If You Love Chilaquiles, The Delicious Chilaquiles Challenge Is The Perfect Thing For You

Amikas, this is how trends are born.

Twitter is abuzz right now with the #ChilaquilesChallenge after Mexican standup comedian Daniel Sosa called for his followers to make it go viral.

He even dragged Postmates Mexico into the fray and begged them to deliver him the best chilaquiles out there.

It all started with this video:

I mean we’ve all been there, right? You wake up after a deep slumber. Or maybe a night of perreando. And you’re craving the hell out of something, like really hard.

Well, that was Daniel Sosa this morning.

And now, one man’s craving is a viral Twitter hashtag.

Credit: @fspinola_ / Twitter

Thousands of Twitter users have done just as he’s asked and now #ChilaquilesChallenge is trending across Mexico, creating a trend around the magic that is chilaquiles.

Twitter was quickly inundated with images of the traditional Mexican dish.

As well as videos of people who sang songs or who declared their love for this very popular Mexican breakfast food.

And the people are all for it.

I mean, it’s chilaquiles, why wouldn’t they be?!

Many users were so into it they couldn’t help themselves, and literally ran to nearby restaurants to get their fix.

Credit: @MenaGzaaa / Twitter

And of course, as the trend demands, they shared their photos to Twitter.

The comedian even called upon Postmates to bring him the best chilaquiles in the city.

Having been in Mexico City for only a few months, they needed a few minutes to think about it.

And they delivered.

Credit: @danielsosafado / Twitter

Yasss…way to go Postmates!

I think we can all relate.

Because chilaquiles are the literal life source to start off the week.

Why all the hype for chilaquiles?

Credit: @frijolera / Twitter

Because they are genius.

Tortillas usually serve as the self-less zero ego side piece that so humbly assists you in all that you want to eat. It’s there to sop up delicious soups and sauces. To be dipped into salsas so picosa you can’t feel you’re tongue anymore. Or to be wrapped around more famous fillings as in a taco.

But with chilaquiles, the tortilla finally has its starring role.

And for those who don’t get it, just stop with the disrespect.

You’re not gonna ruin this very special #ChilaquilesChallenge day.

With #ChilaquilesChallenge trending and the thought of eating chilaquiles today, many are thinking:

Credit: @WassiEduardoE / Twitter

That’s right, Monday with #ChilaquilesChallenge was a good day.

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This Mexican College Student Is Going Viral For Breeding the Largest Bunnies In the World

Things That Matter

This Mexican College Student Is Going Viral For Breeding the Largest Bunnies In the World

Photo via yakinkiro/Instagram

Look out Bad Bunny. There’s another breed of bunny in town that’s taking the internet by storm. A college student in Mexico recently went viral for the oddest thing. He has genetically engineered a strain of rabbits to be the largest in the world.

21-year-old Kiro Yakin has become a viral sensation after internet users have seen him with pictures of the giant bunnies he genetically engineered.

Yakin, a student at the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla on the Xicotepec campus, is studying veterinary and animal husbandry. He began his experimentation by breeding two unique rabbit types together. The Flemish Giant rabbit and other, longer-eared bunnies that Yakin happened to notice. As a result, his monster-bunny was born.

According to Yakin, his experimental bunnies grow up to 22 pounds  Flemish Giant, while the average Flemish giant weighs 15 pounds. But make no mistake, Yakin’s bunny experiment was no accident. “It takes an average of 3 to 4 years to reproduce this giant species,” he told Sintesis.

Yakin’s ultimate goal is to breed a rabbit that can grow up to 30 pounds. “I am currently studying genetics to see how to grow this breed of giant rabbits more,” he said.

Yakin, who has had a soft spot for rabbits since he was a child (pun intended), now cares for a whopping fifty giant rabbits out of his parents’ home.

Luckily, his parents are supportive enough of his dream that they support their son (and his bunnies) financially. “I have the financial support and support of my parents to buy food a week for all 50 giant rabbits,” Yakin told Sintesis.

But he also admitted his project has a long way to go. “So far I have not set aside the time or budget that is required to start the project more seriously,” he said.

The only thing that’s preventing Yakin from committing all his time and energy to creating even bigger bunnies is–what else?–money.

Photo via yakinkiro/Instagram

Although he already submitted a proposal to his university to try and expand his research, as of now, he is self-financed. However, Yakin makes a bit of extra cash by selling the giant bunnies to private customers.

His ultimate goal though, is to open up a large, professional farm where he can breed and cross-breed his bunnies to his heart’s content.

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An 11-Year-Old Chilean Boy Rakes In Millions Of Youtube Subscribers Thanks To Latino Support

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An 11-Year-Old Chilean Boy Rakes In Millions Of Youtube Subscribers Thanks To Latino Support

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade.

Despite his struggles with his vision, eleven-year-old Tomás Blanch set his sights on a big dream and within months made it happen. The little boy from the city of Graneros in Chile launched a Youtube channel on March 19 to open up to those willing to watch about his life and his hobbies now he has over 7.45M subscribers.

Tomás launched his channel, “tomiii 11,” and within weeks wrangled in millions of viewers.

In all of his videos, Tomás wears an eyepatch and talks about his life with his family and cousins. While various websites have speculated that he suffers from brain cancer, neither Tommi nor his family has confirmed the reason for his eyepatch.

In videos its clear that Tomás has problems with his vision and cannot use his hands. In one video, he explained that he has been in “the hospital after eating raw meat that was infected.”

In a recent video, Tomás revealed that a family meal caused the infection in his eye.

According to Yahoo News, “In one of the most recent footage shared through the video platform, in the company of his father Vicente, the little boy exhibits a keyboard for one-handed use, since according to his words, his condition makes it impossible to use both limbs for the use of your PC peripherals.”

Thanks to Latinos in the Youtube gamer community Tomás’ story went viral.

Though Tomás’ profile is climbing, it’s still unknown what condition causes him to wear an eye patch. While we wait to confirm his condition, we’ll be cheering the little man on!

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