“Despacito” Is About To Become The Most Viewed Video In The History Of YouTube


While some people’s “Despacito” hype lasted all of two minutes, the Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber hit continues to break record after record. 

Reggeaton is reaching the American mainstream and the artists we know and love are blowing up and history is being made!

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This is huge!

“Despacito” is about the break the 3 billion mark on YouTube. That’s right – 3 BILLION!

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Credit: Maria la del Barrio / Televisa

I can’t even understand how big that number is.

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The  X Factor / Fox

*shrug emoji*

The record was previously held by Wiz Kalifah’s “See You Again.”  

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Wiz Khalifa / YouTube

The song was released as a tribute to Paul Walker and featured in “Fast And The Furious 7.”

And before that, Psy’s “Gangnam Style” was on top.

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officialpsy / YouTube

But there’s no doubt “Despacito” spread like a wildfire all over the world.


Even Halle Berry was singing the lyrics on “Despierta America.”

At the time of this publication, “Despacito” reached the 2,993,786,682 mark and that’s a HUGE win for música Latina. Congrats boys!

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LuisFonsiVevo / YouTube

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Camila Cabello's Drops New Songs Featuring Quavo And Young Thug And They Will Get Your Body Moving


Camila Cabello’s Drops New Songs Featuring Quavo And Young Thug And They Will Get Your Body Moving

@camila_cabello / Instagram

Camila Cabello has been collaborating with musicians left and right since she broke from Fifth Harmony. She’s been on tracks with Machine Gun Kelly, Major Lazer, DJ Cashmere Cat, Pitbull, and J Balvin. During that time, Cabello was recording her own music and we’ve slowly been fed her tracks bit by bit. First came “Crying In The Club” followed by “I Have Questions” which both set fans on fire with excitement. Now, we have two new songs from the Cuban-Mexican-American pop star, “OMG” and “Havana.” The two singles will be included in her upcoming solo album, “The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving.”

“Havana” feat. Young Thug is a sultry, Caribbean track that will transport you to an island paradise with your love.

With lyrics like, “I knew it when I met him / I loved him when I left him / Got me feelin’ like / Oooh-oooh-ooh” “Havana” is the perfect song for that brief summer romance.

“OMG” feat. Quavo is all about being flirty and fun with a little bit of a trap in the background.

It’s hard not to get hyped on this song when Cabello sets it up with “Baby, I don’t play / From Miami, causin’ trouble in LA / Rowdy, Tennessee / If I don’t send for you, best not come for me.”

Cabello dropped both of her new tracks on iTunes on the same day and they started to climb the charts right away.

There is no set date for the release of Cabello’s first solo album “The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving.,” but fans can expect it some time next month, according to Rolling Stone.

Fans are so excited about the new songs and are professing just how proud they are of the pop star.

And, for some, her new music is a religious experience.


Seems like Cabello knows what the fans want and is prepared to deliver.

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