Mexican And American Fans Came Together For A Weekend Of Baseball And Celebration In Mexico

On Cinco de Mayo weekend, the San Diego Padres hosted the Los Angeles Dodgers at the Estadio de Beisbol in Monterrey. The three-game matchup, dubbed the “Mexico Series,” marked the third time a regular season series was played in Monterrey, Mexico.

There was a buzz in the city, from the Macroplaza, where the MLB Fan Fest was being held…

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… To the stadium, where Dodgers fan favorite Kiké Hernandez showed off a few moves during batting practice.

Mexican star Christian Villanueva, who plays third base for the Padres, was all business:

Fans at the stadium got hyped when Dodgers third baseman came out to sign autographs.

They had a reason to by hyped: it was the first time in 19 years that Major League Baseball was played in Monterrey.

A large contingent of U.S. fans also made the trip to Monterrey, and we caught up with several fans who couldn’t pass up a chance to see their favorite team play in Mexico.

Hilda Valencia and friends – Los Angeles, California.

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Hilda Valencia, who grew up playing softball says she thought “the set-up was perfect.”

“Being Mexican-American and coming from a first generation family with traditional parents, it’s just something that you wanted to come and experience.”

Valencia says she was intrigued to see how Mexican fans react: “We walked in and there was an older guy and his dad and he asked us to take a photo of them. It warms your heart. You know that baseball is a worldwide sport and when you see that, it warms your heart.”

Christopher Rodriguez and family – San Diego, California.

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Christopher Rodriguez, whose family is from San Diego, made the trip to support his childhood team: “We wanted to come out here and make some noise.”

Rodriguez says he became a fan during his teenage years in San Diego. “We started going to Qualcomm Stadium first, before Petco Park was built, and that’s how it all started. In right field, with Tony Gwynn, who used to play out there. Now, my son’s here with me and he’s following my footsteps.”

Vicente Reyes and friends – Los Angeles, California.

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As a child, Vicente Reyes bonded with his father over baseball: “My dad used to play in a Sunday league back in L.A. and growing up, we didn’t have cable TV, so what I would do is wait for him to get home from work and we would listen to [Los Angeles Dodgers Spanish-language broadcaster] Jaime Jarrin on the radio. That’s how my love with baseball started.”

Reyes is no stranger to following the Dodgers on the road: he says he attended 104 MLB games last year. “I’m already into the 20s starting May, so I’m planning and hoping to attend more than 120 games this season,” says Reyes.

Edgar Soto and friends – San Diego, California.

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Edgar Soto says baseball runs in his family: “It was a rite of passage to become a baseball fan, even most of my family members are Dodgers fans. Since I’m from San Diego — born and raised — I’m a Padres fan.”

Soto says he and his friends couldn’t pass up a chance to see their favorite team play in Mexico. “A city like Monterrey, obviously you want to come and visit, so we wanted to kill two birds with one stone.”

Soto and friends, who have followed the Padres for games in Los Angeles and Phoenix, says they’ve already got another city in sight: “San Francisco is our next trip.”

Randy Barragan and family – Downey, California.

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Randy Barragan said the Mexico Series was a bit of a no-brainer: “I have family here in Monterrey and we’re big Dodger fans so we put two and two together and made it a trip.”

Barragan, a big fan of the Tommy Lasorda-era Dodgers, says his father was a big influence on his love of baseball. “My dad, he would buy the mini plans — five or six games — and then he got me into the Jr. Dodgers Kids Club, where you paid a fee, mailed it in and you would get stickers and little pens and stuff like that. So my dad got me into it.”

Rafael Millán & Eric Gonzalez – San Diego, California.

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Rafael Millán says he wanted to experience a Major League game outside of the United States. “You know, I wanted to be out with my fellow Mexicans and just enjoy a good baseball series.”

He says the vibe has been positive: “We flew in yesterday, and people have been great — open arms, very warm.”

Eric Gonzalez, who used to visit Monterrey frequently as a child, says his roots drew him to the series. “My dad is from Monterrey so I definitely wanted to see my home team play in my dad’s home land. So it was definitely a must for me.”

Daisy Arce and Marco Sedano – Paramount, California

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Like others who made the trip, Marco Sedano says the timing of the series was perfect. “We’re big baseball and Dodger fans — she also has family here in Monterrey — so it’s perfect for a vacation.

Daisy Arce says her family grew up on baseball. “My family members are big baseball fans. My brother has played baseball since he was little and I played softball myself, so baseball was kinda instilled in us.”

Both Sedano and Arce said the trip was just as much about family as it was about baseball. “It’s pretty big, that’s why we came with like, 12 of us all that traveled from the U.S.”

William Hernandez and Adriana Hernandez – Whittier, California.

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William Hernandez says the Mexico Series provided an opportunity to visit Mexico, something he hadn’t done in a while. “I’ve always wanted to come out here. My parents are from Mexico. I don’t really come to Mexico too much and I just wanted to come out here — I knew the environment was going to be pretty sweet so I wanted to check it out.”

“So far, the environment here is crazy, it’s nothing you see anywhere else. It’s almost like a playoff environment for just a regular series.”

Mayra Salas and friends – San Fernando Valley, California.

