Remember All Those El General Hits From Back In The Day? He Says The Devil Made Him Do It


You can definitely call Panamanian rapper El General a pioneer of reggaetón music.

Credit: Joel Aliaga / YouTube

Before Daddy Yankee, Don Omar and Wisin & Yandel, El General dropped ??? tracks such as the 1991 dance hit “Muevelo, Muevelo.”

Although it his music was more reggae than reggaetón, his influence is undeniable. Remember this one?!

Via: Michael Ellis / YouTube

We have no idea what “tu pum pum” means but never really stopped to think about it because the song is so damn good.

It’s like El General had the exact formula for a catchy song that would instantly get people on the dance floor. Was it something in his DNA, or perhaps he was a child prodigy of reggaetón? That must be it, right?

El General explains that the reason he produced such intense dance music was because of the devil!



Edgardo Armando Franco, known to the world as El General, is now a 47-year-old Jehovah’s Witness who says he was influenced by “bad company.”

“When I was young, I had dreams of becoming a famous singer, but I knew the truth,” Franco said to El Nuevo Dia. “What happened was that I didn’t remove those dreams from my heart and I began to listen to these bad influences.”

He goes on to say that the lyrics caused him great conflict, but after a few drinks, he went ahead and recorded the now-famous songs.

Those songs played everywhere on the radio,” Franco said. “That was a victory for satan.”

Well, in that case, we’d like to say thank you to el diablo because we’ll always have this beauty:

Via: farradegaraje / YouTube

H/T: Remezcla

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Everything You Think You Know About Luis Miguel Is About To Change


Everything You Think You Know About Luis Miguel Is About To Change

Variety / Youtube

Just days after being arrested for evading court dates and eventually being released on bond, “El Sol de Mexico” Luis Miguel is in the news again. And, it’s for a much better reason.

As announced by Variety, Luis Miguel partnered with MGM TV’s and Gato Grande Productions to bring his life story to the screen.

This is especially exciting given that the international star is extremely private. The other, more juicy side of all of this, is that somehow Univision is producing their own show about the singer despite Miguel’s exclusive deal with MGM.

And on Thursday, we got our first look at Luis Miguel’s new bio series in a teaser trailer featuring Miguel himself.

Credit: Variety / Youtube

Walking through an enormous house, and sharply dressed, he speaks in perfect English about how private he is and how this will be the real story, despite what others may have speculated.

At one point he does one of his signature moves in dramatic fashion, just to show us he’s still got it.

Credit: Variety / Youtube

At the end of the teaser trailer, you’ll see Telemundo’s logo, that’s because they’ve won exclusive distribution rights in the U.S. Telemundo also sent out a press released today which quotes Miguel’s own words.

“I am ready to revisit my past and its many aspects that have sparked so much curiosity and speculation. People will travel alongside with me through a surprising, unexpected and emotional journey that has shaped the artist and the person that I am today.” – Luis Miguel in a NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises Press Release on May 4, 2017

“Luis Miguel: La Serie” is sure to illuminate the beloved and immensely popular, but still somehow mysterious, international megastar.

Credit: Variety / Youtube

Get mami, tias and even abuela ready to swoon.

Miguel released the trailer in Spanish on his Twitter account, as well.

It appears that outside of the U.S. the show will be available on Netflix in Spanish, which will surely make his fans around the world extremely happy.

[H/T] Telemundo Grabs Luis Miguel Drama Series, Setting Up Race With Univision

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