Kanye West Is Back On Twitter And He Said He Loves Trump And Called Emma Gonzalez A Hero In The Same Week

@kanyewest / Twitter

Kanye West is back on Twitter after a long break from the social media platform. The rapper returned in true Kanye form and tweeted about every thing and any thing that crossed his mind. He has been tweeting about shoesLamar Odom, shared random inspirational quotes, and it seemed like he wasn’t going to stop.

Then West took things a step further and tweeted about his love and appreciation for President Trump. Despite Kanye visiting Donald Trump soon after the election, many people had no idea his love for Trump was that deep. Last week, West took to Twitter to rant saying: “Obama was in office for eight years and nothing in Chicago changed.” West followed that up with, “You don’t have to agree with Trump but the mob can’t make me not love him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don’t agree with everything anyone does. That’s what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought.”

Then, West turned his Twitter attention to gun reform activists and Parkland shooting survivor Emma González and things didn’t work out as West probably hoped for.

Kanye West expressed on Twitter that Emma González is his hero.

Now, some people might be really happy for Kanye West to call them his hero. However, a gun reform activist, who grew up in the age of social media, probably isn’t going to be the best audience following a pro-Trump message.

People on social media were confused by the pro-Trump and pro-gun control messaging.

It’s totally cool to support contradictory causes, right?

González took the moment to give some love to her hero, James Shaw Jr.

James Shaw Jr. is the man who saved the lives of several people at the Waffle House in Tennessee after a gunman opened fire and killed four people. Shaw Jr. didn’t have a gun himself but he saw an opportunity to subdue the gunman and took the chance ending the shooting.

People applauded the teen for using the tweet as a moment to highlight a hero.

Just imagine yourself in high school getting a tweet from West calling you his hero.

West later tweeted that he shaved his head after the gun control advocate.

González didn’t respond to this tweet.

There is a lot of confusion on Twitter about West’s tweets.

It wasn’t long ago that West shared a photo of a signed “Make America Great Again” hat.

Clearly the people are demanding some answers.

So, which is it, West?

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These Latino Contestants Stole The Show, And Audience Hearts, When They Competed On 'American Idol'


These Latino Contestants Stole The Show, And Audience Hearts, When They Competed On ‘American Idol’

davidarchie / Instagram

“American Idol” has gone through a few transformation since it first hit TV screens with Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson. Many celebrities have lent their skills to the judges’ panel and many contestants have become stars on their own. One thing that hasn’t changed, Latino excellence on the show. Here are 19 Latinos who we still think about even years after their season because they are just so good.

1. Scotty McCreery, Season 10

CREDIT: scottymccreery / Instagram

Scotty McCreery is the first Latino to win “American Idol” and he has used his win to go place. Sure, it might be in folky, country music, but that’s what is so great about Latinos. We are diverse within our own community.

2. Michelle Sussett, Season 16

CREDIT: michellesussett / Instagram

Michelle Sussett caught everyone’s attention when she auditioned with a Selena song at the beginning. She kept her Latinidad in the forefront of her competition even singing the bilingual version of “Remember Me” from the Disney movie “Coco.”

3. Chris Medina, Season 10

CREDIT: officialmedina / Instagram

Chris Medina was a young, long-haird barista when he auditioned for “American Idol and he has certainly grown up since. He might not be blowing up the airwaves in the U.S., but Median is definitely a star in Europe, specifically Norway.

4. Andrew Garcia, Season 9

CREDIT: andrewgarcia / Instagram

Andrew Garcia made it to the top 10 on his season of “American Idol.” Since the show, Garcia has made a name for himself within the music world and is one of the many success stories from the show.

5. Ada Vox, Season 16 (and Season 12)

CREDIT: adavox / Instagram

Ada Vox first auditioned for “American Idol” for the 12th season as Adam Sanders. After losing that season, Sanders when home and soon the personality of Vox formed and Sanders found a voice. He made ‘American Idol” history by becoming a drag queen to advance to the top 10 before being eliminated, unjustly tbh.

6. David Archuleta, Season 7

CREDIT: davidarchie / Instagram

David Archuleta auditioned for “American Idol” when he was just 16 years old and he showed no fear. The young man became the youngest person to make it to the top finishing in second place for his season.

7. Jessica Sanchez, Season 11

CREDIT: jessicaesanchez / Instagram

Jessica Sanchez is the first female contestant of “American Idol” to get a judge’s save and it definitely was worth it. After the close call, Sanchez made it to second place behind Phillip Phillips.

8. Brandon Diaz, Season 16

CREDIT: brandondiazofficial / Instagram

From the smile to the hair, it is clear that no one is going to forget Brandon Diaz any time soon. The young man gave it his all on “American Idol,” even singing “Despactio” with Luis Fonsi during the duets but he just couldn’t make it to the top 14.

9. Victoria Acosta, Season 12

CREDIT: iamtrenation / Instagram

Victoria Acosta was all over the television when she was competing on “American Idol” with her mariachi singing chops. Now, she keeps a rather low-profile life with a private Instagram account.

10. Karen Rodriguez, Season 12

CREDIT: karenrodriguezofficial / Instagram

Karen Rodriguez used her time on “American Idol” to start her singing career and here she is years later signing a record deal. That is what you call determination, a quality we should all possess.

11. Jeremy Rosado, Season 11

CREDIT: iamjeremyrosado / Instagram

Jeremy Rosado sang his heart out on his season, even being a Wild Card contestant to shake things up. While eh tried his best, he wasn’t able to make it to the top 10. However, the young man is still singing so make sure you check him out.

12. Vanessa Olivarez , Season 2

CREDIT: volivarez / Instagram

Vanessa Olivarez is an OG “American Idol” name. She was there for the second season when everyone was still obsessed with the show, and Simon Cowell’s obsession with being mean.

13. David Hernandez, Season 7

CREDIT: dhernandezmusic / Instagram

There is just no denying that this man’s good looks definitely left an impression on the fans and judges. However, what he did for work before the show is what really caught folks attention. Hernandez is now using his name and fame to represent the LGBTQ community through music since coming out after the show.

14. Jason Castro, Season 7

CREDIT: jasoncastromusic / Instagram

Jason Castro surprised everyone with his voice when he auditioned for “American Idol.” Now, the singer makes a living with music and lives a nice life with his wife and children. Can’t be mad at that.

15. Syesah Mercado, Season 7

CREDIT: syesha / Instagram

Straight from Miami, Syesha Mercado was a force to be reckoned with on “American Idol.” Her voice was powerful and her tiny frame was the perfect vessel to deliver her gift to millions of Americans.

16. Allison Iraheta, Season 8

CREDIT: allisonirahetaofficial / Instagram

Even at the beginning, Allison Iraheta loved to use fun colors in her hair because why not. The singer might not have won her season but she is still making music and staying relevant in the music world.

17. Lazaro Arbos, Season 12

CREDIT: lazaromusic / Instagram

Lazaro Arbos made it all the way to the top 10 in his season and his talent is a major reason why. The Cuban native laid it all on the stage in the final performances trying to get the votes needed to win the prize.

18. Devin Velez, Season 12

CREDIT: devinai12 / Instagram

Devin Velez was one of the top 10 from season 12 and it is clear why. He has the voice. He has the look. He has the drive. Velez will always be remembered for his version of Andrea Bocelli’s “Somos Novios.”

19. Jorge Nuñez-Mendez, Season 8

CREDIT: American Idol / Fox

Jorge Nuñez-Mendez is a hard man to find on social media but he made a big splash on season 8. He made it to the top 15 before being eliminated despite his obvious talent.

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