Latinos Stole The Show At Last Night’s VMAs: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

If you haven’t got the latest on the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards in Newark, then you are in for a treat, babes! We’ve captured some of the highlights from the night for you — from the outfits, to the awards, and the performances. And okay, we’ll admit it, we’re gonna let our bias fly since the Latino cohort definitely did us proud at the 36th Annual VMAs!

First things first: who wore what?

Instagram / @celebrityy.yy

Who are we kidding? The best part of any awards ceremony is judging the outrageously expensive and nonsensical outfits the rich and famous wear while we sit at home in our ratty pajamas. Although, it’s hard to fault Cardi B, since she was definitely dishing up some lewks in a revealing red dress.

But the guys also came out dressed to impress!

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How could we forget the CNCO boys? The five of them showed up in a real clean-cut kind of co-ord, making sharp lines by contrasting shades of black and off-white. 

So did our girl, Camila.

Instagram / @todateen

Camila Cabello was dressed to impress, sporting an impressively long train on an otherwise short white dress. We stan the cutouts and jaw-dropping decolletage. Some are even calling her choice of outfit a “wedding dress,” though we’d say it’s more “angelic.” 

And Bad Bunny was giving us life!

Instagram / @periodico_alportal93rd

Bad Bunny showed up in true Bad Bunny style. His black-on-black look was complemented by some eye-catching bling, which included his signature shades and face mask. His sharply-dressed manner was offset by a little cheeky purple nail polish.

Fans were losing it over Rosalia’s runway look at her first VMAs.

Instagram / @desvanconestilo_

Spanish singer Rosalia was an absolute darling on the red carpet. Dressed to the nines in a custom-made black satin Burberry dress, when asked about how she felt being at her first VMAs, she couldn’t be more gracious. “Oh my gosh, I’m so excited,” she said. “I will be performing beside artists that I admire a lot.” 

And then there was Adriana Lima who left fans stunned with her red carpet Look.

Instagram / @regnomag_official

Are we even surprised that Adriana Lima looked stunning? No, we’re not. Having rocked up in what was essentially a bodysuit teamed with a sheer long-sleeved maxi dress, she showed off her drool-worthy svelte figure. Naturally, the deep blue-green of the dress brought out the vivid shades of green and blue from her eyes. She’s a goddess, and we are not worthy.

What was the best performance of the night?

Once everyone had had a chance to strut their stuff on the red carpet, it was time to settle in and watch what the talent had on offer for us. Sure, Lizzo and T-Swift definitely gave some amazing performances. And J Balvin and Bad Bunny brought a big smile to our faces. It was great to see that they don’t take themselves that seriously, what with the gigantic cacti, emoji-like clouds hanging from above, and the strange blow-up suits that the pair wore throughout their rendition of  “Que Pretendes.” 

This performance is everything anyone is talking about.

But Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, singing “Senorita?” They. Stole. The. Show. Camilla Cabello started by seducing us through the camera, before showing off just what her stellar vocal cords can do. Beyond the sheer talent packed into one duet, the stage was set up simply, but spectacularly. It honestly looked like the two of them were ensconced in stars. And don’t get us started on the Shawn Mendes/Camila Cabello romance! There’s that much electricity in that relationship, we could have sworn we saw actual sparks fly between the two of them.

And the award winners? Our Latino babes cleaned up.

Twitter/ @sizzleds

Honestly, if you were taking shots every time a Latino got an award, you would be an absolute train wreck. The Best Collaboration award went to Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello for “Senorita.” And the Best Cinematography? Also Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, again for “Senorita.” To be quite honest, they probably should’ve gotten an award for just general sexual tension, too.

J Balvin and Rosalía cleaned up with a win for Best Choreography.

Twitter / @iliyeah

J Balvin and Rosalia were awarded both Best Latin and Best Choreography, for their work on “Con Altura,” beating out the likes of Bad Bunny and … Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. Honestly, with the number of nominations these guys were getting, it was inevitable that one of our faves was going to be going home juggling awards.

