Here’s Everything You Needed to Know About Camila Cabello

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We can’t not obsess over Camila. Her story is the most relatable and she still can’t believe the success she’s had over the years with Fifth Harmony and as a breakout solo artist. She has quickly become one of the most recognizable and successful solo artists over the last year. Keep clicking to see some of the dorkiest childhood pics, weird facts about Camila, and the latest rumors about her upcoming work.

Last year, she released a “Made in Miami” mini-documentary on YouTube and we were so there for it.

CREDIT: Camila Cabello / YouTube

She opens up about her upbringing in Miami and introduces us to her parents, her abuelita, and what it was like to audition for the X Factor. Her and her also open up about their immigration experience from Cuba and Mexico to the U.S.

The X Factor let her go… and then changed their minds.

CREDIT: iLovatoNation / YouTube

She begged her parents to audition for the X Factor when she was 15 years old, and they decided to make a vacation out. That way if she was let go, it would still be a fun family trip. They were shocked when she kept getting through the rounds and was invited to become part of Fifth Harmony.

She dropped out of high school in 9th grade.

CREDIT: YourIdoisNow / YouTube

She was the cutest little muñeca linda and she knew she wanted to dance and pursue music, so once she made it to Fifth Harmony, she never went back! She’s since gotten her high school diploma.

She’s vegan!

CREDIT: Natalia Mantini for the New York Times; Digital Image; 7 March 2018

Earlier this year, “The New York Times” did journalistic due diligence and asked her moments after she ordered a kale salad. Who knew that she was vegan?

Her first solo debut single, ‘Havana’, broke a record for a female artist.

CREDIT: @camila_cabello1 / Instagram

“Havana” debuted at Billboard’s #1 and stayed there for seven weeks running, something which hasn’t been done since Taylor Swift’s single five years ago. Get it guapa.

The “Havana” music video begins as a for real telenovela and is a tribute to two different sides of herself.

CREDIT: Camila Cabello / YouTube

Camila Cabello’s full name is Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao. In her own words: “My family always called me Camila. When I came to school in the United States, I was really, really shy and the teachers started calling me Karla. In my life, I push myself to do a lot of things that make me uncomfortable, and that’s how I started dancing. That’s how I feel like I found myself — through Camila and performance and music, as that confident video vixen. They’re both over-exaggerated personas of me.”

Her vertical video, tho. ?

CREDIT: Camila Cabello / YouTube

If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll get to see Camila having fun being 100 percent herself in the New York City subway. The whole music video just feels like a fun time out on the town with your besties. We dare you not to dance yourself silly.

The Spanish Remix with Daddy Yankee is everything.

CREDIT: Camila Cabello / YouTube

This is not the first time that Cabello has used her Spanish to sing and captivate every single one of us. You can listen to it at least once a day to stay afloat. Listen to it on Spotify here.

She speaks out for Dreamers.

CREDIT: @Camila_Cabello / Twitter

“Today, in this room full of music’s dreamers, we remember that this country was built by dreamers, for dreamers, chasing the American dream,” Cabello said. “I’m here on this stage tonight because, just like the DREAMers, my parents brought me to this country with nothing in their pockets but hope. They showed me what it means to work twice as hard and never give up. And honestly no part of my journey is any different from theirs.”

You can still watch her sing at 14 years old.

CREDIT: karlacabello / YouTube

Her old YouTube channel is still live and the caption is proof that Camila has always been an angel: “hi guys!! 🙂 this song makes me cry every time i hear it…. it’s amazing and demi lovato’s voice..she’s incredible.. i know im not nearly as good as her but i love this song and it’s message.. if anyone has anything at all theyre going through just know im here to talk to and stay strong 🙂 thank you so much for watching and thanks so much for your comments they make my day 🙂 love you guys thank you for the support :)”

She *just* turned 21 years old.

CREDIT: @Camila_Cabello / Instagram

Born on March 3, 1997 and is my fave celebrity Pisces through and through. Her parents did not hold back in celebrating the pop star’s 21st birthday in true Cuban tradition.

This year, she asked supporters to donate to Save the Children for her birthday.

CREDIT: @Camila_Cabello / Twitter

Save The Children is an organization that works for and advocates children’s rights across the world. The focus more on developing countries and they truly give children more than they could imagine.

Camila just announced she’ll be on a UK tour with Taylor Swift in the most adorable way possible.

