @Camila_Cabello

3. This is the most liked ‘doodle’ in her contest.

CREDIT: @shutupgrayson / Twitter

Caption: “@Camila_Cabello I draw this for you, I hope u like it. Y ESPERO PODER IR AL NEVERBETHESAMETOUR LOVE YOU #DoodlesForNeverBeTheSameTour” 

4. Some are pretty Picasso-esque

CREDIT: @mandymoon27 / Twitter

Caption: “Desenhar e ouvir músicas definitivamente meu refúgio. ? Mais alguns dos meus desenhos. @Camila_Cabello

Rough translation for non-Portuguese speakers: Drawing and listening to music is definitely my refuge. ? some more of my drawings.”

5. Others truly belong on a graphic tee.

CREDIT: @fifthkaki / Twitter

Let me wear this, por favoooor!

Caption: “”take a deep breath, listen to your favorite song and realize that everything is gonna be okay. nothing is permanent.” — @Camila_Cabello #DoodlesForNeverBeTheSameTour

6. The hashtag is llena de angel’s wings.

CREDIT: @macheriecamzi / Twitter

Because she’s a goddamn angel. Don’t test me. ?

Caption: “in these fantasies you won’t lay a finger in me…✨”

7. This is the second most liked with over 2k likes.

CREDIT: @FaCyan4 / Twitter

“It’s you babe.”

Caption: “Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey @Camila_Cabello, here are some #DoodlesForNeverBeTheSameTour hope you like them ?✨?”

8. IDK about you, but I’m a fan of the fans.

CREDIT: @controIscabello / Twitter

Caption: “i did these a while back but they’re some of my favourites and the more i see them the more meaning they have??#DoodlesForNeverBeTheSameTour”

9. It’s all about the middle finger in the “Girl Power” doodle here.

CREDIT: @cmiIaflower / Twitter

Caption: “This is camila cabello, this is the woman I’m very proud of! #DoodlesForNeverBeTheSameTour”

10. Camila’s fans put all my high school doodles to shame TBH.

CREDIT: @cabellokiedokie / Twitter

How do I commission a #CamFan to make me look like an earthly, fairy goddess? A friend of this artist actually put her work into the running. Because friends help friends get doodle famous.

11. The Cuban pride es todo.

CREDIT: @5H_CC_FC / Twitter

Find fans of all ages, from all around the world, supporting her Cuban heritage.

Caption: “I made you a Cuban fairy With all the love and affection ? Brazil loves you ???????????”

12. Then there are the digital paintings.

CREDIT: @seancellmore / Twitter

Which are epic. Mira esa Santa Camila! *makes sign of the cross*

Caption: “havana oo na na ! digital painting of Camila Cabello”

13. Which apparently can take hours and hours and hours.

CREDIT: @cabeyosartist / Twitter

She shared different stages while she was drawing this. Apparently it took her over an hour to color in just one eye! Brava! #NextLevelDoodle

Caption: “I finally finished this drawing ??? I’m so freaking proud of it, can you guys please help me to get camila to see it??”

14. Like, wtf? How do not-apps do this?

CREDIT: @ccamilapics / Twitter

Or are they using apps? I know too little to know the difference, but wowie.

Caption: “she’s a pure art. #DoodlesForNeverBeTheSameTour”

15. Some fans drew some v sultry art.

CREDIT: @romanticmiIa / Twitter

Caption: “#DoodlesForNeverBeTheSameTour please please help me get camila to see this ??. i made a drawing based on ‘Into It.'”

16. Others are crazy talented with just a paper and pencil.

CREDIT: @ssweetmamba / Twitter

Meanwhile, I can barely draw stick people who have legs the same length. It’s a shame.

17. And here’s the mixed media fan art!

CREDIT: @thotmija / Twitter

#GirlsWantControl #TimesUp #MeToo #SmashThePatriarchy #MachisimoEnFin I’m done.