And although the collaborators were all smiles while hopping onstage to accept their shiny new Moon Person from French Montana and Alison Brie — the presenters decried the U.S.’ despicable immigration policies and acknowledged that most of the category’s nominees were immigrants themselves.

“Wow. I wasn’t expecting this, honestly,” a stunned Rosalía said. “Thank you, because it’s such an incredible honor. I come from Barcelona. I’m so happy to be here representing where I come from and representing my culture. Thank you for allowing me to perform tonight singing in Spanish.” 

Balvin then took the mic to echo his duet partner’s sentiment, proclaiming, “I’m super proud of being Latino right now.”

But today, everyone is talking about Cardi B’s most Cardi B acceptance speech ever.

Twitter/ @kellykeegs

And who could forget Cardi B? Our favorite unashamedly herself rapper bagged the Best Hip-Hop award for her smash hit, “Money.” And, before you ask, she accepted the award in true Cardi fashion. “I really want to thank my music video team — first Jora Frantzis — that’s the director,” she said. “She gotta hear outta my mouth, ‘I look ugly. Edit my stomach, edit my butt. Smooth my cellulite out!”

So, which VMA outfit was your fave? And, do you think Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello was the best act from the evening — or do you think J Balvin and Bad Bunny could give them a run for their money? Let us know on our Facebook page — you can find it by clicking on the logo at the top of the page.

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Alaina Castillo’s New TikTok Trend Is Empowering People To Embrace Their Latinidad


Alaina Castillo’s New TikTok Trend Is Empowering People To Embrace Their Latinidad

Not everyone has the privilege of growing up surrounded by their cultura, with parents there to pass on knowledge of traditions and customs from home. That, combined with heavily opinionated internet trolls, has led to many people struggling to feel confident in their identity. In a digital world that tries to force us all to fit into boxes, what does “Latino enough” mean and how do you know if you’re there?

Recently, we asked our Instagram community “what does being Latino mean to you?” and although some responses had details in common, for the most part they were as unique as every member of the community itself. There is no one definition of Latinidad, and therefore there is no way to measure what exactly makes someone “Latino enough.”

We got the chance to talk to Alaina Castillo, musical artist and TikTok Queen, about how she identifies with Latinidad and what this TikTok trend means to her. Did we mention quarantine has not stopped her from dropping new music? Check out her latest single, “tonight”!


What does being Latina mean to you? – mitú

“It means that I have something to identify with and be proud of because of my family members, my culture, and the things that I participate in as a Latina.” – A.C.

Side note, this was a personal reminder that we represent the community wherever we occupy space, whether we realize it or not. We are all participating in things as members of the community.

What’s something that, as a Latina, you are proud of? – mitú

“The strength and endurance that we have. I’ve seen it in my dad, his family, and so many others and it makes me feel proud as well as encouraged to achieve my goals with the same mindset as them.” – A.C.

While they may not be perfect (and let’s face it, who is?), our parents are the definition of hard working. Remembering that their blood runs through my veins always keeps me going when the going gets tough. Si se puede!

What Latino figures inspire you? – mitú

“Selena, even though she was an artist that I didn’t really grow up listening to. When I found out who she was, she was someone who I related to because she was a Mexican-American learning to speak and sing in Spanish, while breaking a lot of barriers that people had set up around her.” – A.C.

La Reina del Tex-Mex was a trailblazer indeed! Who else could forget Selena’s iconic “diecicuatro” blurb when she appeared in an interview with Cristina Saralegui? The important thing to focus on is that she was TRYING! As long as we’re all working on improving and being the best versions of ourselves, that’s the best we can do, and it’s okay to make mistakes along the way.


Name one meal that, no matter where you have it, always reminds you of home. – mitú

“Homemade tamales!!!! 100%” – A.C.

