People Are Dragging George Lopez Because He Says He Is Going To Quit Golf Until A Clean DREAM Act Is Passed

TMZ / YouTube

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients are facing an uncertain future. Members of Congress are debating whether or not to allow them to become citizens and the best deal to make it happen. More than 80 percent of Americans support giving DACA recipients a pathway to citizenship and George Lopez is one of them. TMZ recently asked the comedian what he thought about the State of the Union address and the response was not what you’d expect.

When asked about the State of the Union, George Lopez laughed it off then talked about golf.


Interesting observation, Lopez.

Then Lopez announced that he will be taking a stand with Dreamers.


This is how people reacted to his announcement.

Try as they might, people just don’t care about him and his golfing. Lopez made the declaration outside of a comedy club in Los Angeles, Calif.

Some people did wonder what President Trump will do knowing Lopez is done golfing.

One can only guess how the president will react to the sudden news.

Some people did have a lot of questions.

How is his golf game indeed? What is his best record? How often does he make it under par?

And one Twitter user asked for Lopez to go a little bit further.

Dayum. That’s rough.

You can see the full interview below.

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Bruno Mars And Cardi B Will Be Touring 12 Cities Together And Here's Where You Can See Them


Bruno Mars And Cardi B Will Be Touring 12 Cities Together And Here’s Where You Can See Them

brunomars / Instagram

This is not a drill. Bruno Mars and Cardi B will be touring together for the 24K Magic World Tour finale and the dates are out. Unfortunately, there are only 12 cities on the list for the final leg of this tour and one of them is in Canada. The announcement that the two musicians are going to be performing together has sent fans into a frenzy. Here’s how Twitter lit up for a Bruno Mars/Cardi B tour.

Bruno Mars first teased fans to the idea of a Cardi B guest spot on Twitter Feb. 1.


OMG! What could a cryptic message like this mean?

Let it sink in. Bruno Mars and Cardi B.

As if “Finesse” wasn’t enough, now you get to see full sets from each of them. Got love the fact that Latino artists are coming together like this.

Fan immediately started falling all over the place just from a suggestion.

Don’t lie. You had the same reaction when you first saw that tweet.

Wigs were snatched.

Because, of course they were.

People are proving they will do anything to see these two perform together.

An organ seems like it’s a little extreme but you can’t hate someone for trying to see the people they love.

Then the announcement officially dropped and things got crazy.

If you are looking to get your SO a gift for Valentine’s Day, this just might be it. The tickets go on sale on Feb. 16 and they are truly covering the country.

While a lot of people are totally stoked about the tour…

It is a great time to live in any of these cities.

So many others are devastated that they are not anywhere near the original lineup of cities.

Sorry, Sunshine State. Looks like you’ll have to go to Tennessee or Texas if you really want to watch the show.

People are even more distraught in Hawaii, the singer’s home state.

So far, there has been no word of a date in Hawaii but you never know with Mars. He might pop up when you least expect it.

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