CREDIT: @camila_cabello / Instagram

Seriously, read that gushing caption. There is no doubt that she is totally in love with Swift and will do anything to make sure that the tour is a highlight of their careers.

She doesn’t take herself too seriously.  ?

CREDIT: @camila_cabello / Instagram

Thank you, Camila, for giving us all of you, dorkdom and all. There is no reason to take yourself too seriously, especially when you are as talented as this pop star.

“I’m human. I need to hug people, I need to laugh with people, I need to cry with people. I need that part.”

CREDIT: @Camila_Cabello / Instagram

Camila *loves* her fans and doesn’t believe in a separation between professional and personal since her work is so deeply personal to her. She’s willing to bear it all for us, and we are the luckiest for it.

She is Cuban-Mexican.

CREDIT: @geekmila / Twitter

She was born in Havana, Cuba. Her mother is Cuban and her father is ‘puro Mexicano.’ They moved back and forth from Havana to Mexico City for the first five years of her life until they settled down in Miami.

Her mother, Sinuhe, was an architect in Cuba.

CREDIT: Camila Cabello / YouTube

She couldn’t continue her career in the U.S. and had to start from scratch, working retail jobs to support her family. It is all part of the immigrant struggle that many families can relate to.

She’s a dork and a half & she owns it.


There is nothing wrong with being awkward and owning it. If you are someone who lives as an awkward person, just know that you and Cabello already have that in common so you are slaying.

No, really. #boobsquish

CREDIT: @camila_cabello / Twitter

She is seriously so open and relatable that it is hard to believe she is a major musician. She might be killing the charts with her hits but she still has her own issues she is dealing with.

Even dorky for Harry Potter.

CREDIT: @Camila_Cabello / Twitter

Some of her fans were a little disturbed at the Snape reference, but IMO, it means she has character. We all know that Snape was not really a bad guy and being able to understand his ultimate goal should be admired. ?

And is endearingly clumsy.


Why does watching her fall make us love her so much more?! The best part is that she always picks herself back up with a smile and continues that interview in true star fashion.

Her inspo is Celia Cruz and Alejandro Fernández.

CREDIT: Celia Cruz; ‘Digital Image’; Rose, Red & Lavender; 7 March 2018

Of course she would be inspired by the greatest salsa singer of all time. There is really no doubt that Cruz was blasted in her home every day growing up like most Cuban childhoods.

Rumor has it she might be debuting her acting career as María on West Side Story.

CREDIT: @TheShadyFacts / Twitter

We’re not sure what the truth is, but we’re deep into the Twitter conversation and we’re here for it!

Victoria Cruz Sees Hope For The Future Of LGBTQ+ Rights 50 Years After She Witnessed The Stonewall Riots

Things That Matter

Victoria Cruz Sees Hope For The Future Of LGBTQ+ Rights 50 Years After She Witnessed The Stonewall Riots

iamsamkirk / Instagram

The history of Gay Rights in the country date back to the late ’60s and the epicenter was Manhattan. The core fighters of the LGBTQ community include Marsha P. Johnson, Scott G. Brown, Sylvia Rivera, and a slew of other pioneers. The sad thing is this generation has passed or will very soon, which is why we have to honor their legacy while they’re still alive. One of those people is an inspiring person in our Latinx community.

Victoria Cruz, who is in her 70s, is a survivor of the Stonewall Riots and is still very much a part of the fight for LGBTQ rights.


Cruz, who was born in Puerto Rico, is one of 11 children that grew up in New York. While Cruz was born a male, she knew since she was in high school that she was a woman. Back in the ’60s, that was no easy thing to admit, yet her Puerto Rican family supported her transition.

While her family and close community were supportive, Cruz faced immense hardships including harassment from the police, and later in the ’90s, she was assaulted.


Four of her coworkers physically assaulted her, which left her in ruins.

“I was very angry. Very angry,” Cruz said in an interview with Vanity Fair in 2017. “The worst part of it is that I couldn’t feel the ground beneath me, and added that she was “was contemplating suicide,” at the time.

But she overcame that tough time and is recognized as a leader in the movement for Gay Rights.

Yet, despite the hate and violence she faced, Cruz pushed on standing up for her LGBTQ+ family.