Caption: “I really can’t draw or doodle or anything but I made this little collage thing (which sucks but I’m just not creative) and I hope you like it @Camila_Cabello”

18. This person made this out of THOUSANDS OF DOTS.

CREDIT: @intoyoucabelIo / Twitter

I guess Dios does grant paciencia a algunos. Just not me. ?

Caption: “this took a couple of months to complete but here is Camila made out of thousands of dots, I hope you like it @Camila_Cabello ? #DoodlesForNeverBeTheSameTour”

19. Meanwhile…

CREDIT: @JouCamren / Twitter

Some of us are more talented in the art of meme-making. Please see: @wearemitu for reference. 😛

20. Some people just wanted to be involved and I feel that.

CREDIT: @etherealcabello / Twitter

What I love about this entry is that it’s raw. It’s real. It’s got almost 2k likes.

Caption: “guys be jealous of my mad drawing skills #DoodlesForNeverBeTheSameTour”

21. My vote for #1 Mazapan inspired doodle.

CREDIT: @cubanscmila / Twitter

Thank you for combining my two favorite things into one masterpiece of a tweet. Love you boo.

Caption: “there’s not a real concept behind it but i like it anyway and i hope you enjoy too. i made three versions. i love you @Camila_Cabello ❤️ #DoodlesForNeverBeTheSameTour

22. And this person who submitted an Italian pastry in honor of her love for Camila.

CREDIT: @KamiEnCabello / Twitter

TBH, I would have done the same thing. If I could make a beautiful, tasty masterpiece of a pastry that looks like a giant warm snowflake I want in my belly.

23. En serio, this contest for Camila’s heart churned out some heartwarming captions.

CREDIT: @rosesmilart / Twitter

Caption: “This drawing makes me happy because the flags remind me of your struggle as an immigrant to be where you are today. And the butterfly represents the hope of fighting for my best that your story and that of your family have given me. Te amo ??❤ #DoodlesForNeverBeTheSameTour”

24. Verdad AF: Camila fans are the best fans because Camila, we’ve got your lyrics all in our veins.

CREDIT: @CamilaCsMind / Twitter

Caption: “Ok this is the last one ❤ #DoodlesForNeverBeTheSameTour

Ditto. 🙂

P.S.- If you think you’ve got what it takes, her contest is still live! #DoodlesForNeverBeTheSameTour

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Queer People Are Shouting Their Gratitude For Naya Rivera’s Trailblazing Character Santana Lopez


Queer People Are Shouting Their Gratitude For Naya Rivera’s Trailblazing Character Santana Lopez

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

There are few queer characters the people can point to in the past as being someone that changed their lives. Santana Lopez, Naya Rivera’s character on “Glee,” is one of them. Even if you’ve never watched “Glee,” Rivera’s character touched you because of how that representation is so important and empowering.

Naya Rivera’s place in LGBTQ+ media representation will be her long-lasting legacy.

Rivera brought us Santana Lopez, a queer Latina navigating the world of high school in a small town. For many, this kind of representation was so rare and often poorly done that Rivera’s command of the role was impactful. You didn’t have to be an avid viewer of the show to understand and appreciate the magnitude of Santana Lopez.

Rivera brought our experience directly to the mainstream and forced our own classmates to think about the way they saw queer people.

Rivera’s ability to capture the awkwardness and terror of being a closeted queer student in high school still resonates. It is a piece of nostalgia that is so deeply ingrained in queer people that it’s hard not to be emotional about Rivera’s sudden and tragic death.

Who can forget the moment Santana used “Landslide” to tell Brittany that she loved her.

The emotion of a love that is not easy to confess and live authentically is real. Ask any queer person you know about coming to terms with her sexuality in high school and you will hear about the fear and excitement. You will hear about the strategic allyships that epitomize the constant battle between being open and staying safe.

Rivera was more than an actress, she was an ally and advocate during her time on “Glee.”

Season 2, when Rivera’s feelings for Brittany (played by Heather Morris) grew, aired from 2010 to 2011. It was a time when marriage equality was not nationwide. Some states still barred same-sex couples from adopting children. Yet, queer high school and college students had a chance to see their experience mirrored because of Rivera’s insistence.

