The Scariest, Most ‘HELL NO’ Places In Latin America

credit: JULIVNGOMEZ / WADIEU / Instagram

What is it about horror and being Latino? From a young age, I remember loving scary movies, yet finding myself hiding under the covers after dark, certain there was some lunatic hovering over my bed. And like really spicy hot sauce, I found myself going back for more, knowing that I’d regret it later. If you’re like me, this time of year always gets you excited for scary movies and haunted houses, so if you’re looking for something to satisfy your craving, here’s a list of some of the most bizarre, haunted and scary places in Latin America.

Hospital Escuela Universitario – Honduras

CREDIT: La Otra Dimension / Facebook 

This grainy clip shows what is believed to be the spirit of a former doctor. After killing himself, the doctor now roams the halls haunting anyone who happens to cross his path. This clip first appeared on La Otra Dimension’s Facebook page, a page devoted to the paranormal, and quickly racked up millions of views as ghost hunters and skeptics reviewed the footage. As of today, the footage hasn’t been proven a hoax, but people believe the image of the ghost might just be a reflection in the glass. Either way, the lesson here is: don’t hang out in creepy hospitals.

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