If You’re A Scorpio, Here Are Some Stellar People You Share Your Sign With

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Scorpios get the illest rap of the zodiac chart, no question. They have a valid reputation as passionate, intense and cunning people, with a sexual charisma like no other. It’s all true. They’re not-so-positively recognized for being jealous, manipulative, secretive and resentful people.

Tbh, we all can spot a Scorpio from a mile away, partly because they demand to be in the spotlight and party because we are inexplicably attracted to them (or repulsed). Either way, you know a Scorpio because you have a strong reaction.

Adrienne Bailon

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Born on October 24, 1983, Bailon is our favorite old school Cheetah Girl gone pop artist. Today, she is the co-host of “The Real” talk show alongside Tamera Mowry and other Disney stars.

Karamo  Brown

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Karamo Brown, born November 2, 1980, is the perfect illustration of how introspective and sensitive Scorpios can be. While they have a strong affect on the people around them, it all stems from a very deep inner emotional world. Karamo Brown is part Cuban, and a breakout star from Netflix series “Queer Eye.”

Bethany Mota

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YouTube star Beth Mota was born on November 7, 1995 and is proud and outspoken about her Mexican and Portuguese heritage. In a classic Scorpio move, she started YouTube to find a positive outlet from bullying at school–she delved inward and the world noticed.


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Born Miguel Jontel Pimentel, infamous in the music industry, was born in San Pedro, CA on October 23, 1985, the cusp of Scorpio and Libra. He first wanted to become a dancer, but at 14, he started writing and recording songs on his uncle’s four-track recorder. The rest is history.

The Bella Twins

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Brie and Nikki Bella are a famous professional wrestling duo, who happen to be twins born on November 21, 1983. The two are Mexican-Italians and have made appearances on the television screen as well. Scorpios are fighters, just like we suspected.

Marisol Nichols

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The “Riverdale” actress was born on November 2, 1973 and raised in Chicago. Like a true Scorpio, she confessed to AskMen of her rebellious teenage past: “I remember being 17 and looking around at some of the people that I was hanging out with, and I had this realization that if I didn’t knock this off now it would become my life.”

That’s when she started acting.

Victor Cruz

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Born on November 11, 1986, Victor Cruz is famous for winning the 2010 Super Bowl for the Giants over the Patriots. His mother is Puerto Rican and he grew up going to Catholic school hoping against hope he’d make it to the literal big leagues.

Scorpios can do anything they set their mind to.

Salice Rose

CREDIT: @salicerose / Instagram

Salice Rose is an icon in the Latino LGBT community. Born on November 20, the Peruvian princesa states on her website:

“Listen. You are not what happened to you. You are not your bank account balance, your body type, your follower count, your gender, skin color, college education or lack thereof. Here, you are part of a diverse and fearless family of individuals from all backgrounds.”

Daisy Fuentes

CREDIT: @daisyfuentes / Instagram

Cubana television host, comedian and model Daisy Fuentes was born on November 17 in Havana. Back when schools were still getting away with “Best Looking”, Fuentes took the cake in 1984, and went on to model. Y’know, because Scorpios are mesmerizing award winners.

Omara Portuondo


The now 87-year-old October 29, 1930 born Cubana singer and dancer is the ultimate Diva of Buena Vista Social Club. Oh, and true to Scorpio’s nature, she’s brilliant, and an honorary doctorate of the Cuban Arts University of Cuba.

Joe Arroyo

CREDIT: @ContactOnlineTV / Twitter

Born Álvaro José Arroyo González on November 1 in Barranquilla, Colombia, the singer was a salsa and Caribbean legend. He even has a Colombian bee named after him. It’s called Geotrigona joearroyoi. Cute.

Dania J. Ramirez

CREDIT: @daniajramirez / Instagram

the November 8 Santo Domingo, DR native is newly famous for starring as the first Latina Cinderella in the seventh season of “Once Upon A Time”. She’s also known for her role in “The Sopranos,” “Entourage” and “Devious Maids.” Leave it to a Scorpio to become Cinderella.

Cote de Pablo

CREDIT: @cote.de_.pablo_ / Instagram

Born as María José de Pablo Fernández on November 12, the Chilean beauty has mad brains. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon and is famous for her role as Ziva David on “NCIS.

Drew Ramos

CREDIT: @drew / Instagram

Born on the first day of Scorpio season (October 23), Drew Ramos is part of the winning group “In Real Life” from the reality series “Boy Band.” He’s a proud New Yorican from the Bronx and his Instagram aesthetic is it.

Fernando Meirelles

CREDIT: @fernandomeirelles72 / Instagram

Meirelles is pretty well known in the Brazilian film business. Born on November 9 in São Paulo, the director is famous for co-directing “City of God.”

Erica Mena

CREDIT: @iamerica_mena / Instagram

We really thrive when we’re from the Bronx, I guess. Born on November 8, Mena was on the original “Love & Hip Hop: New York” and today, she’s on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” for it’s seventh season. You go, girl.

Jorge Lopez

CREDIT: @jorgelopez_as / Instagram

Born on October 30, the Chilean actor is best known for playing Ramiro in “Soy Luna,” and since then, has become an Instagram star. Check him out.

Mateo Arias

CREDIT: @officialmateo / Twitter

I’ve always wished I was born on Halloween, like Mateo, here. I guess there’s only a 1 in 365 chance and someone has to have it. His brother is Moisés Arias, who you’d recognize from “Hanna Montana.”

