Check Out How Much Tequila These Emmy Winners Could Handle Back Stage With Guillermo

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He flirted, took shots, and had a good time making everyone generally uncomfortable.

This year’s Emmys was big for people of color: Lena Waithe was the first Black woman to ever get an Emmy for comedy writing, Riz Ahmed won the first-ever acting Emmy for a South Asian (and Muslim) man, and Donald Glover won for acting and directing. Aside from Alexis Bledel’s “Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series” win for “The Handmaids Tale” — at the Creative Arts Emmys a few nights before — there were no other Latino winners in the top categories — Lin-Manuel Miranda was nominated but didn’t win for his appearance on “Saturday Night Live.”

There was one Latino making some waves backstage, though. “Jimmy Kimmel Live” correspondent Guillermo interviewed winners in what they called “PiggyBack-to-Back” interviews, where he quite literally either gave or received PiggyBack rides. He flirted, took shots, and had a good time making everyone generally uncomfortable.

Kimmel and his show’s use of Guillermo can sometimes be problematic, i.e. Alec Baldwin mimicking his accent, or having him stereotypically take shots of Tequila, but Guillermo is at his best when he’s got celebrities on their heels, showing off his wit and sharp comedic timing. At one point, Emmy winner Julia-Louis Dreyfus sits in the awkward setup and says out loud the joke we were all secretly hoping for by threatening him: “Guillermo, if you try to fuck me in the ass… I am not going to be happy.” The crowd goes wild.

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Ellen DeGeneres Brought Back J.Lo's Green Versace Dress To Convince Her That She Could Do The Show


Ellen DeGeneres Brought Back J.Lo’s Green Versace Dress To Convince Her That She Could Do The Show

“Why do you hate me?”

Ellen DeGeneres was in Las Vegas recently and, of course, she had to stop by and surprise Jennifer Lopez before her show. It was as awkward as you would expect. First, DeGeneres showed up wearing a version of J.Lo’s infamous green Versace Grammys dress and asked if it was an outfit we could expect to see in the show. J.Lo let her down easy with a solid “no” because obviously, that outfit isn’t coming back. What followed was DeGeneres doing her best to convince J.Lo to allow her to be the understudy for the show. J.Lo explained to DeGeneres why there are no understudies at concerts.

J.Lo: “There are no understudies in these types of shows.”

DeGeneres: “You’re in denial.”

J.Lo: “No. It’s just that it’s called ‘Jennifer Lopez: All I Have.'”

DeGeneres: “About that… Right.”

J.Lo: “So it’s hard for it to be like Jennifer Lopez but it’s not Jennifer Lopez, it’s Ellen.”

DeGeneres: “‘Jennifer Lopez: All I Have Is Ellen.’ That’s if it happens.”

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