A New Survey From Netflix Claims Latina Moms Have Hilarious Ways Of Making Time For TV


Every single time I call my mom on the phone and ask her what she’s doing she always says the same thing: “Estoy limpiando!” And I believe her — until now. Netflix just released new data that proves some moms aren’t busy cleaning or cooking every second. They’re actually taking a lot of “me time” to catch up on a lot of our favorite shows.

According to a recent survey by Netflix*, 72 percent of Latina moms say that in order to be happy and/or more relaxed, they need at least one to three hours a day of “me time.” For many of them, that means watching TV. Hmm… so when do they sneak in time to watch TV?

*It’s a survey about streaming by Netflix, so take it with a grain of salt.

According to the survey, Latina moms are actually very creative when it comes to making time to watch their favorite shows.

Credit: Malcom in the Middle / FOX

Yes, moms are busy people. We know that, but they still need to be entertained just like the rest of us. In fact, some moms believe that making time for themselves makes them a better parents (at least 15 percent said that). Another 40 percent say that watching their favorite shows, which includes “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Walking Dead,” and “Friends,” among others, helps them escape all the children’s programming that they normally watch.

Four out of 10 moms say they make time to watch TV while they’re in the bathroom.

CREDIT: Credit: The Simpsons / FOX

This makes so much sense now! No wonder she’s in there forever. No one bothers you while you’re in there. Perfect time to catch up on “Jane The Virgin.”

Twenty-six percent of moms say they’re just “getting ready” but are really watching one of their favorite shows.

CREDIT: Credit: Arrested Development / 20th Television
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According to Netflix, 54 percent of moms say it actually helps them de-stress.

Twenty-three percent of moms pretend to be sick but are secretly watching TV!

Credit: Friends / Warner Bros. Television

This is just low… but understandable, especially if you’ve ever faked an illness to skip school.

Twenty-one percent of moms sit in their car after a trip to the store and start streaming.

Credit: Parks & Recreation / NBC

Wow! Here we are waiting for her to get back from the store and she’s busy watching a show.

Two out of 10 of moms are just hiding in the house!

Credit: Columbia Pictures / YouTube

If you’re ever wondering where your mom is, check the pantry, closet, basement or laundry room. Or just unplug the wi-fi. She’ll come out in no time.

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10 Ways Latinos Truly Represented At The All-Star Game


10 Ways Latinos Truly Represented At The All-Star Game

The 2017 Major League Baseball All-Star Game took place last night at Marlins Park in Miami, and Latino players represented big time.

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Old teammates, new teammate; my brothers #ASG

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Yes, there were some hilarious, playful moments, but there were also some major highlights. The American League won 2-1, thanks to Dominican pelotero Robinson Canó’s 10th inning homerun.

Yadier Molina made history and had a great time doing it.


The catcher hit a home run last night in the sixth inning, making him the first Cardinal to hit a home run in the All-Star Game since 1974. He was also the MVP of the night!

Molina also had blinged-out catcher’s gear, and some people totally clowned him for it.

Oh, come on, he looks great.

Molina also made fun of Bryce Harper’s “epic hair-flip” by doing his own!

Classic! We can totally see this catching on in future games.

Wait, there’s more: Molina also made history by taking a picture DURING A GAME!

It all happened after Seattle Mariners slugger Nelson Cruz asked Molina to take a picture with his phone.

And here’s the actual photo: Yep, that’s Nelson Cruz and umpire Joe West.

We really know how to take advantage of a moment.

Because the game was at the Marlins stadium, the late Jose Fernandez was on many players’ minds. Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals wore these cleats to honor Fernandez:

These kicks need to be in a museum.

Latino baseball legends were also honored during the first pitch.

Latino players recognized last night included Hall of Famers Roberto Alomar, Luis Aparicio, Rod Carew, Orlando Cepeda, Juan Marichal, Pedro Martinez, Tony Perez and Ivan Rodriguez. The late Roberto Clemente was also represented by his wife and MLB Goodwill Ambassador Vera Clemente, along with sons Roberto Jr., Luis and Roberto Enrique.

Of course, people poked fun at the height of Houston Astros second baseman José Altuve.

Last night he wasn’t the shortest person at the game.

Altuve (5’6″) was taller than this guy! Al fin!

And for whatever reason, people couldn’t stop touching Adrian Beltre’s hair.

The Texas Rangers player was clearly not having it.

Thanks for an entertaining game, guys!

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