Gabriel Conte

CREDIT: @gabrielconte / Instagram

Born on October 24, Cuban/Colombian Conte is just 23 years old and a major proud Latino American YouTube star. He’s been making vines since he was 13 years old and is already married to fellow YouTuber Jess Conte.

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Your Weekly Love And Professional Horoscope For The Week Of October 8


Your Weekly Love And Professional Horoscope For The Week Of October 8

WARNING: Venus is in retrograde from October 5th through November 16th and there are plenty of shakeups happening for us. Some will need to ignore that old flame that will come creeping back in the picture while others will have plenty of romantic and professional options to choose from. Read below to see how on point your horoscope is.


CREDIT: mitú

Money and love will experience a revival this month for you, Aries, but not exactly in the way we’d hope. With Venus turning retrograde in Scorpio on October 5th, this will be a time for you to repair your finances. Remember, retrogrades aren’t always about halting progress and making our electronics break down — they also mean that things from the past could re-emerge and create a positive impact. Have you missed out an opportunity you thought was no longer an option? Be on the lookout for that money-making prospect to find its way back into your life. The same goes for your love life, as Venus in retrograde could mean giving a second chance to a past flame that you’re ready to make official this time.


CREDIT: mitú

With your ruling planet Venus in retrograde from October 5th through November 16th, expect to see some important shakeups in Scorpio, aka your 7th House of Committed Relationships. The good news? If you’re in a happy and healthy relationship, this is a time to work on that love connection by bringing up any past concerns or insecurities for a heart-to-heart discussion with your amor. Now is your time to either get out of a toxic relationship or strengthen the good one you’re in.


CREDIT: mitú

Now that Venus has sat in retrograde since Friday, October 5th, you in particular, Gemini, are not really feeling the love this month, except that it might be coming from your colleagues and coworkers more than a love relationship. You may find yourself feeling underappreciated and misunderstood. However, remember that retrogrades are still a time for personal reflection and reevaluation. You can make the most of this negative feeling and turn it into positive soul-searching, maybe even decide to look for a new job.

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CREDIT: mitú

It wouldn’t be a proper Venus retrograde without a former lover popping back up in your life, so expect that old flame you’re always off-and-on again with to reappear once more this week, Cancer. Whoever this past fling was, it was definitely one full of intensity, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself contemplating offering that certain someone another shot or deciding that leaving the past the past is the healthiest option for you.

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CREDIT: mitú

Everyone is seeing from their past reemerge come this Venus retrograde, and you are no different, you vibrant Leo. While most signs may see former lovers or friendships weaving their way back into their lives again, this retrograde in your home and family sector starting October 5th means that you might find yourself finally letting go of a toxic relative or focusing on your domestic bliss to keep you grounded and fierce like the lion you are.

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With Venus in retrograde starting October 5th, you may think you’ve got a strong hold on both your love life and finances, dear Virgo, but the universe is saying otherwise. This isn’t necessarily a negative, just that like most retrograde periods, it’s a time to pinpoint what exactly needs work in your life and create a clear goal-ridden path to fix whatever that is. The New Moon on Tuesday, October 8th, offers you a new opportunity to make money.

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CREDIT: mitú

Sorry to say it, Libras, but you’ll really feel it this week with your ruling planet Venus going into retrograde starting October 5th. What this means is you’ll feel a definite blow to your confidence and find yourself feeling underappreciated at either work or in a relationship. It’s hard to fight against those taking you for granted during Venus retrograde, but a New Moon on October 8th will help you focus on working on your inner beauty and start fresh.

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CREDIT: mitú

Oh sexy, sexy Scorpio! When Venus turned retrograde on October 5th, that attractive confidence you’re known for feels to have suddenly vanished. Venus will rest in Scorpio until October 31st, but with a little help from Mercury entering on October 9th, you’ll be able to voice your feelings to those who you feel are putting you down and have too much control over your view of your self-worth. Don’t let anyone step on your happiness, you tough scorpion!

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CREDIT: mitú

Your theme for October, Sagittarius, is to walk away. With Venus retrograding in your 12th house of contemplation on October 5th, walking away is the only way you will realize the things that were toxic in your life for what they really are, and, yes, we’re talking about your love life here. Remind yourself that if it is meant to be, it will be. Otherwise, it is time you make a big change.


CREDIT: mitú

This week is all about friendships, Capricorn, and, sadly, not in a friendly way. With Venus turning retrograde in your friendship sector on October 5th, there is definitely the opportunity to feel manipulated by someone. Beware of a backstabbing by someone thought of as a trusted friend. However, in true retrograde fashion, expect the emergence of a friendship from the past and take advantage of this golden opportunity to reconnect. A New Moon in your career house on October 8th offers a nice professional opportunity but is squared by Pluto. Don’t let someone step on you in this new career path and be wise in how you execute your power.


CREDIT: mitú

Are you really doing what you’re meant to do in life, Aquarius? With Venus retrograde impacting on you from October 5th to November 16th, you might find your career is backpedaling and you question whether this is where you’re even supposed to be. A New Moon in your house of legal matters on October 8th might find you using sneaky strategies with a legal proceeding. This isn’t advised. Rise above using tactics just because you think it’ll help get you what you want the fast way.


CREDIT: mitú

The theme of October is relationships, sweet, emotional Pisces, and you won’t get out of this week scot-free. With Venus turning retrograde the Friday before, and a New Moon in Libra on the 8th, intense information is coming to light. If you’re not rock-solid in your current love situation, this week could be the one that breaks it. But don’t sweat it. If it ends, it’s because it needed to and be prepared to embark on a journey of much needed deep healing.

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