Here’s The New Cardi B Song That Everyone Is Talking About Right Now

Credit: Cardi B / YouTube

“I used to live in the P’s / Now it’s a crib with a gate.”

Reality TV star-turned-rapper Cardi B is making a name for herself through hard work and being true to herself. It’s no secret that misogyny is prevalent in the rap community. In fact, rapper and record label empresario Rick Ross recently said he can’t sign women to record deals because he would end up “f-cking the female rapper.” So it isn’t too surprising that Cardi B decided to forge her own path into the industry.

Her latest song, “Bodak Yellow,” has been blowing up lately and people are here for it. On “Bodak Yellow,” Cardi B boasts about pulling herself up and making a name for herself in the rap industry: “Look, I don’t dance now / I make money moves / Say I don’t gotta dance / I make money move.” The music video accompanying the song was posted to YouTube on June 24 and is already nearing 19 million views.

In the video, you see Cardi B in several different settings: lounging on the steps of a mansion with a cheetah, riding a camel in the desert and sitting at a VIP booth at a club with $100 bills raining around her. Apparently, that’s how you let all the haters know that you’ve come up.

On the iTunes chart, “Bodak Yellow” just passed “Despacito” and that’s kind of a big deal.

Number 4 my lucky number …THANK YOU EVERYBODY I LOOOVEEESSSSS YALL ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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“Despacito” has been on everyone’s minds and even broke the global streaming record, racking up around 4.6 billion streams.

People are so loving Cardi B’s song that some are already considering it one of the songs of the year.

The beat is pretty sick. Even if you don’t like rap, something about this song just draws you in.

Cardi is even being hailed as the female rapper of the moment.

Ooof. You better hope Nicki doesn’t see this. We don’t need another 2015 VMA moment.

It is literal poetry to so many ears.

Mind. Blown.

Some people have reported that the song makes their bodies do strange things.

Damn. This song must be lit to cause all of that.

It is *unofficially* being named the NYC anthem of the summer.

Seems legit.

This song is literally making people speechless and that is a beautiful thing.

You better werk, Cardi B!

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Here’s The Video For Romeo Santos’ ‘Imitadora,’ Which Just Overtook ‘Despacito’ On The Billboard Latino Airplay Chart


Here’s The Video For Romeo Santos’ ‘Imitadora,’ Which Just Overtook ‘Despacito’ On The Billboard Latino Airplay Chart

Credit: RomeoSantosVEVO / Youtube

Bachata heartthrob and former Aventura frontman, Romeo Santos, dropped a music video recently for the first single off his new album, “Golden.” The song, “Imitadora,” has that “poon-toon-tin poon-toon-tin” bachata sound with a cool, suspenseful synthesizer throughout, giving a new feel to a classic vibe. The suspenseful sound matches well with the FBI-style interrogation that Santos is doing throughout the video with a woman we’re supposed to assume is the ‘Imitadora’ from the song’s title.

In a Rolling Stone article out this week, Santos spoke about how seriously he takes his acting, even if he can’t always dedicate all his time to it.

I’ve always loved acting, and I do respect the craft. I don’t want to be that guy que se inclina [that leans to it] because of my status as a musician. It takes a lot of practice and discipline, just like I’ve done it in the music business. If I don’t have anything going on with music, then I would like to do that, but right now I’m so focused on todo lo que hago musical [everything that I do musically]. I’ll tell you a story, at one point I was going to do a project in acting with Will and Jada [Pinkett Smith], which I know hit the media. And when I heard six or seven months, I was like, “Oh, my God, I would love to, but I got fans to feed.” I didn’t know how much of my time and work was needed. I did say that I would do it, but that it wasn’t the moment.

The project Santos is referring to with Will and Jada Pinkett Smith was a short-lived idea for a comedy pilot for ABC from back in 2011. Because of his dedication to his music, he couldn’t imagine being on a project that long. Also, can you imagine a comedy with Santos doing a sexy whisper the whole time? So nasty!

“Golden” was released on Santos’ birthday, July 21st, and in one week, “Imitadora” has taken the top spot over “Despacito” on the Billboard Latin Airplay chart.

Credit: Billboard Latin Airplay

And the music video for the song has over 20 million views in its first week. Although the song is moving up and overtaking ‘Despacito’ in terms of Latin Airplay, Santos says he’s still excited that “Despacito” has done as well as it has. On the song’s phenomenal success, Santos told Rolling Stone, “The Number One song in the world is a reggaetón called ‘Despacito’ and that’s beautiful.”

Yes it is, Romeo. Yes it is.

[H/T] Rollingstone

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