Everyone Should Know About These Latino MLB Legends

credit: diariolibre / Instagram

People spend a lot of time talking about the greats of baseball. Yet, there isn’t too much talk about the Latino MLB legends who really made the game something to enjoy. Major League Baseball (MLB) was founded in 1869 and since then there have been so many great player to totally rock the game. The game has been around so long that it makes sense that Latinos have not only infiltrated, but elevated the amazing sport of beisbol. Here are a few rockstar baseball players that made the sport what it is.

1. Roberto Clemente

Latino MLB
CREDIT: jaulishu / Instagram

No one, Latino or not, has been a greater presence than legendary star Roberto Clemente. His legacy is of such caliber that an important annual humanitarian award presented by MLB bears his name. From humble beginnings in Puerto Rico to major stardom on and off the field, Clemente’s career was full of wonderful moments. Playing a total of 18 seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates, he became selected to the All-Star Game a whopping 12 times, while being crowned batting champion 4 times. Defensively, he had a bazooka for a throwing arm.

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