Cardi Saved $35k in Singles By the Time She Was 22, And Other Things You Should Know About Cardi B Before She Made It

There’s no question that Cardi B is the hardest working bruja out there and you either love her or hate her. Cardi B has the true rags to riches story and she didn’t wait for a Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet. She made money move on her own right.

While Cardi B is totally open about her life–when she’s tired, gassy and hungry–on social media, she’s professionally made up almost all the time for work. Before Cardi B got famous (and before she deleted and reopened her Instagram account), she was just as open about her life. Here’s all the throwbacks and facts about pre-famous Cardi B to inspire you through your dreams.

Today, the 26-year-old is a spokesperson for Pepsi.

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Which is kind of a huge deal. She’s in the same ranks of icons like Britney Spears and Michael Jackson.

But before she was Cardi B, she was Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar.

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Her nickname growing up was “Bacardi,” possibly because she was a fan of the rum. That got shortened to “Cardi B” and the rest is history.

Her father, Carlos, brings the Dominican out in her.

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She also has six half-siblings from her father’s side. Her parents split up when she was ten years old.

Her mother is Afro-Trinidadian.

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Cardi and her sister, Hennessy grew up in the Highbridge barrio of the South Bronx. They spent a lot of their time with their paternal abuelo in Washington Heights.

Her sister was named after the rum their dad was drinking on the way to the hospital where she was born.

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The two are tight. Hennessy identifies as queer and is married. Cardi has spoken out in support of the LGBT community (and her sister).

The two were raised Catholic and Cardi has credits God for the guidance in her life.

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You’ll see it on her Instagram profile to this day: “GOD IS GREAT 🙏🏼”

Cardi joined the Bloods when she was 16 years old.

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People started calling her a poser, so she went to Twitter in 2017 to proudly admit that she was for real in the infamous gang. Since then, she’s made it super clear that she doesn’t encourage anyone joining gangs.

Her first job was at a supermarket in Lower Manhattan.

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Her manager of several years fired her and told her she should just become a stripper. Her next thought must have been “damn straight.”

Cardi started stripping at 19 years old and credits it with “saving her life.”

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She was in an abusive relationship and was looking for financial independence to get out. She’s her own knight in shining armor.

There are rumors that Sheck Wes was abusive to Cardi B when they were dating.

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This picture of the two before they both got famous. One woman accused Sheck Wes of stalking and attacking her and her friends, and he’s denied the allegations.

Cardi was able to save $35,000 in singles by the time she was 22 years old.

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Cardi has made it super clear that she turned to stripping to get out of poverty. It was a decision made out of a desperation she doesn’t wish on anyone, but it saved her life.

After she started stripping, she was able to afford to go back to school.

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Though she admits that she had trouble in school as a kid because she couldn’t stop telling jokes. Still, the money got her through community college for a few years.

She’s super open about the plastic surgery she had to elevate her stripping career.

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Cardi has said that she didn’t think people went to strip clubs to see people “who walked off the street.” We all already know: “The only thing fake is the boobs.”

Cardi has opened up about a very painful, illegal experience getting a basement ‘Brazilian butt lift.’

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This surgery is named the most fatal surgery in America, and Cardi had it done in a basement without any anesthesia. She passed out from the pain. When she went back for more, she found out that someone had died on the table the week before and the woman selling the injections was in jail for manslaughter.

Cardi retired ‘early’ from stripping for her next venture into Love & Hip Hop.

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She had planned to retire from stripping when she was 25 years old, but retired early for her next professional gig, Love & Hip Hop.

She used the money from LHH to “fix her teeth”.

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She said it cost about the same as a luxury size SUV, but that it was real worth it. This image is her showing off her pearly whites on an Instagram story from back in the day.

Cardi’s been going to Nails on 7th since she was a teenager.

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She still goes there to get her nails done to this day, and her fame has made business boom for the women-owned nail salon.

Cardi’s been educating people on what it means to be Afro-Latina since the get-go.

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In an interview with Zendaya in CR Fashion Book, Cardi opened up about her frustrations with public ignorance:

“We are Caribbean people […] Some people want to decide if you’re black or not, depending on your skin complexion, because they don’t understand Caribbean people or our culture. I feel like people need to understand or get a passport and travel. I don’t got to tell you that I’m black. I expect you to know it. When my father taught me about Caribbean countries, he told me that these Europeans took over our lands. That’s why we all speak different languages […] Just like everybody else, we came over here the same way. I hate when people try to take my roots from me. Because we know that there’s African roots inside of us…”

In just two years, Cardi went from a NYC stripper to $8 million net worth Grammy winner and mother.

