The Scariest, Most ‘HELL NO’ Places In Latin America

What is it about horror and being Latino? From a young age, I remember loving scary movies, yet finding myself hiding under the covers after dark, certain there was some lunatic hovering over my bed. And like really spicy hot sauce, I found myself going back for more, knowing that I’d regret it later. If you’re like me, this time of year always gets you excited for scary movies and haunted houses, so if you’re looking for something to satisfy your craving, here’s a list of some of the most bizarre, haunted and scary places in Latin America.

Hospital Escuela Universitario – Honduras

CREDIT: La Otra Dimension / Facebook 

This grainy clip shows what is believed to be the spirit of a former doctor. After killing himself, the doctor now roams the halls haunting anyone who happens to cross his path. This clip first appeared on La Otra Dimension’s Facebook page, a page devoted to the paranormal, and quickly racked up millions of views as ghost hunters and skeptics reviewed the footage. As of today, the footage hasn’t been proven a hoax, but people believe the image of the ghost might just be a reflection in the glass. Either way, the lesson here is: don’t hang out in creepy hospitals.

Isla de las Muñecas – Mexico


Located just south of Mexico City, near Xochimico, the Island Of The Dolls is the result of one man, 50 years of work, and one dead girl. According to legend, the caretaker of the island, Don Julian Santana Barrera, found the corpse of a young girl floating in the water near the island. Next to her corpse was a doll, which Julian hung in a tree as a sign of respect.


Fearing that the little girl was not satisfied with the offering, Julian devoted the rest of his life to hanging dolls from trees to keep the spirit happy. It has never been proven that the island is actually haunted, but tourists have claimed to see the dolls move and follow them with their dead eyes. In the end, Julian died in the same place he claims to have seen the little girl, and these days the island is a favorite of tourists and ghost hunters.

Casa Matusita – Peru


Located in Lima, Peru, something evil occupies the second floor of the Matusita House. While the first floor was leased by a bank, the second floor was sealed off a long time ago. Only paranormal experts and psychics have been allowed to enter, several of which suffered extreme mental trauma or outright refused to talk about what they experienced. Rumors of what haunts the second floor involves tales of violent murder, insane priests, bewitchings, and hallucinogenic drug parties gone horribly wrong. Madness follows anyone who attempts to enter, they say.

The reputation of the house is so notorious that it has been the subject of several movies and documentaries. The second floor was torn down earlier this year in favor of a new design that will presumably be open to the public. Hopefully it’ll will be more inviting than it once was.

Subte Línea A – Argentina


Built over 100 years ago, the Subte Línea A is one of Argentina’s most haunted subways. The site has witnessed murders, accidents, and multiple suicides over the years, adding to the subway’s already creeptastic atmosphere. People often report seeing passengers dressed in out-of-date clothing, holding pocket watches, disappearing before their very eyes. Between the stops Alberti and Pasco, there is a long abandoned station where two ghosts can be seen working. These two are believed to be the spirits of rail workers who were killed in a cave-in.

El Sanatorio Duran – Costa Rica


Called the most haunted place in Costa Rica, the Duran Sanatorium is open to tourists willing to pay the thousand colones (or $2 USD) entry fee. The hospital originally opened as a place to treat tuberculosis, but as medicine advanced, the cases dropped, so the place was converted into an orphanage and eventually, a prison.


These days, the building is abandoned — for the most part. Eyewitnesses have reported seeing a nun in all white roaming the halls, as well as a nurse staring down from the windows. Others report seeing a small child standing on the roof. She is believed to be the child of Dr. Carlos Duran, who died of tuberculosis. Take the tourists advice, don’t come out here at night.

Joelma Building – Brazil


In 1974, a malfunctioning air-conditioner caught on fire and quickly turned the Joelma building into an inferno, as much of the furniture in the building was flammable. Of the 756 people in the building that day, 179 people died due to the fire, or worse. Firefighters did what they could, but their ladders only reached to the 15th floor, making it impossible to reach people higher up in the 25-story building. Many people jumped from the building to get away from the blaze.


