21 Adorable Gifts You Should Buy For The ‘Coco’ Fan In Your Life

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Christmas is right around the corner so you are probably scrambling to get the right gifts for everyone on your list. It’s a challenge because everyone has different interests and it can be expensive to get everyone everything that they want. Fortunately, we have you covered if have a primo or hermano who is obsessed with “Coco.” Here are the greatest gifts that you can get your “Coco” loving family member.

1. “Coco” Minnie ears

This is the perfect gift to get that special somebody who also has an annual pass to Disneyland/Disney World. It is not hard to find that family member because they are always wearing something Disney related and would love you to pieces if you gifted them these ears.

2. Disney Parks’ Official “Coco” Minnie Ears

If you happen to go to the park before Christmas, which would be a miracle since it is always so crowded, you can get some official merch. That’s right. It makes sense that Disney would have official “Coco” ears for the “Coco” fan who has and wants it all.

3. “Coco” Hair Bow

For those times when wearing full-on sparkly sequin Minnie ears seems like too much of a major fashion commitment, a hairbow can be your next best option.  This radiant bow from Etsy seller AurorasBowtique allows you to show off how much you connect to “Coco” without the Minnie ears. The bow’s bottlecap center has a picture of Miguel in calavera face paint standing back-to-back with loyal spirit guide Dante, surrounded by pink, yellow, green and purple calaveras. Grosgain ribbon adds an extra color layer underneath and an alligator clip makes it easy to slip in and out of your hair.

4. “Remember Me” Tank Top

CREDIT: Credit: Disney Store

Click on over to the official Disney store website to check out this racerback tank top that has the bilingual memorable line from the film. Miguel’s calaverita face peeks out at you from the heather gray tank, and also features two of Ernesto’s guitars criss-crossing each other in a gallant version of a crest. The only downside is that this tank comes in only one color, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do double duty in this Disney tank. Wear it to work and on a night out. You know, for keeping it casual.

5. Miguel’s red hoodie

Miguel wandered with his trusty sidekick Dante into the mystical Land of the Dead where he meets hapless Hector, and throughout their journey together. Now your primito or child can rock Miguel’s iconic hoodie. This red hoodie with a white stripe running down the arm is identical to the one Miguel wears in the film, and is sized for both toddlers and boys. The hoodie retails for $40.00 on Etsy from seller TullelipsandTies.

6. “Coco” Embroidered Crossbody Bag

Go hands free with this black embroidered bag with pink lining, displaying a calaverita wearing a red flower crown at its center. When you look closer,  the embroidered faces of Hector, Miguel and Ernesto de la Cruz surround the calaverita. The famous guitar that Miguel took from de la Cruz’s mausoleum before he started his Land of the Dead adventure is also on the front of the bag.

7. “Un Poco Loco” T-Shirt

The name of the spirited song the duo Miguel and Hector sing on stage before a cheering crowd is plastered on a T-shirt that you can choose the color of. Feeling yellow like Pluto or more of an Ariel purple? You’re in luck because there are 27 hues to mix and match with. If you want to wear a tank top or a sweater instead of a t-shirt, the site also allows you to have the “un poco loco” on a variety of clothing items. 

8. “Coco”-inspired Sneakers

These black sneakers with white soles, offered by LoveDesigningStore on Etsy, feature a smiling Miguel proudly holding his guitar, fluttering butterflies, blue branches, tiny red flowers and the blue guitar made famous in the animated movie. Don’t worry, we won’t tell Abuelita Elena that you are getting shoes from anywhere other than their family shoe making business. We don’t want her to hit you on the head with her chancla! 

9. “Poco Loco” Onesie

Tiny tikes can wear this adorable onesie while being held or taking a little nap in the stroller. This onesie would get Mama’s blessing because it’s a cute little “Coco”-inspired joke. Mom life can be made a little easier with these snap buttons at the bottom of the onesie, giving new moms a little extra time to enjoy a day out.

10. Calaverita zipper wallet

Keep your dollar dollar bills and change within reach in this stylish wallet from the Lady Muerta brand. The petals of chrysanthemum flowers encircle calaveras and guitars on this black wallet. A zipper makes sure all your coins and cards are kept safely in your wallet.

11. Calavera walkie talkies

Having so many people at so many different places at once can make you go “un poco loco.” That’s why these “Coco”-inspired walkie talkies can help familias be familias one wavelength at a time. The bright blue and black walkie talkies with a smiling calavera on the front are currently 50 percent off.