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We don’t care what you think about Cardi B, we are shipping her success, and all the music she’s giving the Latino community.

We’re over here waiting for Cardi to get her own reality TV show so she can dish it all.

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Also. We need more Cardi memes in our life. Give us those throwbacks, Cardi!

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A Trump Supporter Tried To Come For Cardi B After She Said She Wants To Be A Politician And Failed


A Trump Supporter Tried To Come For Cardi B After She Said She Wants To Be A Politician And Failed

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The 27-year-old queen of rap, Cardi B, announced to her Twitter followers Sunday that she’s thinking about becoming a politician. “I think I want to be a politician,” the rapper tweeted, adding, “I really love government even tho I don’t agree with Goverment.” Since then, the rapper has expanded on what she’s thinking she’ll do next to make those dreams come true, including returning to school. Since announcing her interest, Cardi B’s already started expanding on the issues that matter to her. She wants to represent the vast majority of Americans who don’t want war. Cardi B wants gun screening to look more like screening to join the military. Cardi B says she believes “we have the right to bear arms,” but she also believes in raising the minimum age limit to own a gun, requiring “mental check-ups” and “proper training” to screen for gun owners. 

Of course, Trump supporters have come to drag Cardi B, using coded language to attack her intelligence, education and slut-shame her. Good thing Cardi B is self-secure enough to combat classism.

First, Cardi B says she wants to go back to school “a couple of years” to “shake the table.”


“I deadass have sooo much ideas that make sense,” Cardi suggested, saying, “I just need a couple of years of school and I can shake the table.” A few minutes later, Cardi B recalled all the war documentaries she’s been watching lately. “No matter how many weapons a country have you need people! How are you trying to go against a country and possibly start a war when this country lacks patriotism? I barely see people claiming they LOVE being American,” she tweeted.

Trump supporter and internet personality Mindy Robinson decided to try Cardi B.


You’re going to need more school than that.  👌🏻,” Robinson tweeted, along with a proofread version of Cardi B’s tweet and the subversive white supremacy symbol. “Your spaces are off too…but hey, how can we hold you accountable for kindergarten level sh*t, am I right?” Robinson asked of Cardi B. 

Cardi took the bait and clapped back with a warning: “don’t want to dog walk you ❤️”


“Sis your lips ashy and you barely have none …Leave me alone,” Cardi responded to the MAGA right’s internet poster child. “I didn’t insulted your party or your believes so please don’t try me and let’s keep sweet OK….don’t want to dog walk you  ❤️,” Cardi added. Of course, Robinson soaked up the attention and responded to essentially assert classism. “I went to college for both American History and Political Science,” Robinson tweeted, adding, “although to be fair…even my cat is more qualified to run for Congress than Cardi B. 👌🏻” 

Robinson concluded her tweet once again with the controversial “👌🏻” emoji, which was initially used by a small set of white supremacists who thought the hand gesture symbolized the “w” and “p” in “white power.” It’s since grown into an internet sensation for the right as a way to “troll” liberals. The “👌🏻” is so ubiquitous that it’s easy for someone who uses it maliciously to just say they’re making an “okay” symbol. From MAGA far-right supporters, it’s become a well-protected microaggression to people of color.

In response, Cardi followed through on her word and dog walked the mierda out of Robinson.


“You really mad cause you stay takin pics like this and mention Trump 20 times a day to get his attention,” Cardi B tweeted back along with a photo of Robinson in an American flag bikini. “HEY! Don’t take your anger out on me cause he don’t wanna fuck you sis  🤷🏽‍♀️ 😩😩,” Cardi B added. The MAGA-supporting right has been consistent in retweeting photos of Cardi B stripping or wearing bathing suits along with captions like, “she and ole AOC can compare how their cup size is inversely proportionate to their IQs.” A “Women for Trump” account with over 5,000 followers shared the news along with calling the rapper “Low IQ Cardi B.” We don’t even need to explain why “low IQ” is a racist dog whistle.

“Cardi B for Congress” has started a conversation on classism and has already generated campaign banners.