The building already had a reputation before the fire, as it was built on the property of a chemist who murdered his family in 1948, leading people to believe the property was cursed. In the aftermath of the fire, 13 unidentified people were found burned to death in the building’s elevator, they are now buried in a nearby cemetery, and remain unidentified. The Joelma is now said to be haunted by the spirits of these lost souls, as well as others lost in the fire that day.

Tequendama Falls Museum a.k.a Hotel Del Salto – Colombia


Built in 1923 by architect Carlos Arturo Tapias, the building that became a hotel and then a museum has a troubling past. Built near the Tequendama Waterfalls, the site has been a popular place for suicides. According to legend, the Muisca Indians would jump at the falls to flee Spanish conquerors, where they would then turn to eagles and fly to freedom.


This tale has attracted the broken-hearted, who used to waterfall to flee their own heartbreak. The spirots of these jumpers are said to haunt the hallways of this once glorious building. These days the building is used as a museum, but thanks to pollution, the water is now highly toxic, and the smell wafting from it can be smelled from miles away.

Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave – Belize

CREDIT: lucillegutierrezl / INSTAGRAM

Explorers call this place Actun Tunichil Muknal, or Cave of the Crystal Sepulchre, a cave discovered in 1989. Many locals refer to it as Xibalba, the Mayan underworld. A millennia ago, the Maya used this cave to sacrifice adults and children to ask for rain, and according to others, satisfy their gods’ appetite for blood. The remains of the victims lay mostly preserved, each one revealing how their lives ended: crushed vertebrae and caved in skulls.


The most well-known skeleton discovered was “The Crystal Maiden,” so named because her bones have become calcified over the last 1,100 years, making them sparkle in the darkness. Claims that the caves were haunted by the Crystal Maiden were checked into on season three of “Ghost Hunters International,” though there was no confirmation of an actual haunting. 

La Noria Cemetery – Chile


Cemeteries are already all kinds of HELL NAH, but this one has several things going for it. Many of the graves are actually sticking out of the ground, meaning that the skeletons inside are visible to anyone who passes by. Some have argued that this is the result of grave robbers. Others counter that the people buried in La Noria cemetery were poor miners who had nothing of value on them, making it unlikely anyone would rob them. At night, according to legend, the ghosts of the miners rise and return to where they worked as slaves. However, the strangest thing at La Noria was discovered in 2003.

The Atacama Skeleton – La Noria – Chile


Discovered in 2003, the Atacama skeleton immediately caught the attention of skeptics and conspiracy theorists alike. Some argued the 6 INCH skeleton was a hoax, while others claimed it was proof of alien existence. In case you’re wondering, they were both wrong. The skeleton is very much that of a human, which scientists believe suffered from extreme dwarfism. Scientists speculate that the child lived for 6 to 8 years before dying, citing that certain characteristics of the skeleton’s structure indicate as much. Even though the skeleton is definitely human, it’s diminutive stature has only added to the bizarre reputation of La Noria cemetery.

Honorable Mention – This creepy AF doll.


Here’s why you should never buy your kid a creepy doll. As the young girl tells the camera about the gift she got for her 15th birthday, it turns and looks at her as if to say, “You won’t see your 16th.” The pure terror in the girl’s reaction feels too authentic for this to be fake, though you should watch the clip on YouTube to judge for yourself.

The Vampire of Pisco – Peru

CREDIT: dailymail.co.uk

One of the many hell no places you can travel to is a small town called Pisco. Now, at first glance, it looks like a pretty picturesque little town, haunted by a dark legend. In 1913 after being seen biting the neck of a child and sucking its blood an, English woman named Sarah Ellen Roberts was executed after being branded a vampire, a witch and a murderer. After her death, her husband travelled from England to find a place that would allow him to bury her as the Church of England refused. The only place that allowed her burial, was Pisco in Peru. Her last words were a warning that she would rise again to take revenge in 80 years. Not until 2007, after a large earthquake, she proved her return – when her tomb was the only one intact and untouched.

The Crazy Gringo’s House – Ecuador

CREDIT: google+ Rohini Bandyopadhyay

La Casa Del Gringo Loco is an infamous place in Sangolqui. The former owner of the house was a Frenchman, but since his death, many years ago many people travel to this place to celebrate dark rituals and to contact dark spirits.