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Mayra Salas says family was definitely a reason to make the trip, but she also wanted to experience the baseball culture in Mexico. “Seeing everything baseball has to offer, seeing different people come together for one thing, it’s pretty awesome.”

Salas, whose family rooted for Dodgers legend Fernando Valenzuela says she comes from a baseball family. “My grandpa played, my dad played, my great grandpa played, my son plays — it’s just in our blood.”

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El Chapo’s Mother Claims That The US Illegally Extradited Her Son And She Wants Him Back

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El Chapo’s Mother Claims That The US Illegally Extradited Her Son And She Wants Him Back

ABC News / YouTube

El Chapo’s mother has reportedly asked Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) to bring her son back from U.S. federal custody. María Consuelo Loera Pérez, El Chapo’s mother, claims that the U.S. illegally extradited her son from Mexico.

María Consuelo Loera Pérez, El Chapo’s mom, wants her son brought back to Mexico.

According to Daily Mail, El Chapo’s mother sent a letter to President López Obrador claiming to have information that proves that the U.S illegally extradited her son. In the letter, Loera Pérez argues that her attorneys have sufficient proof that the U.S. acted inappropriately and is asking President López Obrador to bring El Chapo back to serve his sentence in Mexican custody.

It is alleged that Loera Pérez’s attorneys are already in talks to bring El Chapo back to Mexico.

Some people have been able to find humor in the news. El Chapo was extradited and eventually convicted by U.S. authorities on a series of felonies tied to his participation in the drug trade. His involvement in cartel activities in Mexico that spilled into the U.S. led to his extradition and sentencing in U.S. custody.

The news comes after a viral video showed AMLO visiting with El Chapo’s mother.

The video, allegedly taken in Badiraguato, Sinaloa, Mexico, shows AMLO walking up and greeting Loera Pérez as she sits in a car. He can allegedly be heard telling her not to get out of the car and that he did get her letter. The mention of the letter does lend credibility to the claims of El Chapo’s mother fighting to bring him back. However, it is unclear what the letter he mentioned addressed.

The video is drawing strong reactions from people as AMLO is violating social distancing guidelines set forth to combat COVID-19.

AMLO has been panned for leaving Mexico exceptionally vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic by not moving quickly enough to set restrictions. Health authorities in Mexico are urging all 130 million citizens to stay indoors and to only leave on essential business.

Some people are more upset with the fact AMLO met with El Chapo’s mother.

“In this case, the least of the problems is the social distancing for Covid19,” @archibaldo53 tweeted. “The true problem is the significance of this visit that clarifies our doubt completely and finds López in relations with these people.”

El Chapo is currently serving a life sentence in U.S. federal custody. He was sentenced to life by a Federal District Court in Brooklyn for his drug, murder, and money laundering charges.

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Google Launches Faces Of Frida So You Can Pass The Time Learning About The Artist’s Life


Google Launches Faces Of Frida So You Can Pass The Time Learning About The Artist’s Life


Few artists have reached the level of fame as Frida Kahlo. The Mexican painter is more than an artist. Kahlo is a point of cultural pride that transcends nationality within the Latino community and unites Latino art lovers in their le of Latin American art. Now, Google, in the time of self-isolation, is giving everyone a chance to learn about the iconic painter.

Google wants to give everyone a chance to learn about Frida Kahlo with its online “Faces of Frida” exhibit.

Credit: Google

Anyone who visits the “Face of Frida” exhibit can browse through the artist’s incredible paintings. Kahlo is one of the most influential artists the world has ever known. Her fame and people’s admiration continue to this day with tributes still appearing around the world for the Mexican artist.

Viewers can decide which museum’s Frida Kahlo collection they want to explore.

Credit: Google

The exhibit is made possible by 32 museums from around the world collaborating to show Frida Kahlo’s impressive and iconic works of art. Museums across four continents shared Kahlo piece from their exhibits with Google to create an exhibit showing more than 800 paintings. Some of the museums include Museo Frida Kahlo in Mexico, Los Angeles County Museum of Art in the United States, Nagoya City Art Museum in Japan, Fundación MAPFRE in Spain, and Buenos Aires Graffiti in Argentina.

The interactive exhibit is perfect for all Frida Kahlo and art lovers alike. While 3.4 billion people in the world are on lockdown orders, the incredible virtual exhibit of Kahlo’s work gives people a chance to see works of art they haven’t been able to visit yet.

The exhibit is easy to navigate and some of Kahlo’s works have been collected into their own themed galleries.

Credit: Google

Kahlo is most famous for using her own life as the inspiration for her works of art. The artist often played with the themes of pain and death due to her own near-death experiences. Her tumultuous relationship with Diego Rivera influenced Kahlo’s work depending on where they were in their relationship. The couple was notorious for taking extra-marital lovers throughout their marriage.

“Faces of Frida” also offers art fans a chance to learn about Kahlo through editorial features.

Credit: Google

Kahlo was one of the most revolutionary women in the world. She moved through space unimpeded by society’s views on her gender and place in society. She was politically engaged and held onto a list of values that many still argue over today. Namely, there have been discussions and think pieces about the sudden commercialized usage of Kahlo’s image and what she might have to say about it. As someone who was opposed to capitalism, it seems safe to say she might not have appreciated herself being used for capitalistic gains.

You can visit “Faces of Frida” by clicking here.

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