The irony of suggesting someone couldn’t be a member of congress because of their grammar despite the fact that the president you so vehemently support uses nothing higher than 3rd-grade level diction 🤦🏾‍♂️grammatical skills ≠ intelligence,” another supporter tweeted at Robinson and Cardi. “Let me tell you something cause every time I post anything political I get attack all type of crazy,” Cardi later tweeted. “If you are a conservative & if you support a opposite party that’s OK( unless you racist)we can get into friendly debates on here voice your opinion… And I’ll voice mines HOWEVER don’t try me and don’t take my kindness for weakness.I BE VIOLATING!!! I don’t really like being on that type of time. We grown! Let’s be grown. Lets teach and learn.”

In conclusion, in the words of another Twitter user, “If Donald Trump is the president of the United States right now I don’t see why Cardi B can’t be a politician.”

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Cardi B Is Releasing A New Album In 2020 And She Just Posted A Sneak Peek


Cardi B Is Releasing A New Album In 2020 And She Just Posted A Sneak Peek

iamcardib / Instagram

Cardi B’s career has absolutely skyrocketed since she exploded onto the scene in 2017. Of course, she had already been around for awhile before releasing “Bodak Yellow,” appearing regularly on VH1’s reality series Love and Hip Hop: New York in pursuit of big music dreams (she also released two mixtapes long before her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts in 2018). In 2019, Cardi B took her career up a notch, serving as a judge on Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow and making her acting debut alongside J Lo and Constance Wu in Hustlers.

And although fans are excited that she’s been exploring other creative opportunities, several folks are starting to get restless for more music. Fortunately for them, the NYC rapper confirmed that a new album is due to arrive sometime in 2020, sharing a brief clip of her upcoming single on Twitter last week.

While Friday, January 10 is Global Release Day for music, few artists actually participate, and Cardi B’s album is no exception—while little is known about the upcoming LP, it is unlikely to appear right away. In the meantime, fans have enjoyed the two singles she’s dropped since Invasion of Privacy: “Press” and “Please Me,” though Cardi B told Billboard that she’s hoping to embrace a different sound with her new album.

“It has evolved a lot, especially because I’ve been listening to different types of music,” she said. “But . . . there’s the challenge of it. Because there’s certain types of music that I want to do, but I feel like—is people interested in that? I feel like things have changed . . . but I cannot just go with what’s hot. I still gotta do what I want to do.”

That approach seemed to work out for Cardi B’s first album which, in addition to topping the Billboard 200, earned her a Grammy for best rap album (and making her the first solo female rapper to win in that category). But even if the rapper is trying to stay true to her vision, she’s not trying to replicate what she achieved with Invasion of Privacy. Referring to that record, she told Billboard: “I was going with what I want people to hear, and what I like, so that’s what I’m doing now,” adding, “I’m just having fun in the studio, because if you think, ‘My first album was like this, I gotta have the same recipe,’ it’s just not gonna work.”

And in spite of another acting role in Fast and Furious 9—as well as another lead film role that the rapper mentioned, but wasn’t at liberty to describe—Cardi B is devoting as much time as possible to the production of her new album.

“My album is on my mind 24/7,” she said. “It’s practically all I’m focusing on.”

The news of Cardi B’s upcoming album is also accompanied by another major milestone: Invasion of Privacy currently sits at No. 56 on the Billboard Top 200, meaning that Cardi B is tied with Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill for the longest-charting debut album by a female rapper in history. Miseducation occupied its place on the charts for 91 weeks, and it appears as though Invasion of Privacy just might break that record.

In addition to winning Cardi B a record-breaking Grammy, Invasion of Privacy also earned a nomination for Album of the Year. The single “I Like It” won a nomination for Record of the Year and “Be Careful” earned a nomination for Best Rap Performance. With such a hard-hitting debut, Cardi B’s sophomore album has a lot of hype to live up to—but when asked about the legacy of “Bodak Yellow,” the hit that started it all, Cardi B seemed proud of her past success, alluding to great optimism and enthusiasm for what’s to follow.

“It’s just the littest song of ever,” she said about the song. “Every party, every New Year, every Cinco de Mayo, every Thanksgiving, it’s just that type of song that you want to play to turn the party up . . . It’s that song that makes you feel like that b–ch, that girl. ‘Bodak Yellow’ is that girl.”

So if “Bodak Yellow” is “that girl,” what kind of bops can we expect from album number 2? The sneak preview above gives us a bit of an idea, and Cardi B’s statement last fall about naming her next album Tiger Woods—which she has since dismissed as a joke—might also offer some clues about the vibes of her upcoming record.

“I think I’m going to name my album Tiger Woods . . . because, remember when everybody was talking sh*t on Tiger Woods . . . and then he f*cking came and won that green jacket? That’s what I’m going to name my album.”