El Paso, Texas Rockers At The Drive-In Return To TV In ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Performance

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live! / YouTube

They’ve released their first new album in 17 years.

In the year 2000, At The Drive-In were on top of the world. The band released its third album, “Relationship Of Command,” to critical acclaim. Soon, the El Paso, Texas quintet was being called the “next Nirvana.” A year later, they broke up. Two of the band’s members, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Cedric Bixler-Zavala, went on to form The Mars Volta, which became known for its frenetic, experimental style. The other members of At The Drive-In — Jim Ward, Paul Hinojos and Tony Hajjar — went on to form the band Sparta, which released three albums between 2002 and 2006. For years, it appeared the band’s “indefinite hiatus” was a permanent breakup — Rodriguez-Lopez told The Skinny that in 2001, although At The Drive-In’s popularity was still growing, they had reached their creative peak.

But time heals all some wounds, and the band finally reunited in 2011. They played Coachella the following year and have since gone through more ups and downs. With four of the five original members back together — guitarist Jim Ward quit the band in 2013 — At The Drive-In released “in•ter a•li•a,” its first new album in 17 years. The band performed two tracks from the album — “Hostage Stamps” and “Call Broken Arrow” — on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

What do you think? Does At The Drive-In still have it?

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Her Fans Went Crazy Trying To Piece The Puzzle Together After Selena Gomez Posted A Cryptic Message On Instagram


Her Fans Went Crazy Trying To Piece The Puzzle Together After Selena Gomez Posted A Cryptic Message On Instagram

@SelenaGomez / Instagram

Selena Gomez has been in the news a lot lately. Whether sticking up for “13 Reasons,” the show she executive produced on Netflix, globe trotting with her new beau The Weeknd, releasing a new music video, “It Ain’t Me,” with Kygo, gracing the cover of Vogue, and killing it at the Met Gala, she’s flooding social media and her fans can’t get enough.

In the middle of the day this past Thursday, Selena Gomez posted an image on her Instagram account that made her fans go insane: news of impending music. The image in question was a vivid red-lipstick-graffitied mirror with the words “Bad Liar” in aggressive lettering.

Out of nowhere Selena Gomez posted this photo to Instagram on Thursday…

And fans lost their collective minds.

Some used Gomez’s infamous cry face for perfect meme opportunities.

Screaming in excitement was another common emotion.

Others had to use non-human memes to show their excitement.

She then posted it two more times, once in purple (our favorite ? ).


And fans lost it even more.

This Twitter user managed to put all three images into a freak-out compilation that had to exemplify exactly what Selenation was feeling.

And then, the countdown clock started on her website.

The site encouraged people to sign up to get more information on what was happening.

She’d encouraged her fans on Twitter to actually sign up the week before.

The ones who didn’t must’ve kicked themselves for not signing up sooner.

“I just got this email, I’m screaming,” wrote this Twitter user.

Some people got slightly different messages…


“Look! Mine is different!” wrote another Twitter user who received a different image via email.

And, shortly, people figured out they were receiving clues to a bigger puzzle.

After everyone on social media lost their minds trying to piece it together, Gomez confirmed the final image herself via Twitter.

Some are assuming it’s a single or even a whole album. There’s no way to really know. We’ll just have to sit and wait until Thursday.

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Should be easy…

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