The legend says that a group of people visited the house and to challenge the Gringo’s spirit. Some in the group wrote their names upside down on the walls. The following week, four of these people died in a car crash. To this day this haunted place is not open to the public.

La Posada del Sol – Mexico

CREDIT: amyscrypt.com 

What used to be a luxurious hotel in Mexico City has become an abandoned place where no one would travel voluntarily. That is if you don’t want to see if the curse and ghost stories are true.La Posada Del Sol was a glamorous hotel, with a ballroom, Turkish baths and luxe decor but it was only opened for eight months before it met its dark and mysterious end.

Some say that the owner was unable to pay off the debts and it leads him to hang himself in the courtyard of the hotel, that is after he cursed the place and murdered his own family. Locally it is believed that his ghost is still haunting the empty hotel to this day. Though it doesn’t end there, his spirit is not the only one.

In the hotel’s basement is the altar surrounded by candy, left by people exploring the hotel’s gruesome past and paying respect to a little girl. The story goes that a little girls body was found in the basement. Nobody knows any details of her identity or cause of death and is a mystery to this day. Her ghost is also believed to be haunting the hotel.

The Gran Hotel Bolivar – Peru

CREDIT: amyscrypt.com

Travel to beautiful places and staying at charming hotels are a dream vacation for many. Perhaps, you’d be interested in the Gran Hotel Bolivar, one of the most haunted places in Lima.

The impressive hotel is still jaw-dropping gorgeous for visitors, but many guests have met ’the Woman in White’ roaming around in the corridors until she disappears all of a sudden. Others have met another woman said to be a suicide victim that threw herself from one of the hotel’s windows. The most frequent ghost spotting is a ghostly bellboy and other former employees from the Gran Hotel Bolivar.

Now, one would think the ghost spotting was enough. But the most mysterious thing about the Gran Bolivar Hotel is that the two top floors have been completely cut off to guests and staff, elevators don’t operate on these floors, and barricaded staircases. No reasoning has been given, speculations are that it is due to high paranormal activity.

Hospital San Juan de Dios – Colombia

CREDIT: Twitter ccss.sa.cr

As the oldest hospital in Costa Rica, San Juan de Dios is bound to be a place of many ghost stories. The story of ”La Monja del Vaso” is over a century old. Well, this might not be the most haunted place on our list, we are willing to bet that if you travel here, you’ll get the creeps.

The legend goes, there was an unmarried young woman, forced to be a nun and consoling the dying at the hospital. She denied a dying man a glass of water, and when he died, she was cursed to roam the hospital until she had paid her debt back.

Palacio Lecumberri – Mexico

CREDIT: amyscrypt.com

Nicknamed ’the Black Palace’ the place of Mexico’s National Archive has a dark history. Travel here today, and you wouldn’t have a clue that the building has a history of corruption, murder and torture and was from 1900 to 1976 one of the most feared prisons in Mexico.

Many jailed faced torture and risked murder every day. Rumour has it that the people that ended their lives within the prison walls may still haunt the building. Reports say that tortured cries and screams are being heard to this day.

The most well-known ghost story is the one by a former inmate Don Jacinto who appears at night talking about Amelia. She was the love of his life that framed him for a murder he didn’t commit and he is stuck in the afterlife as well.

Canyon Sayulapa – El Salvador

CREDIT: azdailysun.com

If you’re travelling to El Salvador, you might want to stay away from this place. Canyon Sayulapa is said to be the origin of the legend of La Llorona.

La Llorona was a woman who wanted to marry a rich rancher she was in love with. To convince him, she drowned and killed her two kids. Her soul can’t find rest ever since and you can hear the cries of her children when they were drowned.

If you go to the Canyon Sayulapa and yell the Lloronas name three times she will be coming to you. But, you better run, she wants to get your soul. Or just stay away from the beginning…

The Lady of the Mass Graves, Granada – Nicaragua

CREDIT: time.com

Few places are so terrible as what happened in 1979 when the Sandinista revolution in Granade lead to thousands of people were murdered and thrown into unmarked mass graves.