You know we love some good tamales, so naturally our next question was…

Where is your family from? – mitú

“My dad is from Mexico and my mom is from Ohio.” – A.C.

Mmmm…Mexican tamales 😋

Have you ever been to those places? – mitú

“Yes, both places. I went to Mexico when I was really young, maybe about two times, and then I’ve traveled to Ohio on various occasions to see family. I was young each time I went to those places so they’re little memories I think of when I miss my family.” – A.C.

What would you say is the most “Latino” item in your home? – mitú

“We have these blankets from my grandma that I grew up using. I thought they were normal blankets but then I saw on social media that almost every Latino household has some and I was like hmmm, what do you know?” – A.C.


What would you say to people who think that not speaking Spanish makes you less Latino? – mitú

“I think it’d definitely be nice to know the language fluently but some people aren’t taught Spanish growing up and that’s not their fault. Not speaking the language doesn’t mean that they don’t have the same customs or should be rejected from the culture that their family is from. I decided to learn on my own because I’ve always been interested in Spanish, and also so I could speak with my family and I see that’s what a lot of other people are doing too.” – A.C.

One more time for the people in the back: not speaking Spanish doesn’t make you any less Latino.

How do you celebrate your Latinidad? – mitú

“With pride. I wouldn’t be who I am today without influences from my family so it’ll always be something I carry with me and proudly show throughout my life and career.” – A.C.

What do you hope people take away from this trend? – mitú

“That Latinidad is something you’re born with and it can’t ever be taken away from you,” – A.C.

So forget about the opinions of other people! All they’re doing is projecting their beliefs onto you and that is not an actual reflection of who you are. We hope you are inspired to embrace your Latinidad on your own terms, and that you walk more confidently in your identity. So duet us on TikTok and don’t forget to use the hashtag #AreYouLatinoEnough to join in on the fun!

Did we mention quarantine has not stopped Alaina Castillo from dropping new music? Check out her latest single, “tonight,” below!

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Yalitza Aparicio Stars In Dior’s Women-Centric Film Series


Yalitza Aparicio Stars In Dior’s Women-Centric Film Series

Dior/ Youtube.com

In the two years that have passed since her debut as an actress in the 2018 Academy Award-winning film Roma, Yaltiza Aparicio has established herself as a Hollywood “get.” The Indigenous actress has appeared countless times on the cover of magazines, ones like Vogue México and Vanity Fair, and has been featured in ad campaigns for designers like Rodarte. So it’s no surprise that she has now been tapped to be part of Dior’s new campaign “Dior Stands with Women.”

As part of an effort to celebrate women across the film, beauty, and health industries Dior has launched its “Dior Stands with Women” campaign.

On Monday, the fashion brand announced it had launched a series of short films honoring women and their contributions to the industries and communities which they occupy. The campaign features actresses like Yaltiza Aparicio, model Paloma Elsesser, dancer Leyna Bloom, Cara Delevingne, Charlize Theron, Parris Goebel, and others.

In a statement about the campaign, Dior announced their intent in a post on Instagram. “Inspired by the exceptional women who have marked its history, Christian Dior Parfums unveils a series of short filmed portraits that give a chance to speak to extraordinary women,” it reads.

Speaking in the portrait series, Aparicio explains “For me, being a woman means being strong, always holding your head up because they tell you what they say, you must be sure of what you are capable of,” she went onto say that as “as an ambassador for UNESCO, my role is to represent indigenous communities with dignity. Give them a voice and visibility, which is something that we have lacked for a long time… Women have fought for many years for gender equality. It is not about being superior to men, it is about having the same opportunities, that in your work they give you a fair salary and not simply because you are a woman they pay you less or that they consider that you have fewer capacities simply because you are a woman.”

Speaking about their journeys, actresses Cara Delevinge and Charlize Theron touched on being unapologetic and part of male-dominated industries.

Check out Yalitza and the others in the Dior campaigns below.

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