With Season Four Of ‘Narcos’ Taking Place In Mexico Diego Luna And Michael Peña Join The Cast

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Narcos | Season 4 | Netflix

Same song, new band. Narcos Season 4 — 2018.

Posted by Netflix on Tuesday, December 19, 2017

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Netflix made it Facebook official this week that Michael Peña and Diego Luna will be on the upcoming fourth season of “Narcos.” Throwing a mariachi sound on the iconic song, Netflix made it clear that although the show is changing locations, the white stuff will continue to play a central role in the show. The show turns their focus to Mexico from the previous three season in Colombia. Seasons one, two and three have explored the rise and fall of both the Escobar and Cali cartels. Season four will dive into Mexico’s Guadalajara cartel.

This marks the second time Luna and Peña have worked together. Their previous team up came in the Luna directed 2014 film “Cesar Chavez.” Peña played the famous labor leader and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez, who co-founded the National Farm Workers Association with Dolores Huerta, played in the film by Rosario Dawson.

Luna was behind the camera in his directorial debut on “Cesar Chavez,” so he and Peña have never actually shared screen time.

The two Mexican actors – Peña’s parents emigrated to Chicago, while Luna was born in Toluca – have had huge blockbuster film career moves in the last couple of years. Luna joined the cast of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” and Peña joined the cast of Marvel’s “Ant-Man.” Although the films exist in different universes, their fandoms are huge, and Peña and Luna’s casting in them, and especially in lead roles, helped bring both actors and Latino representation into the spotlight.

There still are no details about who each actor will play, or if they’ll even be on the same team. Or more exciting: if they’ll be staring down the barrel of each other’s gun. What is known is that they’re shooting in Mexico, we should expect the season in 2018, and things are already tense in the “Narcos” world. One thing is for sure, these guys are phenomenal actors and I can’t wait to see what they bring to the show.

Check out this interview where Luna talks about why he chose Peña to star in his film.

Let’s see how much camaraderie there is between the two if they end up on opposite ends of the “Narcos” battlefield. Season three was so suspenseful, I’m already at the edge of my seat.

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Only In Texas Would You Find A Christmas Light Show Synced To Selena's 'Bidi Bidi Bom Bom'


Only In Texas Would You Find A Christmas Light Show Synced To Selena’s ‘Bidi Bidi Bom Bom’

Selena – Bidi Bidi Bom Bom Christmas

Selena Fans Enjoy! Come see us for some hot chocolate and treats this weekend! We’re in Boerne at Kendall Creek Estates. Merry Christmas!

Posted by Hinojosa Family Lights – Boerne, TX on Saturday, December 16, 2017

Hearts are melting all over Facebook because of this video.

A family in Texas has officially won the Christmas lights display award for 2017, so everyone can pack it up and go home. The Hinojosa family in Boerne, Texas, posted a video of their Christmas decorations in full effect, with the lights flashing to the beat of one of Selena’s classic hits. Get ready to have some serious envy as you watch the light show perfectly synced to “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.” The short video has already garnered close to 3 million views because it’s that incredible.

People immediately assumed that the video was in Texas, Selena’s home state, because where else would this exist?

CREDIT: Hinojosa Family Lights – Boerne, TX / Facebook

Before you point out the name of the Facebook page, dude above admitted he didn’t read anything before watching the video. Yet, if you’ve ever been to Texas, you know Texans don’t mess around when it comes to Christmas lights.

No, really. It’s a known thing.

CREDIT: Hinojosa Family Lights – Boerne, TX / Facebook

Everything just has to be bigger in Texas. Even Christmas lights.

Some people started calling out their friends for lacking true holiday spirit and Selena devotion.

CREDIT: Hinojosa Family Lights – Boerne, TX / Facebook

C’mon, Jason! Where is your commitment?

The video did bring sorrow to some people because of scrooge-y and anti-fun neighbors.

CREDIT: Hinojosa Family Lights – Boerne, TX / Facebook

We say do you! Light ’em up, throw on the queen, and be happy!

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