The mass-graves were also the killing ground for Somoza supporters, together with their families. So many souls taken at the same place, even children as young as 15 years old.

Locals tell the story of an old woman that sits at a gravesite called ”Panama” and says ”take me to the cemetery.” The ones that don’t know who she is gives her a ride in their car. As the old lady is entering the cemetery, she fades away.

Isla Coiba – Panama

CREDIT: nationalgeographic.com

A place that leads the thoughts to torture, imprisonment, and death, Isla Coiba was Panama’s version of Devil’s Island. It was the home to the country’s most dangerous criminals, and people that were politically on the wrong side. The prison is far from the mainland, shark-filled waters, strong currents, and thick jungle.

Under the dark dictatorship in Panama’s history, hundreds or thousands of people disappeared. They are believed to be buried either in unmarked graves near Coiba or fed to the sharks. Torture was a common thing, the detainees that escaped faced their faith: jungle animals, sharks or swept away by the current.

Closed just in 2004, the few that has visited since say that they hear noises, screams, and footsteps – would you dare to travel here?

La Recoleta Cemetery – Argentina

CREDIT: amyscrypt.com

A huge cemetery with over 6,000 beautifully decorated tombs, La Recoleta Cemetery, is a place to see when you’re travelling to Buenos Aires. Walkways around big mausoleums, it’s a place for tourists to visit but also the where many scary legends and stories come from.

One of the most famous, and disturbing, is the story of Rufina Cambaceras. In 1902 her parents found her dead by the age of 19. The parents grieved and transported her body to La Recoleta Cemetery where she would be interred, and she was placed in a coffin. After her burial was postponed the staff noticed that her coffin had been tampered with. Her parents were naturally upset and thought someone had tried to steal her jewellery, so they wanted to open up the coffin and see Rufina. When they opened, they saw her body covered in blood and bruises and scratch marks inside of the coffin – she had been in a coma and not dead and had been buried alive.

Many believe she is haunting the cemetery, where she spent her final moment in panic.

The Amazon – Brazil

CREDIT: peruforless.com

Travelling to the gorgeous Amazon River are on many peoples bucket list, though there is more to this place than just exotic birds and beautiful nature. The mythical Brazilian monster ”Encantado” lives here too according to the myth, and it’s not a being you want to meet.

These monsters are believed to live deep in the waters and come up when there are local festivities. They turn in to a perfect human and is irresistible for its human prey. The human is an easy target for the Encantado to kidnap and is never seen again.

Las Ruinas De La Parroquia – Costa Rica

CREDIT: amyscrypt.com

Las Ruinas De La Parroquia is the ruins of an old church converted to a public garden area. Daytime this is a beautiful place with a great atmosphere. At night, it dramatically changes, and you want to travel somewhere far, far away.

Las Ruinas De La Parroquia is considered to be cursed, and one of the most haunted places in Costa Rica filled with mysterious legends raging from failed construction, natural disasters and murder.

Legend says that a local priest was murdered by his brother, after having a love affair with his brother’s wife. His brother was the influential mayor of the city and buried the priest’s body under the church’s ground. Ever since then, the ghost of a headless priest was seen and thought that he had cursed the ground he was murdered upon – and therefore the church could never be completed.

Mummies of Guanajuato – Mexico

CREDIT: thevintagenews.com

If you travel four hours north of Mexico City, you’ll come to a place called Guanajuato. The sweet small town is not what first meets the eye as they have one of the most disturbing museums in the entire world. The Museo De Las Momias, with over 100 corpses of women, men and even infants. The bodies are seriously haunting, caught between death and decomposition.

In 1833 there was a Cholera outbreak that killed many people, the cemeteries were full, and many couldn’t afford to bury their loved ones there and instead had to pick a common grace outside of the town.

This museum is naturally very creepy, but security has reports of footsteps, voices, babies crying, whispers long after the last visitor has left for the day.

Do you dare going there?

Palace of Inquisition – Mexico 

CREDIT: amyscrypt.com

If we travel 200 years back in time, the Spanish Inquisition did some horrible things in order to defend and protect the Catholic Church, such as witchcraft, in the Palace of Inquisition.

