Baby Carlos Is Being Called A Miracle Baby By Fast And Furious Director

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There’s a new handsome leading man in Hollywood. He’s got an amazing smile, A-list acting chops and baby-smooth skin. I’m talking of course, of Carlos, the baby break-away star of “Fate Of The Furious,” the most recent sequel in the “Fast & Furious” saga. Already in its 8th installment, the franchise has seen just about every jaw-dropping action scene conceivable, but this baby-centric one takes the cake.


Jason Statham reprises his role as Shaw, a once bad-guy, apparently turned baby-sitting good-guy.

Credit: TheAxelGrey / Youtube

In the trailer below, Jason Stathom, in the role of Shaw, a previous super-bad guy, is now using a jetpack and flight suit to board a plane and rescue some precious cargo: beautiful baby Carlos, playing the role of Brian Toretto, the love child of Dom (Vin Diesel) and Elena (Elsa Pataky). That’s a pretty big switch-up for Shaw, who went from almost bringing the whole crew down in previous sequels, to being a high-tech, butt-kicking, baby-sitter.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter’s “Heat Vision,” F. Gary Gray, the film’s director had a few amazing things to say about the child actor. “We call Carlos the miracle baby,” he told the publication. He went on to say about Carlos: “This kid was amazing. It’s very difficult to work with comedians, animals and kids. In that order.” He went on to further say that once the cameras were rolling everyone was like “Oh my God, did he just do that?” when Carlos seemed to turn it up on command and was actually acting. It sounds like Carlos has a bright future ahead of him.

Check the trailer below, and check out cute baby Carlos, who the crew and director were astonished by.

Credit: TheAxelGrey / Youtube

I’d risk it all for that smile, too. Oh, yes I would. Yes, I would. Who’s a big boy? You are. Yes, you are. Oh, yes you are.

[H/T] ‘Fate of the Furious’ Baby: Meet Carlos, the Movie’s Breakout Star

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People Are Losing Their Minds Over Luis Fonsi's Remix Of 'Despacito' With Justin Bieber And Daddy Yankee


People Are Losing Their Minds Over Luis Fonsi’s Remix Of ‘Despacito’ With Justin Bieber And Daddy Yankee

Twitter/@biebshim, @JDBieber_Bieb

Yesterday morning a bomb dropped. No, not that bomb! A Spanish (language) bomb, and Justin Bieber set it off.


Okay, I’ll quit with the dramatics, but this is a big f*cking deal! To me, at least.

It’s not every day that Luis Fonsi collaborates with Justin Bieber and Daddy Yankee to release a crazy-ass good song.

Credit: LuisFonsiVEVO / YouTube

It’s called “Despacito,” and it’s the first time Bieber has ever sung in Spanish on a single. Naturally, I’ve been listening to it non stop ever since. Take a listen.

Amazing, right?


While the original version of “Despacito” is currently No. 44 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, this one will probably surpass that in no time. Mark my words.

So, how did people feel about this new song and more importantly about Bieber singing in Spanish? If they’re like me, they most likely LOST IT.


If you didn’t shed one tear over the song, you’re probably not human.

Don’t front, Justin wannabes.

We feel you, girl.

This is how good his Spanish is…

He has no weird accent. His Spanish is flawless!

Bieber is now officially an honorary Latino. Just kidding.


But he should at least drop an entire album in Spanish.

Some people wondered what made Bieber want to sing in Spanish. Here’s one theory:

Makes perfect sense, right?

Oh, and this is a low blow!


Not everyone speaks Spanish perfectly, OK?

Still don’t understand how pumped people were about the song? Here’s a tweet that should sum it up:

Thank you, Justin… really. We forgive all your past offenses. For now.

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