People Are Hyped Over Cardi B And Offset Having A New Song Together

“Let’s talk money in Spanish ’cause I can speak it in both.”

Cardi B and Offset released a collab and it is blowing up the Internet right now. The engaged couple dropped “Um Yea” and fans cannot get enough of the new song. They’ve already started demanding that the couple make a full album, with many looking at them as a power couple like Beyoncé and Jay Z.

Cardi B has had one incredible year starting with the release of her “Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 2” mixtape in January. Five months later, she announced a deal with Atlantic Records and released “Bodak Yellow,” showing the world who she is as an artist and entertainer. “Bodak Yellow” went on to make history as Cardi became the first solo female rapper since Lauryn Hill in 1998 to reach the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 without anyone else on the track. She has since collaborated with Migos and Nicki Minaj, and has confirmed that she is working on something with Kehlani. She even managed to get engaged to Offset during all of that madness. And now the two are topping off 2017 “Um Yea”.

First, everyone thinks that this song is fire.

It’s just too damn hot!

It’s blowing up people’s personal charts.

Which Cardi B song is on your Hot 100?

Others are marveling at her raw talent.

Who here would disagree with that statement?

Fans are really hyped over her mention of being bilingual because it is relatable af (for some of us).

Even people who don’t speak Spanish are feeling like that line was made for them, if only they had tried. ?

Rap’s It Girl squashed requests for a romantic duet with her man.

Alright. Understood.

However, some fans already consider “Um Yea” as a deep look into their relationship.

Well, if you feel the same way as this person, who needs a follow up lovey dovey song? “Um Yeah” is all about their relationship and the strength they find in each other.

And Cardi hears your requests for a music video. Just give her a minute and she’ll get to it.

Yaaassss, queen!

TL;DR: Cardi B and Offset released a new song and folks are feeling some type of way about it.

?? ?? ?

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Chicano Batman's Eduardo Arenas Just Dropped A Funky, Christmas Cumbia For You To Bump At Your Holiday Parties


Chicano Batman’s Eduardo Arenas Just Dropped A Funky, Christmas Cumbia For You To Bump At Your Holiday Parties

Lorena Endara

Eduardo Arenas of Chicano Batman has a holiday gift for you. Arenas, who records solo as É Arenas, just dropped “Buñuelos a Montón,” a funky, Christmas-themed cumbia inspired by Mexican legends Chico Che and Rigo Tovar. On “Buñuelos,” Arenas sings about the holiday food that he and his family grew up on: tamales, barbacoa, menudo con pata, champurrado and, of course, buñuelos. Just as Chico Che did in his heyday, Arenas doesn’t take himself too seriously on the track, creating a throwback jam that will probably make you chuckle a bit while you show off your moves on the dance floor.

CREDIT: Lorena Endara

Arenas explained the inspiration behind the song:

“I grew up listening to cumbias from Los Bukis’ more tropical catalogue to banda, like Mi Banda El Mexicano and Banda Machos, which is a whole other kinda party. Growing up, I had the pleasure of watching my uncles play in their super-grupera backyard band (El Nuevo Horizonte) and watching them light up the dance floor was surreal, even for a 7-year-old kid. One can always count on cumbias to tell a vivid story, be funny as hell, and always be catchy and relatable to us.”

Download the song for free (only on December 12) via É Arenas’s official Soundcloud.

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