The first building in the palace was a secret prison called ”the House of Dungeons,” where torture was used, not as a punishment but as a necessity to obtain a confession. Once this was obtained, the victims were sentenced to death. Out of all the 800 trials that took place in the Palacio de la Inquisition, no-one was found innocent.

Today Mexico is free from Span and the palace is a museum, where the tools, relics and machines used to get confession are on display, they still have the guillotine on the courtyard.

READ: A Ghost Town in Argentina has Reemerged after a 30-Year Flood

Are there any haunted places you feel should be on this list? mitú wants to know! Leave a comment below.

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A Haunted House Has Gone Viral For Its ‘Extreme Torture’ And People Want It Shut Down

Things That Matter

A Haunted House Has Gone Viral For Its ‘Extreme Torture’ And People Want It Shut Down

A haunted house that lasts 10 hours has sparked public outcry with 63,000 people signing a petition to have it shut down. McKamey Manor is a massive estate that stretches across two states, Summertown Tennessee to Hunstville, Alabama. 

The attraction has garnered national interest because of its extreme conditions that require attendees to sign a 50-page waiver. The petition calls McKamey a “torture chamber” where patrons are subjected to cruel behaviors that allegedly include getting a tattoo or having fingernails pulled off. 

No one has ever completed the entire tour — the first winner has been promised a $20,000 reward by the owner Russ McKamey. 

“Not your typical ‘Boo’ Haunted House. You’ve been warned!”

The manor’s website provides a disclaimer to customers, “Not your typical ‘Boo’ Haunted House. You’ve been warned!” According to the website you can expect that actors will touch visitors however, visitors cannot touch the actors.  But this just the beginning of the nightmare. 

An employee, Kris Smith gave up on his first try after reading the waiver. In his second and third attempts, Smith quit after being buried alive in a coffin and then after having a panic attack during hypnotism. 

“I read it and I quit,” Smith told the Associated Press. “I got to the last page and turned around and went home…. There’s so much. You have to pull out your own teeth, there’s a chance of getting a tattoo, a chance of your fingernails getting pulled out. It’s really overwhelming. There’s a chance of death. Accidents do happen.” 

A petition accuses McKamey Manor of exploitation.

Change.org petition demands that Tennesee and Alabama state senates permanently close the manor’s doors. It claims it is a “torture chamber” that “uses loopholes to get out of being arrested.” 

“They do screenings to find the weakest, most easily manipulated people to do the ‘haunt’… McKamey Manor is a shame to all haunted houses, and needs to be shut down,” the petition reads. 

The petition founder, Frankie Towery says patrons are often waterboarded, forced to eat things, and have allegedly been injected with hallucinogenic drugs. 

“Some people have had to seek professional psychiatric help and medical care for extensive injuries. I propose that all locations where this is happening be shut down immediately,” the petition reads. 

Russ McKamey defends “torture chamber” haunted house. 

McKamey claims that because attendees are under hypnosis the things they tell authorities never really happened, it was all in their heads.

“When I use the hypnosis I can put you in a kitty pool with a couple inches of water and tell you there’s a great white shark in there, and you’re gonna think there’s a shark in there,” he said. “And so, when you have that kind of power over people, and have them do and see things that you want them to see, then they can leave here thinking it really happened, and they’ll go to the authorities and say, ‘oh, whatever,’ and I have to come back and show the footage and say, ‘it didn’t go that way at all.’ It’s saved me a thousand times.”

McKamey says he has never even tried alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes even once. He films all of the guests and uploads their humiliations onto YouTube for them to see. 

“You’d be surprised over the years how many people have claimed something happened to them inside,” McKamey told WFLA. “And I need to go back and show whoever needs to see it the raw and unedited footage, saying ‘here ya go, here’s the complete show.’

There is no swearing, drugs or alcohol allowed in the manor according to McKamey. 

“More of an inside little joke — that the manor is the most extreme haunt in the world but there’s no cussing involved,” he said. 

McKamey has strict health requirements for patrons. 

The haunted house also a comprehensive background check process and health warning.

