Eva Longoria And George Lopez Brought Their Best Friends To Family Feud And It Got Raunchy

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“Family Feud” had a ton of Latino Celebrities on over the weekend in an epic showdown to raise money for charity. On one team was Eva Longoria, with “family members” Justina Machado, Amaury Nolasco, Ana Ortiz and Wilmer Valderrama. They were up against leader George Lopez, his daughter Mayan Lopez, actors Constance Marie and Ray Diaz, as well as the golden boy himself, Oscar De La Hoya.

“Family Feud” had a celebrity episode with all Latino contestants led by Eva Longoria and George Lopez.

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It quickly became an interesting game with Spanish translations being thrown in the mix. When asked to pick a top answer for “something you roll,” Justina Machado said “tortillas.” The crowd erupted into laughter as she said, “These are Latinos up here, come on!” There was a ding and the board flipped, and the answer revealed was “dough.” Which led Lopez to protest, “Wait a minute. It’s called masa!” Host Steve Harvey laughed when Lopez explained: “masa is not where the Mexican astronauts train.”

You’d think after becoming a boxing champion and Olympic gold medalist, nothing could stress De La Hoya out…

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But he stutters so hard here you’d swear he’d just been knocked out.

Like your two drunk tios at a quinceañera, De La Hoya and Nolasco came out ready to rumble.

My money is always on De Le Hoya.

Diaz, at one point, ripped his shirt off.

De La Hoya definitely looked at him like, “Okay, but can he take a punch?”

Harvey couldn’t believe Diaz’s answer, instead of asking the judges to focus on his abs.

Credit: FamilyFeud / Youtube

The actor had opened his shirt at one point in the episode but gave such a ridiculous answer, Harvey thought it served his best interest to just keep it open to detract from the clueless response he’d just given.

Lopez knew what he was doing when he led Harvey down this line of thinking…

Credit: FamilyFeud / Youtube

You know in Harvey’s head he was like, “Man, this is a family show, don’t you say marijuana…”

Harvey asked a question about male strippers and got an equally appropriate answer.

Credit: FamilyFeud / Youtube

Longoria shouted “What kind of game are we playing!?” as her team burst into laughter.

Longoria and company had team spirit all the way.

I was just happy to see Latinos on TV, but couldn’t help but start rooting for these three ladies.

Longoria’s team made it to the final round and both she and Nolasco tried their best avoid a particular question.

Credit: FamilyFeud / Youtube

It seems people’s “members” are an ongoing theme of the show.

Watch until the end, it’s worth it just to see Longoria’s victory lap.

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