Fifth Harmony Rebounds From Camila Cabello’s Departure With Latest Single “Down”


Fifth Harmony tore it up on “The Tonight Show” this past week, performing “Down” from their upcoming self-titled album. The song tells the story of how far they would go to prove their love to that special someone, which includes lying to the FBI during an interrogation: “There ain’t no kinda situation. Where I wouldn’t cross a line for you. FBI interrogation. I would get up there and lie for you.” Fact: perjury is always the first sign of true love.

Staying true to their name, the quartet were joined by a fifth member: Gucci Mane.


Since Camila Cabello’s departure, the band has stood behind their name, saying that the fans are their fifth member. No word on when we’ll get our royalties, however.

Gucci came in, dropped a few bars, then peaced-out like a boss.


Not bad for a day’s work.

As an added bonus, the members of Fifth Harmony joked around during the bonus segment “Band Superlatives.”


If you’ve ever wondered which member was most likely to get into trouble, which member was most likely to be on their phone, or who’s the best in an awkward situation, this is all you.

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People On The Internet Are Finding It Hard To Accept That This Is Fifth Harmony’s Final Performance Together


People On The Internet Are Finding It Hard To Accept That This Is Fifth Harmony’s Final Performance Together

Earlier in March, Fifth Harmony announced that they would be taking a break and venturing off into their solo projects. However, out of respect to their fans, the girl group promised that they would finish performing at all of the remaining shows they had included in their tour dates.

It was this past Friday on May 11th that the band took stage together for the last time (that is until they re-unite as a group again). Even though they made it clear that this was only a temporary break, the pictures and messages they shared on social media made it seem like it was a goodbye for good.

Fifth Harmony member Normani Kordei took to Twitter to express her love and gratitude for the women of this group.

💜 💔 💜

Similarly, Ally Brooke and Lauren Jaregui showed their love for their group members with a nostalgic picture post.

I love you

A post shared by Ally Brooke (@allybrooke) on

The band has given fans some incredible years of music, love and support.

Looking at the pictures will make any fan emotional.

✨✨✨✨ thank you✨✨✨✨

A post shared by laurenjauregui (@laurenjauregui) on

Side note: who else noticed that Camila Cabello is nowhere in their posts?

Even though it felt like a permanent goodbye, member Dinah Jane shed a bit of hope with the caption that she shared with her Twitter post.

But will there really be a “next time”?

In honor of their last show, Harmonizers took the time to reminisce on Fifth Harmony’s early “X-Factor” days.

Yassss. Those vocals!

Even though fans already knew that this final performance was coming, it was still a hard pill to swallow for most.

¡Quiere llorar! ¡Quiere llorar!

But despite these tears of sadness, people on the internet are showing their support for Fifth Harmony’s decision on taking a break.

Wishing the best of luck to these talented women. ✨

Overall, Harmonizers are grateful for the time they did have with Fifth Harmony.

This is where you say, “Don’t be sad that it ended. Be grateful that it happened.”

And Fifth Harmony is just as grateful for their loyal fans.

It is all love from the women of Fifth Harmony and their fans.

To watch Fifth Harmony’s emotional final performance, check out the video below.

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Fans Are Thanking Fifth Harmony For A Great Journey After The Band Announced Their Hiatus


Fans Are Thanking Fifth Harmony For A Great Journey After The Band Announced Their Hiatus

fifthharmony / Instagram

Fifth Harmony was formed six years ago on “X-Factor” and they have enjoyed some serious success as a girl group. However, the five members of the original band had auditioned to seek their own solo careers. It was the “X-Factor” judges that put the group together. Rumors have swirled of the group breaking up since Camila Cabello left the group in December 2016. On Monday, March 19, Fifth Harmony confirmed the rumors by announcing an indefinite hiatus. Here’s how fans are taking the news.

After more than a year of rumors, Fifth Harmony has announced a hiatus.

The singers expressed untold gratitude to their fans for getting them this far. However, they want to go at it alone at the moment.

“After six years going hard, non stop, we also realized that in order to stay authentic to ourselves and to you, we do need to take some time for now to go on a hiatus from Fifth Harmony in order to pursue solo endeavors,” reads the statement shared on social media.

The news came as sort of a surprise to Harmonizers across social media.

It’s kind of hard to be surprised that Fifth Harmony is going on hiatus. There has been no time limit placed on how long the women will spend pursuing individual projects and fans are nervous this could be the official end.

Even though fans have speculated on this split for a while, it still hurts.

So many people were just like this on their commutes to work and school tomorrow. Maybe it is all a bad dream?

There is already new speculation that this is just going to be like the One Direction split.

If you don’t know what happened with One Direction, the group announced a hiatus after years together and they never came back. Fans were left hoping that the band would reunite but it’s just not happening and Fifth Harmony fans don’t want the same to happen to them.

But some hardcore fans are keeping the faith that the women will reunite.

Does this already constitute denial or is it too early to call?

Of course, some people have to add their own little bit of shade in response to the news.

Cabello’s exit was one of the first signs that made people believe that the band would be on hiatus sooner than later.

Other fans have remained stunned as if they were really blindsided.

It kind of feels like a breakup when your favorite band separates. Like, both a breakup with you and like you have to choose a side of the band. Talk about a tough decision.

But, overwhelmingly, fans are grateful to Fifth Harmony for the adventure they shared.

A lot of the tweets about the hiatus had their own touch of shade by excluding Cabello.

Let us know…

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