Can We Guess If You’re More Of A Banda, Salsa, Or Bachata Dancer?

Whether you’re at the club or at a quinceañera, there are always a couple songs that you loooove to dance to. As soon as you hear the tune, you get up and hit the dance floor. I bet we can guess what type of music you’re into more: Banda, Salsa, or Bachata. Take the quiz and let’s find out!

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Every Latino Needs To Hear Marc Anthony's Acceptance Speech Calling For Latino Unity


Every Latino Needs To Hear Marc Anthony’s Acceptance Speech Calling For Latino Unity

Premio Lo Nuestro / Facebook

Marc Anthony totally came through for ALL Latinos during Premio Lo Nuestro. While accepting his award for Male Tropical Artist of the Year, the Puerto Rican musician called for Latinos to fight those who are against us. Check it.

He started quiet and shy, as if trying to gather his thoughts.

Credit: Premio Lo Nuestro / Facebook

And the whole arena was like uh-huh.

He pointed out that it doesn’t matter what country you or your family comes from…

Credit: Premio Lo Nuestro / Facebook

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…because once we are here in the U.S., we are all put together into one category.

Credit: Premio Lo Nuestro / Facebook

People are attacking us because we are Latino and there is no difference between us to them.

Credit: Premio Lo Nuestro / Facebook

Which means it is important that ALL Latinos come together to fight against the racist rhetoric that is trying to drive us into a corner.

“But like I say, as long as we take care of each other, I feel Peruvian. I feel Colombian, because in this country, I am Latino!”

Credit: Premio Lo Nuestro / Facebook


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Watch Marc Anthony’s full speech below!

Marc Anthony“En este país soy latino” – Marc Anthony Después de estas palabras de Marc, no hay mucho que decir ¿de acuerdo?

Posted by Premio lo Nuestro on Thursday, February 18, 2016

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