Conan O’Brien’s Mexico Trip Already Looks Pretty Lit

Last month, President Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto had a bit of a diplomatic crisis over a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. After hearing the news, Conan O’Brien announced he would take his TBS show, “Conan,” to Mexico City. O’Brien later revealed some of the guests he’d booked for his trip: “Rogue One” star Diego Luna and former Mexican President Vicente Fox, who has been a vocal critic of President Trump and his plans for a border wall. O’Brien recently traveled to Mexico, and although “Conan Without Borders: Mexico” doesn’t air until March, the comedian shared photos from his trip on the official Team Coco Instagram.

From day one, it’s clear Conan stood out from the crowd:

Amazing first day in #México. I made a lot of friends. #ConanMexico

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This señora is clearly having the time of her life:

Credit: Team Coco / Instagram
CREDIT: Credit: Team Coco / Instagram

Upon his arrival in Mexico, O’Brien showed off his Español.

He then paid a visit to one of Mexico City’s most-visited landmarks: El Zócalo.

Here at one of the world's largest squares aka el zócalo. #ConanMexico

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Eventually, O’Brien made his way to the Televisa TV studios, where he made a cameo in the telenovela “Mi Adorable Maldición.”

“My lovely curse… that’s very nice. What a coincidence… that was my nickname as a child growing up.”

After hanging out with a few músicos at the park…

I can't believe these guys knew my favorite @BigSean song, "Bounce Back." #ConanMexico

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He changed into a tux and attended the quinceañera of a young lady named Marisol.

It looks like he wore the white tuxedo for a reason: he was one of the padrinos.

After partying it up at the quince, Conan met with Mexican soccer star Giovani Dos Santos to play a little pickup fútbol.

Looks like Dos Santos is holding a Mexico jersey with Conan’s name on the back. Does it say Conan O’Brien or Conando? We’ll have to watch to find out.

O’Brien also met a super fan who designed a custom “Chip Whitley” shirt.

The name “Chip Whitley” is an alias O’Brien used for a “Conan” segment in which he and actor Dave Franco tried to hook up with women on Tinder.

After running around through the city, Conan met up with journalist Jorge Ramos to eat a quintessential Mexico City meal: tacos al pastor.

“I wish you would have talked me out of the hot sauce,” wrote O’Brien.

Watch: Mexican Celebs Welcome Conan To Mexico With Conan’s Own String Dance

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Google Paid Tribute To Mariachi Music With A Doodle And Break Out The Mezcal Because It’s Gonna Give You Tears!

Things That Matter

Google Paid Tribute To Mariachi Music With A Doodle And Break Out The Mezcal Because It’s Gonna Give You Tears!


Mariachi is officially getting the search engine clout it deserves!

Google Doodle’s latest feature celebrates the musical genre of mariachi. As an ode to the anniversary of the week that UNESCO inscribed mariachi on its Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The genre of Regional Mexican music goes back to the 18th century.

Google’s latest Doodle features an animated video of mariachi serenading.

Remote file

Singing “Cielito Lindo,” which is a song that encaptures Mexican pride, the doodle features a band of mariachi members.

Together they sing the following lyrics”De la Sierra Morena/cielito lindo, vienen bajando/Un par de ojitos negros/cielito lindo, de contrabando/ Ay, ay, ay, ay/Canta y no llores/Porque cantando se alegran/cielito lindo, los corazones.”

The lyrics translate to “From the Sierra Morena/Lovely sweet one, is prancing down/A pair of little black eyes/Lovely sweet one, is sneaking by/ Ay, ay, ay, ay/Sing, don’t cry/Because singing makes rejoice/Lovely sweet one, our hearts.”

For the doodle, the mariachi band wears traditional trajes de charro (charro suits) while strumming the traditional instruments of the genre.

Plucking away at the guitarrón, vihuela, and violin, other members use a trumpet and harp. According to Newsweek, “The tradition of mariachi originated in west-central Mexico around the turn of the 19th century, though its exact origins are murky. The musical genre began as entirely instrumental, made up of the sounds of stringed instruments, before vocals and the trumpet were eventually added.”

No doubt Google’s latest Doodle has won over the hearts of various searchers.

“What a beautiful tribute… thank you!” one user wrote.

“The Google doodle for today is a tribute to mariachis & it’s a little video that plays cielito lindo I am not okay, cielito lindo is my favorite mariachi song, it’s too cute,” another commented while another user wrote “I was so shocked when I clicked on this last night. What a wonderful surprise.”

Sweetly, the doodle really seemed to hit home for so many. “The Google Doodle today nearly made me cry,” one very happy user noted. “It was so unexpected and made me miss home for the first time since I moved.”

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Kamala Harris Wore A Pussy-Bow Blouse For Her Victory Speech And Twitter Thinks It Was A Message To Melania


Kamala Harris Wore A Pussy-Bow Blouse For Her Victory Speech And Twitter Thinks It Was A Message To Melania

Pool / Getty

The pussy bow blouse is back at it again.

From the moment Vice President-elect Kamala Harris took to the stage in Wilmington, Delaware this past Saturday, the world was abuzz about her choice in wardrobe. Of course, while the Vice President-elect’s acceptance speech made its mark on history as one of hope and women’s empowerment, the conversation around her clothing choice was far from senseless. After all, Harri’s decision to wear a white pantsuit and pussy-bow blouse further buttressed her words of achievement, unity, and liberty.

As a show of women’s equality, Harris wore a white pantsuit and pussy-bow blouse for her speech at Joe Biden’s victory rally on Saturday night.

Speaking to a crowd of supporters, Harris credited women before her for her accomplishment. “I stand on their shoulders,” she said referring to thoose who fought for women’s rights and of the “new generation” that exercised their right to vote last week.

Harris’s white suit played an homage to women like Shirley Chisholm, who wore white when she became the first African American woman elected to Congress in 1968. Geraldine Ferraro, who served in the United States House of Representatives from 1979 to 1985 and wore all-white when she accepted the role of Walter Mondale’s running mate for his 1984 presidential campaign. Hillary Clinton also wore a white pantsuit to accept her Democratic presidential nomination in 2016.

Of course, Twitter users were quick to read into Harris’s choice in blouse as a dig at Melania Trump.

ST LOUIS, MO – OCTOBER 09: Melania Trump (R) greets her husband Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump after the town hall debate at Washington University on October 9, 2016 in St Louis, Missouri. This is the second of three presidential debates scheduled prior to the November 8th election. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

As you might recall from the last election soon-to-be- former First Lady Melania Trump wore a bright pink pussy-bow blouse to the second debate between then-presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

“I see your sartorial shade, Kamala, and I am HERE FOR IT,” one woman noted on Twitter.

As a reminder, back in 2016, Melania Trump wore a vivid pink pussy-bow blouse to the second debate between then-presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton amid outrage over leaked tapes from 2005. Just two days prior to the debate, video footage of Trump boasting about “grabbing women by the pussy.”

Viewers believed Melania’s decision to wear a ‘pussy-bow’ blouse was a wily slight jab at her husband.

“Anyone think Kamala’s pussy bow blouse may be trolling trump?” one Twitter user asked. “

“not sure yet re @KamalaHarris but I will say: the combination of the white suit with the pussy bow blouse was a very cool play …” Another commented.

“Kamala Harris’s white pantsuit and pussy bow doing a LOT of symbolic work out here! Dress matters; clothing says things verbally left unspoken,” another Twitter user posted.

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