Camilizers Shared Their #GloUpWithCamila Pics And They Are Priceless

We all met Camila Cabello when she was a baby faced 15-year-old auditioning for “The X Factor.” Since that first audition, we knew she was presidente of Dorksville, and wasn’t afraid to show it. Six years later and Camilizers all grew up alongside the now 21-year-old, chart topping Cabello.

The OG stanners inspired a #GloUpWithCamila hashtag that has us all tearing up. Here’s the best of the best.

1. Mira ese bebé.

@omg_anali / Twitter

She even dressed up as Cabello in the “Work from Home” video in her first picture. How adorable can somebody be?

2. Though fans loved using the hashtag to show Cabello’s glo up.

@inspiredkarla / Twitter

Good thing Cabello knows how to take a joke. Otherwise, this could be very uncomfortable.

3. Cabello is owning all of it because of course she is.

@Roxannebb2 / Twitter

Not only does she get in on the jokes, she shows that not a lot has changed.

4. For Camilizers, meeting Cabello has changed everything.

@ninanguyen97 / Twitter

Cabello’s music has matured and evolved along with us, and it truly feels like we’ve all grown up together.

5. Plus, it’s extra cute to see baby Cabello.

@jtmcabello / Twitter

In a very cute red beret. Very 2012.

6. Even cooler is seeing fans grow up.

@SuerzanitoIL / Twitter

We all used to cry to our mami’s begging them to take us to Cabello concerts. Fortunately, some of us really get to make those dreams come true.

7. Meanwhile, some fans are having serious FOMO.

@camilaaBanana97 / Twitter

Like, how are people just always around Cabello? How is this a thing? How can I become one of these people?

8. Others have made creative solutions.

@mullingarniall1 / Twitter

Look, it’s me. Yes my skin was pink and my hair was orange, but it makes my glo up so much better.

9. “I saw you doing weird and cute things.”

@KamiTwiceMila / Twitter

An eyewitness account of what we all suspect to be very, very true: Cabello is the Dork of all dorks.

10. Mostly fans are talking about how Camila has inspired them.

@milasbowbox / Twitter

Seeing someone own their full selves and love themselves is confidence-inspiring. Cabello has grown up, sure, but the fame hasn’t changed her.

11. It seems like Cabello is always excited to meet a fan.

@dinahmilika / Twitter

Like how does she look flawless in all these pictures? Teach me your cat-eye.

12. We’re “real life adults now.”

@realistcabello / Twitter

UGH. It’s the worst, but even awko taco Cabellois the best.

13. Algunos Camilizers posted a glo up anyway.

@lwthehealing / Twitter

Because you don’t have to meet Cabello to be changed by her. Some transformations aren’t even physical. They’re the best kind.

14. “Without her I wouldn’t be alive”

@gravityagrande / Twitter

Bottom line: Cabello is inspiring young women to love themselves and be the best versions of themselves. We’re here for that.

15. I’m obsessed with this fan’s glo up.

@KarlaCabelloAgu / Twitter

I had no idea that the prayer hands and friendship bracelets survived the 90’s into the 2010’s.

16. Of course, feeling affirmed by your favorite artist is the icing on that rainbow torta.

@flyforcamila / Twitter

ICYMI, Cuba is not the most accepting place for it’s LGBT community. It’s downright dangerous to live there as an openly queer Cubanx.

17. While most of us probably don’t have the resources to see Cabello not just once, but twice…

@fearlesskrissy / Twitter


read: I’m not fine. Tengo todo el celoso.

18. It is pretty cute to see the love in these pics.

@avaxcabello / Twitter

Mira esas muñeca lindas!!! I’m screaming.

19. For now, this is most of our glo up’s.


There’s not much to see here, but Cabello’s effects are intangible, como el espirtú santo. Thank you, Camila, for breathing life into all of us.

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An Old Video Of To TV Hosts Debating Whether The Moon Is A Planet Or A Star Has Twitter Twisted

Things That Matter

An Old Video Of To TV Hosts Debating Whether The Moon Is A Planet Or A Star Has Twitter Twisted

To be a star or a planet? That is the question.

Or at least, it was The Question that made heads roll a few years ago and has begun to do again thanks to a revival of an old video.

Six years ago, in 2015 a QVC segment went viral after designer Isaac Mizrahi and his co-host Shawn Killinger got into a heated debate about whether the moon was a star or a planet. Little did they know that the moon, well, it’s actually just a moon.

Now, six years later, the old segment is making waves again.

Mizrahi and Killinger started the strange debate in a clip that is surfacing again on Twitter.

The clip starts out with Killinger holding up a shirt made of green, white, and blue colors before declaring, “This is what we call emerald, but really it’s more of a seafoam.” She then goes onto point out that “it almost kinda looks like what the earth looks like when you’re a bazillion miles away from the planet moon.”