“I used to go to St. Vincent’s on my lunch hour…and I would see her,” Cruz told The Advocate. “She called to me, ‘Victoria, come here.’ And she always called me Dickie, you know, so when she said, ‘Victoria come here,’ I knew that she meant business. I sat down, and she looked at me. She said, ‘Try to keep the community together because we are our own worst enemy. And there’s power in numbers.’ And then she said, ‘The world will come up to try to divide us, and when you divide a community, you conquer it. So try to keep the community together.’”

As a trans woman and pioneer of the LGBTQ movement, Cruz said positive change is happening right now.


“I’m optimistic, and I’m hopeful that it will change for the better,” she told The Advocate. “There’s power in numbers. If we unite and keep united, we can make the future different, and what we want it to be. By galvanizing one another, we galvanize each other. And with the same frame of mind, the same frame of thought, we can change what’s happening.”

Trans rights are the new frontier in the LGBTQ+ movement. Despite the contributions made to the movement by trans women of color, cis members of the LGBTQ+ community ignore their plight or add to the harassment.

“There is so much hatred directed toward queer people, particularly transgender women of color. For what? Why? I think it may be about people’s own insecurities about their own identities and sexualities. And further, people don’t know their history,” Cruz told BC/Stories. “The transgender experience isn’t new. It’s as old as the human experience, and anyone who does their research would know this. I think society needs to be educated, and maybe after being educated, empathy will follow.”

READ: Zuri Moreno Made Sure The Trans Community In Montana Remained Safe

Keds Latest Designs Proves That Avoiding Cultural Appropriation In Fashion Is Totally Possible


Keds Latest Designs Proves That Avoiding Cultural Appropriation In Fashion Is Totally Possible


It’s always really cool to see a big name brand embrace the art of our Latinidad. It’s like a nod to all of the great Latinx artisans who add beauty and color to our culture. In fact, seeing consumers enthusiastically welcome these goods feels like further validation. With this in mind, it makes this new collaboration all the sweeter for us art and fashion lovers.

Keds is collaborating with designers Thelma Dávila and Lolita Mia on a line inspired by the Latina-created brands.

Instagram / @Keds

In what the shoe company is calling a “collaboration fiesta,” Keds released three fun and vibrant new designs.

Some of the shoes borrow inspiration from Thelma Dávila’s colorful Guatemalan textiles. Alternatively, other pairs utilize Lolita Mia’s festive fringe as embellishments. These touches combine with Keds’ original platform shoes to make a unique product.

Of the partnership with these new brands, Keds’ website says:

“It’s so rewarding to be able to be a part of the professional and personal growth of women who decided to follow their dreams. Entrepreneurs (especially female ones) are always brave, they’re risk-takers that believe strongly in themselves. And we believe in them too. We’re so excited to introduce you to our latest for-women-by-women collaborations.”

The Thelma Dávila brand is named after its Guatemalan founder.


The company specializes in designing and crafting unique pieces by hand. Furthermore, their products utilize Guatemalan textiles, leathers and non-leather materials. Obviously, this collaboration is built on a solid relationship between the two brands. Since last year, Keds retail locations have carried Thelma Dávila bags and products in stores.

On their website, Keds said the design collaborations were intent on “taking geometric design and color cues from [Dávila’s] native culture, our classic Triple Kick gets transformed into a fiesta-ready standout.”

Founded by jewelry artisan and entrepreneur, Elena Gil, Lolita Mia is a Costa Rican accessory brand.


While studying abroad in Italy, Gil made a significant personal discovery. She realized that ethnic crafts and traditions were very alike across regions. Specifically, they were similar in cultural importance. In light of this, she decided to start her own brand. Lolita Mia’s handmade products embrace what Gil has coined a “Universal Ethnic Luxury.”

Of the collaboration with Lolita Mia, Keds’ website reads:

“[The] aesthetic shines through in these playful renditions of our platforms in the form of fun, festive fringe and punchy tropical shades.”

The Ked × Lolita Mia collaboration has two designs while the Ked x Thelma Dávila collab is made up of one.

Instagram / @lolitamiacr

“Triple Tassel” is a multicolored platform with purple, pink, orange and white tassels attached to the laces. “Triple Decker Fringe” is an off-white platform slip-on with multi-colored fringe and golden embellishments on top. The “Triple Kick” features a neutral platform with Guatemalan textile accents around the bottom.

Each design is priced at $70 a pair. Moreover, they are available exclusively on Keds’ website. Be sure to order yours today and add a little extra Latinx flare to your summer looks.

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