“You must be in EXCELLENT HEALTH to participate in the EXTREME tour. You will incur VERY physically and mentally demanding environments. Make sure to follow the rules. YOU MUST READ the WARNING page and sign the WAIVER FORM before you enter the haunt,” the website reads. “DO NOT ATTEND if you have medical conditions that might cause you an injury… DO NOT enter our haunt if you are prone to seizures or if you have ANY kind of respiratory conditions, especially asthma, or heart conditions. Do not enter if you have broken bones, casts or are pregnant.”

A requirement of the haunted house is that all patrons be at least 21 and have a completed “sports physical” and clearance from doctors that they are both physically and mentally healthy. They must also have proof of medical insurance. 

The cost of admission to McKamey Manor is only a bag of dog food and possibly your sanity.

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Bumps In The Night: Check Out These Super Creepy Ghost Experiences Shared By Mitú Readers


Bumps In The Night: Check Out These Super Creepy Ghost Experiences Shared By Mitú Readers

It’s October so you know we have to talk about the spooky and paranormal. So, we asked you all on Instagram to share your stories with us about the spookiest and most paranormal activities you’ve experienced. You all delivered. After visiting our santero, we put together a list of some of the best responses. Here are the different ghostly encounters you have experienced.

Not all ghostly encounters are scary. Some can be comforting.

Credit: @nandosuk / Giphy

“One day I’m standing in the kitchen watching my mom chop some pollo while I was mashing some garlic and talking to her,” stephxhtx recalls. “All the sudden I saw my dead grandmother clearly standing behind her, I started crying not because I was scared but because I couldn’t believe it and made me realize how much I missed her ????.”

Just try to sleep alone after reading this person’s experience.

Credit: Sleeping Beauty / Disney

“I was sleeping in my room which I shared with 2 other girls when someone came out of the bathroom and started to whisper my name. I semi-woke up and turned to them and saw a dark shadow next to my bed,” murr_hurr says. “It was dark and the shadow/person said that they were leaving and just wanted to say bye. I thought it was odd cause it was still night time but I just said okay and turned away from them. I woke up in the morning and ask my roommates where did they go and explained what happened. They told me that it wasn’t them but they did say I started crying in my sleep.”

Mami always knows best so listen if she gives you something protective to wear.

Credit: The Man Who Came To Dinner / Warner Bros.

“When I was younger I had an imaginary friend and no one took it seriously until my mom asked me one day about it. After I described my friend in detail my mom put a little protection bracelet on me,” nerdalicious_1 explains. “Turns out my imaginary friend was my dead aunt. She protected me from stuff. My mom was super scared, though. She told me to stop talking to people unless I knew they were there for sure.”

Bumps in the night are always unsettling when you see the aftermath.

Credit: Paranormal Activities / Solana Films

“I had just moved into my new house (new to me) and I woke up in the middle of the night to knocking on my roof. I remember looking up and thinking wtf,” laferdinandd tells us. “My dog was spooked too (80lb pit). When I got up the next morning the cabinets that were too high for me to reach unless I stood on a chair were wide open. I had never touched them because they were too high. I just found it creepy since the knocking came from the ceiling and the highest cabinets were open ????.”

Sometimes all you can do is pray for the ghost to leave you alone.

Credit: Giphy

“I was 16. My niece was 5 at the time. Her dad and my sister had split up a while back. So on this day, I get up at 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom (I saw the time) and while there my niece knocks and tells me that her dad is here. She tells me to open the door,” yazz577 says. “He’s not even supposed to be here I told myself, just then I see a shadow by the bathroom window. We get out and walk to the kitchen where you can see the whole backyard and I see a man walking towards the back of the house. At that moment I turn on the light and I see no one. I call my mom over and she looks out by the door and there he is a tall shadow by the orange tree. When my mom walked out because he wasn’t supposed to be there, the light turned on and he was gone! My mom rushed back and told us to start praying.”

Ghost children can be super creepy.