Rivera’s death is a major loss for the queer community that got our strength and courage from her.

Knowing that all of the “Glee” fans were rooting for and falling in love with Santana Lopez gave us a chance to breathe and feel accepted. Adding her Latina heritage was so important. Queer people of color, who have faced increased scrutiny from their own families, had someone representing them completely and sincerely.

Demi Lovato paid tribute by remembering the time she played Santana Lopez’s girlfriend.

The queer Latina love was not lost on fellow queer Latinos. Lovato herself was not out about her sexuality at the time and she admits in her post that Rivera inspired her. Rivera’s efforts to give the character an accurate and respectful storyline will forever be praised and admired as a fully realized manifestation of our experience.

Thank you for being someone we didn’t know we needed, Naya.

Our hearts are broken and our eyes are wet. We send love and hope to your loved ones. Rest in power, mija. We love you and will never forget what you did for our community.

READ: Naya Rivera’s Body Found In Lake Piru After Going Missing During Outing With Son

Naya Rivera’s Body Found In Lake Piru After Going Missing During Outing With Son


Naya Rivera’s Body Found In Lake Piru After Going Missing During Outing With Son

Gregg Deguire / Getty Images

Update: Naya Rivera’s body has been found in Lake Piru after she went missing last week. Rivera’s disappearance has sent shockwaves of grief throughout the entertainment community as days passed and authorities combed the lake.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that Naya Rivera’s body has been pulled from Lake Piru.

Naya Rivera was last seen July 8 when she rented a boat for an outing with her young son. Later that day, men on another boat found the rented boat with her son asleep by himself on the boat. The search for Rivera was frantic as family, friends, and fans publicly grieved the sudden disappearance.

Last week, the sheriff’s department told the public that it was unlikely Rivera’s body would resurface because of debris.

At a press conference, Ventura County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Kevin Donoghue said that the debris of trees and plants under the water could cause the body to be entangled under the surface. Coupled with the poor visibility underwater, Office Sgt. Donoghue was not optimistic about the department’s chances of finding the body.

“We’re putting our best foot forward to try and locate her. We’re using all the assets that are available to us. We’re using technology like sonar,” he said at the press conference. “We have experts who have dove this lake who know it inside and out, where debris pockets might be, we’re relying on their expertise to help us in that endeavor. We’re going to do everything we can to find her.”

Original: “Glee” star Naya Rivera is presumed dead after going missing in southern California. The actress was on a boat in Lake Piru with her 4-year-old son when she went missing July 8 in Ventura County.

Authorities are searching for Naya Rivera after going missing.

Naya Rivera is presumed dead after her young son was found alone in a boat in Lake Piru. The lake is in Los Padres National Forest in Ventura County. Rivera’s son was found asleep on the boat three hours after Rivera rented the boat for the mother-son outing. According to officials, the son said that he and Rivera went for a swim and that she didn’t get back on the boat. CNN reports that the child was wearing a life vest while an adult life vest was found on the boat.

The search was paused overnight between Wednesday and Thursday and resumed as a recovery mission.

Fans do not think that Ventura County Sheriff’s are doing enough in the search for the actress. Emotions are high as fans share their grief and shock at Rivera’s sudden disappearance. According to Deputy Chris Dyer, the water where the boat was found is about 40 feet deep and that wind is a big factor in that part of the lake.

Authorities have classified the search as a recovery in a signal that they believe Rivera to be dead.

A recovery mission means that authorities are looking to recover a body from the lake. The news has devastated Rivera’s friends and family who want her brought home safe. Her son is reportedly doing well and is with relatives as authorities search for his mother in the lake.

Celebrities are sending messages hoping for Rivera to be alive.

Rivera wrote a memoir titled “Sorry, Not Sorry,” which gives an intimate look into her life during and after “Glee.” The actress was open and honest in her memoir bringing up some of the darkest and toughest times she endured and how it shaped her in the years that followed.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Rivera’s loved ones.

This story is developing. mitú will report updates as they become available.

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