‘Coco’ Had An Alternate Opening That Explains Dia De Los Muertos And It Is Beautiful

“Coco” is a cultural phenomenon that put Mexican culture in the front seat of the American consciousness. It is the highest grossing film in Mexico’s box office history and it has been nominated for a couple of Oscars. The story dives deep into the world of Día de los Muertos through Miguel, an aspiring young musician, when he enters the underworld in search for his family. It was recently reported that there was an alternative opening to the movie that explains, through song, the holiday that many Mexicans and Mexican-Americans hold dear.

Here’s the alternate “Coco” opening you never got to see in theaters.

Co-directors Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina introduce the clip in the video addressing the audience directly.

“This next scene is the old opening of the film. This was in for a very long time, a number of years before we changed it,” co-director Molina says. “What it is is, it’s a little musical number to introduce you to the world of ‘Coco.'”

The clip starts sad and grey as one would expect when talking about death, but that doesn’t last long.

CREDIT: Coco / DisneyPixar / @usatodaylife / Twitter

The song turns quick to an upbeat, party-themed song that would get anybody moving. It is accompanied with bright colors and lights because Día de los Muertos is a celebration of life and death after all.

There is a moment where the song explains the different food traditionally used to honor your loved ones.

CREDIT: Coco / DisneyPixar / @usatodaylife / Twitter

Of course that includes pan de muerto and mole. They even sing about sugar skulls, which represent different loved ones who have passed away.

And you can’t forget about the ofrenda.

CREDIT: Coco / DisneyPixar / @usatodaylife / Twitter

The ofrenda is the big Día de los Muertos alter. The alter holds all the photos of loved ones you want to remember and the offerings you want to sustain them.

The end of the intro is all about pyrotechnics and marigold umbrellas to tie it all together.

CREDIT: Coco / DisneyPixar / @usatodaylife / Twitter

Clearly, this intro is amazing but you get no idea about the real world of Coco and the family you are going to be connected with. This intro would have been beautiful to watch but it is nice that we get to learn about the family in the intro they did choose for the theater release.

We want to know…

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You Can Now Get A Salsa Version Of Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Almost Like Praying' And Still Help Puerto Rico


You Can Now Get A Salsa Version Of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘Almost Like Praying’ And Still Help Puerto Rico

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Lin-Manuel Miranda isn’t letting his new baby slow him down. The playwright, actor, and singer is pushing his latest single to new heights with a remix.

Lin-Manuel Miranda released “Almost Like Praying” on Oct. 6 as a fundraiser for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

The collaboration featured several celebs including Jennifer Lopez, Camila Cabello, Gloria Estefan, Fat Joe, and Marc Anthony, to name a few. It was released less than a month after Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane Maria. All the proceeds from the song went to Hispanic Federation — an organization helping with the recovery process in PR.

Now Miranda has re-released a salsa version of the song.


“The benefit single ‘Almost Like Praying’ has had tremendous success with audiences worldwide,” Miranda said in a press release. “As we now continue to help establish long-term self-sustainable initiatives to rebuild Puerto Rico, we are thrilled to bring this new version to Salsa-music fans. Although it has been over four months since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the island still needs much help to get its most basic infrastructure up and running – including electricity, roads and bridges, healthcare and other vital programs.”

Miranda gave audiences a listen the morning before the song released to get everyone interested.

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But there’s no actual clip of the song! Ugh.

The original version hit number one in digital sales in 17 countries within its first week. We can only imagine that the remix version will also be a hit.

The song was given a midnight release and is available for download.

The salsa remix is arranged by Sergio George, a music producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in Latin music, including Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez.

The song will be available at almostlikepraying.com. For more information about the Hispanic Federation’s “Unidos” Hurricane Disaster Relief Fund, visit hispanicfederationunidos.org.

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