Credit: The Grudge / Columbia Pictures

“I used to spend summers with my grandma in Mexico. When I was like 12 I was sleeping in the guest room that was kind of separate from the other rooms. Two nights in a row I had fallen asleep with my iPod on playing music but it died even though it was plugged into the charger. Both times it had gotten so cold in the room that I was shivering under my blankets and would just cover even my head to stay warm,” marbaez13 recalls. “On the second night, I kept hearing my name and thought it was my brother or cousins (the room was always dark cause there were heavy curtains on the windows) so I couldn’t ever tell if it was day or night. I told them to go away but they said, ‘Let’s go play.’ Annoyed I tossed my blanket off my head and said, ‘Stop! Let me sleep.’ Across the room I saw a young boy. I locked my door every night so there was no way. I pulled the covers over my head and prayed until I fell asleep. After that, I didn’t ever sleep in that room again. Years later I told my mom about it and she was like, ‘It was probably Felipe.’ She went on to tell me about my grandma’s brother who was killed by banditos along with my great grandfather ???? that’s a whole other story but still.”

Some ghosts are not happy until you leave their home.

Credit: Insidious / Haunted Movies

“My last apartment was haunted. It’s was a very malicious spirit. I felt I was being watched. One time when I was alone I felt it touch my leg. I felt something jump on the bed. Then it escalated. I woke up and felt something on top of me, pressing down. Freaked out, I tried to wake up my hubby, and I felt this evil presence staring at me as I tried to cover my face. It stared around the blanket and was happy to see me scared. I refused to look at its face. Then I woke up for real. Thought it was just a dream but the left side of my bedroom, the side I slept on, a specific spot on my wall, felt wrong,” campkeesley says. “It felt like that’s where it was. My mom comes from a long line of curanderas, so I had my mom come over and tell her a bit about what’s going on. She goes right to the spot, without me telling her, and her hand starts vibrating. She says whatever it is, it’s ugly. So she blesses the wall, tells me how to protect myself, etc. After I follow her instructions, it rarely bothered me but when it did, it was bad. I would wake up with bruises or weird scratches. Occasionally, it would try to grab me and I could feel it pull at me. When we finally moved out, I could feel how angry it was that we were leaving. It watched me when I had to go back by myself for a couple of things. Moved into our new house, no problems. Two years ago, my dad passed away. A few months later, I feel myself being dragged off my bed. I can see the room and I can see a dark shape grabbing me. I’m crying but my husband won’t wake up. I’m almost completely off the bed when I hear a voice yelling at it. Then I wake up. I realized it was my dad yelling at it in Spanish to leave me alone and let me go and fighting with it. I haven’t had any problems since. Thanks, Papi!”

Old buildings are the perfect setting for an over-active imagination.

Credit: @syfy / Giphy

“So when I was 12, my parents, older sister and I used to clean offices during the weekend. We would wake up around 2 a.m. to go clean them. My parents assigned us all a different task. For example, my sister was in charge of cleaning the restrooms and I was in charge of collecting all the trash. At this particular office (which had a huge warehouse attached to it), I had to walk all the way to the other end of the warehouse to throw the trash in the dumpster outside,” jrosebush_ remembers. “My dad used to go with me but this particular night I went alone. Halfway through the warehouse, I started hearing these random farm noises. I heard cows, pigs, chickens all screaming as if they were being murdered. The warehouse was dark and hearing those types of noises at 3 a.m. trips you out. I’ve heard that sometimes those sounds mean there’s some portal to hell nearby or something ????. I got so scared and left running. I never again went and helped my parents mainly because the weekend after that, we completely stopped cleaning them. I never told my parents until years later.”

This person’s daughter had one of the creepiest experiences.

Credit: Paranormal Activities / Solana Films

“My daughter and I were staying with my mom for a few days. My mom lives in an apartment building that has the bedroom windows facing the freeway. We were sleeping in my sister’s room when my daughter woke up from a bad dream, or so we thought,” favigee says. “She was 4 at the time. She woke up saying she was scared and that there was a man with dirty boots in the room that was telling her to go outside with him. She said no to him because she was cold. She said he tried to pull her but she said stop. Then, my sister turned to the door and saw a shadow so she left the light on and we fell back asleep. A few days later we find out that that same night there had been a bad car accident on the freeway and a man had died.”

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