12. “Coco” girls’ socks by Kohl’s

It’s not a bad idea to bring an extra pair of socks in your bag or backpack anywhere you go. Your primita or daughter can pick out which of this six pack of “Coco” socks she wants to wear for a day at school or her primas quinceañera. Sock options include a black pair with the “Coco” logo, a pink pair with a calavera and guitar, or a blue pair with musical notes and stripes.

13. Calevera “Coco” T-shirt

Let’s say you’re the type of guy that likes to keep things simple when it comes to clothing items. You won’t be found with a designer logo on you because it’s all about keeping things clean and streamlined. We get you. For those looking for a subtle nod to this beloved animated flick, this t-shirt lets the calavera do the talking. A blue calavera is the centerpiece from which de la Cruzito’s entire family tree is showcased upon. Mamá Coco naturally sits in the center, surrounded by her parents Hector and Imelda, her great grandson Miguel, her daughter Elena, as well as Miguelito’s parents. A family lineage you’ll be proud to wear on your chest.

14. Miguel sporty red watch

This sporty red and black option from Kohl’s has Miguel’s face intently looking out from the hour and minute hands.  You’ll be happy to look down at your watch each time a passerby asks you the time when rushing past, or when you need to check if your train should be arriving.

15. Miguel and Hector Crewneck Sweater

If you’re feeling a little chilly while out and about with your love, then this crewneck sweater with “Coco”’s dynamic duo can help keep you warm. Miguel and Hector can be seen smiling at each other while two ofrenda candles help light up their faces. A reminder to “seize your moment” is displayed underneath them—so go ahead, seize your moment and eat another churro!

16. “Coco” Pin Set

This 12-piece pin set is a great gift to give out to your mamá, papá, tías, primos, primas. The memorable pins include vintage posters of Ernesto de la Cruz, Hector playing the guitar, a portrait of Abuela Elena, an endearing photo of Mamá Coco, a calavera made of chrysanthemums, a glowing mystical calavera, a shining guitar, the flag of Mexico, a picture of de la Cruz’s stage background, a glowing red heart with a calavera in the middle, a colorful portrait of Dante, and a photo of a glowing soldier.

17. “Seize Your Moment” Necklace

Everyone knows “Remember Me” is perhaps the most poignant line from “Coco”, but if the quote that touched your heart was actually “Seize your moment,” then you can wear the words around your neck. A dainty gold flower and white beads connect to a golden plated pendant with words that remind you to go out there and seize your moment, just like protagonist Miguel did in the film.

18. “Coco” Cotton Dress

CREDIT: Credit: Etsy

The pleated cotton dress showcases Miguel’s painted face, tiny calaveras and colorful guitars. You will help your little cousinl stand out from the sea of little girls running around in Snow White and Cinderella dresses (not that there’s anything wrong with the classic princess dresses.) Make it a whole outfit with “Coco”-inspired bows and socks. Adorbs! 

19. Mamá Coco-inspired dress

If you want to pay tribute to the reason behind the film’s title, we suggest going with this white embroidered huipil dress to evoke the grandeur of Mamá Coco. For a little history refresher, huipil is a traditional garment worn in the central part of Mexico, as well as in Central America. Complete the look with some huaraches or add a modern touch with some relaxed Converse or Adidas kicks.

20. Ernesto de la Cruz t-shirt

We know Ernesto de la Cruz gets a bad rep for poisoning Hector and taking his songs. But, when you sit down and think about it, if it wasn’t for his fascination with de la Cruz, Miguel would have never gone down to meet Hector and the rest of his family in the Land of the Dead. If you want to give de la Cruz a second chance at redemption, then you might want to buy this gray t-shirt from Disney’s official online shop. The shirt features de la Cruz’s guitar surrounded by a whimsical display of calaveras and flowers, with his famous song “Remember Me” etched into an intricate papel picado banner.

21. Calavera pajama pants

After a long day you deserve a nice relaxing night. Light an ofrenda candle, put on a face mask and unwind with the help of these fleece “Coco”-themed pajama pants that will help put you to bed in style. Neon colored calaveras smile while being surrounded by flowers. You’ll have sweet dreams of meeting all your ancestors and celebrating with them the important message “Coco” brings—the bonds of family is never forgotten, even in the afterlife.

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