This Latino Teenager Is Making Waves With His Dreamy, Romantic Tunes And He’s Only Getting Started

Meet Cuco. He’s a Los Angeles-based singer who is making waves at only 19 years old. And he’s just getting started.


While in college, Cuco wanted to pursue his lifelong dream of being a musician. So he quit school. Though his parents were against it, the Hawthorne, Calif. native kicked off his music career and quickly began building a devoted fanbase.

Even though Cuco’s parents initially disapproved of his decision, with time, he’s shown them it was the right choice.


“After high school I was supposed to be studying business. But I knew I wanted to make music when I started playing the guitar. I started making my dreams come true my junior year of high school. I would go home every day, write music and stay producing.”

Cuco’s first major hit, “Lo Que Siento,” has already reached over one million plays on Spotify, putting him on track to someday be able to do just that.

This is the type of initiative Cuco thinks every person should take with their goals.


Even though Cuco is starting to build on his success, he admits that he’s not perfect and it’s all a learning process.

His drive and the motivation comes from his parents.


“I feel like another main goal with my music is to help out my parents. Just retire them, get them out of working. They came here from Mexico and it’s been hard for them to give me what they could never have. I just want to give everything that I can to them.”

Knowing exactly who he is as an artist helped Cuco become more confident about his music.


And this is what makes his music so unique.

“With some songs, the flow just comes more naturally in Spanish. I use Spanish in my music, not because I think it might start a trend or something. It’s just natural. I speak Spanish every day with my parents, and I listen to a lot of old Chicano rap. It was the stuff that I grew up with and subconsciously it always stayed in the back of my head.”

When his music is labeled as “too romantic” or “too sissy,” Cuco owns it because he says “romantic” and “sissy” are apt descriptions.



And this is what people love the most about his music. The feeeels they get. ?

This is how I feel about his song “Lo Que Siento.”

The lyrics in his songs are also super relatable.

They’ll hit you whether you have a bae…

… Or not.

There’s no doubt that people have fallen in love with Cuco’s alternative dream pop. ✨

When I listen to his music I like to look out the window of my car and pretend I’m in a romantic movie.

And the covers people are creating of his songs are just as dreamy.

Can this guy perform a duet with Cuco please?

Check out the full interview with Cuco here:

Chicano musician, Cuco, is putting a twist on your parents favorite románticas.

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Keep up the hustle, Cuco, and stay dreamy! ✨

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Yes, Beyoncé Really Did Run Into Selena Quintanilla At A Mall Back In The Day


Yes, Beyoncé Really Did Run Into Selena Quintanilla At A Mall Back In The Day

Part 2 of Netflix’s “Selena: The Series,” is currently streaming, which means fans of the late Tejano singer are getting a chance to learn more about her origin stories. In the second part of the series, fans can expect to see more of the icon’s tragically brief but beautifully successful life. The new episodes chronicle Selena Quintanilla’s rise as a superstar and will no doubt make fans of the singer feel a deep sense of love for her.

Particularly when it comes to one episode in particular!

Part 2’s episode 6, called “Lo Más Bello,” sees the lives of two superstars collide.

The endearing episode sees Selena, played by Christian Serratos, on a shopping trip to an outdoor mall with her mother and sister. It’s then that the young singer catches the eye of a young girl who is also with her mother and sister.

Perhaps it’s real seeing real, but in either case in this episode, the young girl stops to gaze at Selena. She’s star-struck. In the episode, the young girl’s mother asks who she’s looking at and the girl replies, “Selena, a famous singer. Be quiet!”

Knowing that her daughter is a singer herself, the mother encourages her to introduce herself. Of course, the young girl is too shy to say hello but she does wave.

When Selena walks away, the young girl’s mother reveals a fun twist when she says “Beyoncé Knowles, you better learn not to be afraid of people if you ever want to be famous too.”

Like we said…

Real recognizing real.

“Selena: The Series” / Netflix

While it might seem like the producers took creative liberty, it turns out they actually didn’t. And it makes sense. Fans of Selena and Beyoncé know that the two singers are Texan-icons.

In a recent interview for MTV Trés, Beyoncé revealed that she actually did see Selena, in the Galleria Mall in Houston. “I didn’t say much to Selena because I wasn’t a celebrity,” Beyoncé said in an interview for MTV Trés back in the day. “I just saw her and said hello and kept it moving. Definitely growing up in Texas I heard her on the radio, and I think listening to her album, even though I didn’t know exactly what she was saying, it helped me in the studio with my pronunciation.”

Fans of the Texan starlets might also remember how Beyonce, in a 2007 interview with People en Español, spoke about her love of Selena.

At the time, Beyoncée was celebrating her re-release of six Spanish-language tracks. “I listened to Selena all the time” she recalled at the time of the interview. “She’s close to me because of where I’m from.”

Both “Selena: The Series” Parts 1 and 2 are streaming right now on Netflix! Check them out!

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Shakira Dyed Her Hair Red And It Will Give You Major ‘Ojos Asi’ Vibes


Shakira Dyed Her Hair Red And It Will Give You Major ‘Ojos Asi’ Vibes

Twenty years have passed since Shakira released her fourth studio album ¿Dónde Están los Ladrones? which featured her song “Ojos Asi.”

The music video for the hit song featured Shakira belly dancing with a vibrant red hair look that so many of us spent the early aughts attempting to emulate. The video won the International Viewer’s Choice Award (North) at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards and the hair won a place in our hearts.

Now, it’s 2021 and Shakira has returned to the red color.

The Colombian singer-songwriter showed off her dyed locks in a post shared on her Instagram on Wednesday.

The post showed Shakira preparing for a recording session and saw her dressed in a chic green-and-white outfit. She teased her upcoming project with the caption “Ready to leave my house to go to my first in-person studio session to meet with some awesome collaborators thanks to safety measures and vaccines. I can’t wait!”

Shakira made waves earlier this month on Instagram that weren’t about her hair.

In an effort to highlight Earth Day, Shakira signed a letter written by Earth shot Prize Council which called on people to tackle our planet’s current climate crisis with the same tenacity used to fight Covid-19.

In a post shared to her Instagram and Twitter pages the singer wrote “As a Member of The @EarthshotPrize Council, I’m calling on the world to Give the Earth a Shot. This #EarthDay, let’s be inspired by the innovation of the past year & work together to repair our planet.”

She also attached a link to the full letter which underlined how “People everywhere have worn masks, stayed at home and made sacrifices for the greater good. The availability of vaccines after just a year is both a triumph of science and a victory for collaboration. There is a long way to go. None of us are safe until everybody is safe. But we have learned what it means to pull together in the face of a truly global crisis. These lessons apply not just to pandemics but to the most pressing challenge in human history: stopping the climate emergency. If we do not act in this decade, the damage to our planet will be irreversible, impacting not only those of us alive today but threatening the future of generations to come.”

Shakira’s upcoming album is most anticipated by her fans. It will be her first studio album release since the 2017 release of her album El Dorado.

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