Then in the familiar way that we’ve all done after realizing we might have made a mistake, Shawn mutters the phrase again, contemplating. “The planet moon.”

Not picking up on her hesitations, Isaac agrees “The planet moon.” Copping to her mistake, Shawn asks “Isn’t the moon a star?”

“The moon is a planet, darling,” Isaac replies before pulling his co-host into a sixty-two-second-long debate in which Isaac insists the moon is a planet. “The moon is such a planet I can’t even stand it,” he even declares at one point. In reaction, Shawn attempts to support her argument by going through the planets in our solar system. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get very far and names Earth, Uranus, Saturn, and “the one with the rings.”

This is when Shawn then comes to the conclusion that the Sun is a star too but Isaac quickly replies that “We don’t know what the sun is” meaning that “us” as in the whole world doesn’t know.

The whole thing is only resolved once someone off-camera confirms what most of us all already know, the moon is not a star, a planet, but a natural satellite.

Much to Shawn and Isaac’s chagrin of course.

“A natural satellite? What’s that mean? I don’t like that at all,” Shawn asks suspiciously. “A natural satellite,” Isaac replies, adding. “But things live on it. That means it’s a planet.”

Fortunately, the hosts move on with the show to sell their shirts, but fans on Twitter have yet to forget.

Someone even animated the entire sequence.

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Ted Cruz and Seth Rogen Are Currently In the Twitter Feud to End All Twitter Feuds

Things That Matter

Ted Cruz and Seth Rogen Are Currently In the Twitter Feud to End All Twitter Feuds

Photos via Getty Images

You may be familiar with the actor Seth Rogen, the burly comedian who has starred in hit films like “Knocked Up” and “Neighbors”. Well, it appears that Rogen is about the only person in the world who is able to get under Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s skin.

Since last Wednesday, the two Canadians have been embattled in an expletive-filled, eyebrow-raising Twitter feud.

It all started when Ted Cruz tweeted a criticism of the brand new Biden administration, saying because President Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, he’s “more interested in the views of the citizens of Paris than in the jobs of the citizens of Pittsburgh”.

To which Seth Rogen eloquently responded: “F–k off you fascist.”

Normally, bigtime lawmakers ignore the public criticisms of celebrities, but this time, Senator Cruz couldn’t help but take the bait. He screenshotted Rogen’s response and commented about it on his Twitter account.

“Charming, civil, educated response,” Sen. Cruz said. “If you’re a rich, angry Hollywood celebrity, today’s Dems are the party for you. If you’re blue-collar, if you’re a union member, if you work in energy or manufacturing…not so much.”

At this point, Rogen took the time to respond: “If you’re a white supremacist fascist who doesn’t find it offensive when someone calls your wife ugly, Ted Cruz is the exact motherfucker for you.” He then added later: “Also I’m in four unions.”

And the debacle just got more intense from there. Cruz responded by calling Rogen a “moron” and saying that the Democratic party believes in the government power to “shut your business, to oppress your faith & to censor your speech.” And added: “Anyone who disagrees, they try to cancel.”

The plot got even thicker, with Rogen doubling down on his claims, this time calling Sen. Cruz a “fascist piece of s–t” with the topper: “Your lies got people killed. You have blood on your hands.”

And in the most bizarre turn of events, the so-called feud (a label that Rogen takes exception to) took an odd detour when the two men began to argue about…Disney’s “Fantasia”?

In an unrelated tweet, Cruz told his Twitter followers that the first film he saw in theatres was “Fantasia”, to which Rogen responded: “Everyone who made that film would hate you.” (Okay, you had to have laughed a little bit, right??)

Ever the one to get the last word in (and apparently having nothing better to do than argue with an actor on the internet?), Sen. Cruz tweeted out: “They’re all dead. So I think we’re good. And Walt Disney was a Republican. Even though you behave online like a Marxist with Tourette’s (screaming “F U! F U!” is really, really clever), your movies are typically pretty funny. I’m sure you hate that I enjoy them.”

To which Rogen revealed that he actually does, indeed, have a mild form of Tourette’s syndrome that just causes twitching, not swearing (plot twist?)

He also chastised Cruz for making light of the syndrome that afflicts many people–including people in Rogen’s family.

And of course, a public Twitter spat wouldn’t be a public Twitter spat without other bloodthirsty spectators jumping into the fray.

Like failed Pennsylvania congressional candidate Dean Browning, who tried to burn Rogen by asking why a “Canadian is so deeply obsessed with American men like @TedCruz”. The “obvious explanation” being that “#SethRogenLovesTedCruz”. Because homophobic jokes are so clever.

Seth Rogen took this as the perfect opportunity to educate Mr. Browning on the little-known birthplace of Senator Cruz. He tweeted: “Ted Cruz is Canadian you stupid f–k.” Well said.

To read the entire, sprawling Twitter exchange, head over to Seth Rogen’s Twitter account. You won’t be disappointed.

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