Camilizers Shared Their #GloUpWithCamila Pics And They Are Priceless

We all met Camila Cabello when she was a baby faced 15-year-old auditioning for “The X Factor.” Since that first audition, we knew she was presidente of Dorksville, and wasn’t afraid to show it. Six years later and Camilizers all grew up alongside the now 21-year-old, chart topping Cabello.

The OG stanners inspired a #GloUpWithCamila hashtag that has us all tearing up. Here’s the best of the best.

1. Mira ese bebé.

CREDIT: @omg_anali / Twitter

She even dressed up as Cabello in the “Work from Home” video in her first picture. How adorable can somebody be?

2. Though fans loved using the hashtag to show Cabello’s glo up.

CREDIT: @inspiredkarla / Twitter

Good thing Cabello knows how to take a joke. Otherwise, this could be very uncomfortable.

3. Cabello is owning all of it because of course she is.

CREDIT: @Roxannebb2 / Twitter

Not only does she get in on the jokes, she shows that not a lot has changed.

4. For Camilizers, meeting Cabello has changed everything.

CREDIT: @ninanguyen97 / Twitter

Cabello’s music has matured and evolved along with us, and it truly feels like we’ve all grown up together.

5. Plus, it’s extra cute to see baby Cabello.

CREDIT: @jtmcabello / Twitter

In a very cute red beret. Very 2012.

6. Even cooler is seeing fans grow up.

CREDIT: @SuerzanitoIL / Twitter

We all used to cry to our mami’s begging them to take us to Cabello concerts. Fortunately, some of us really get to make those dreams come true.

7. Meanwhile, some fans are having serious FOMO.

CREDIT: @camilaaBanana97 / Twitter

Like, how are people just always around Cabello? How is this a thing? How can I become one of these people?

8. Others have made creative solutions.

CREDIT: @mullingarniall1 / Twitter

Look, it’s me. Yes my skin was pink and my hair was orange, but it makes my glo up so much better.

9. “I saw you doing weird and cute things.”

CREDIT: @KamiTwiceMila / Twitter

An eyewitness account of what we all suspect to be very, very true: Cabello is the Dork of all dorks.

10. Mostly fans are talking about how Camila has inspired them.

CREDIT: @milasbowbox / Twitter

Seeing someone own their full selves and love themselves is confidence-inspiring. Cabello has grown up, sure, but the fame hasn’t changed her.

11. It seems like Cabello is always excited to meet a fan.

CREDIT: @dinahmilika / Twitter

Like how does she look flawless in all these pictures? Teach me your cat-eye.

12. We’re “real life adults now.”

CREDIT: @realistcabello / Twitter

UGH. It’s the worst, but even awko taco Cabellois the best.

13. Algunos Camilizers posted a glo up anyway.

CREDIT: @lwthehealing / Twitter

Because you don’t have to meet Cabello to be changed by her. Some transformations aren’t even physical. They’re the best kind.

14. “Without her I wouldn’t be alive”

CREDIT: @gravityagrande / Twitter

Bottom line: Cabello is inspiring young women to love themselves and be the best versions of themselves. We’re here for that.

15. I’m obsessed with this fan’s glo up.

CREDIT: @KarlaCabelloAgu / Twitter

I had no idea that the prayer hands and friendship bracelets survived the 90’s into the 2010’s.

16. Of course, feeling affirmed by your favorite artist is the icing on that rainbow torta.

CREDIT: @flyforcamila / Twitter

ICYMI, Cuba is not the most accepting place for it’s LGBT community. It’s downright dangerous to live there as an openly queer Cubanx.

17. While most of us probably don’t have the resources to see Cabello not just once, but twice…

CREDIT: @fearlesskrissy / Twitter


read: I’m not fine. Tengo todo el celoso.

18. It is pretty cute to see the love in these pics.

CREDIT: @avaxcabello / Twitter

Mira esas muñeca lindas!!! I’m screaming.

19. For now, this is most of our glo up’s.


There’s not much to see here, but Cabello’s effects are intangible, como el espirtú santo. Thank you, Camila, for breathing life into all of us.

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Twitter’s AIs Prefer Ted Cruz With Boobs And White Skin Over Black

Things That Matter

Twitter’s AIs Prefer Ted Cruz With Boobs And White Skin Over Black

Ever notice how on some social platforms like Twitter or Instagram that you yourself are mysteriously unable to crop your display images on your own? That’s because Twitter prefers to let their algorithms make the decision. Over the weekend users on Twitter discovered the surprising dangers of letting algorithms crop your own images.

Education tech researcher Colin Madland drew attention to the issue while speaking out about how the video-calling program Zoom, often crops the head out of his black person coworker while on calls.

It didn’t take long for Madland and other users to discover that Twitter’s AIs use discriminatory equations to prioritize certain faces as well. In short, the social platform’s AIs prefer white faces over Black ones.

In response to the discoveries, a Twitter spokesperson acknowledged that the company was looking into the issue “Our team did test for bias before shipping the model and did not find evidence of racial or gender bias in our testing. But it’s clear from these examples that we’ve got more analysis to do. We’re looking into this and will continue to share what we learn and what actions we take,” they stated.

Of course, Madland’s discovery is nothing new. In 2019, test results from the National Institute of Standards and Technology revealed that some of the strongest algorithms online were much more likely to confuse the faces of Black women than those of white women, or Black or white men. “The NIST test challenged algorithms to verify that two photos showed the same face, similar to how a border agent would check passports,” Wired points out. “At sensitivity settings where Idemia’s algorithms falsely matched different white women’s faces at a rate of one in 10,000, it falsely matched black women’s faces about once in 1,000—10 times more frequently. A one in 10,000 false match rate is often used to evaluate facial recognition systems.”

Still, it didn’t take long for users on the platform to ask what other physical preferences Twitter has.

Turns out the AIs prefer Ted Cruz with large anime breasts over a normal-looking Ted Cruz.

(To better understand this Tweet, click the link above)

The user who tested the image of Cruz, found that Twitter’s algorithm on the back end selected what part of the picture it would showcase in the preview and ultimately chose both images of Cruz with a large anime chest.

It’s nothing new that Twitter has its massive problems.

For a platform that so controls and oversees so much of what we consume and how we now operate, it’s scary to know how Twitter chooses to display people with different skin tones. The round of jokes and Twitter experiments by users has only revived concerns on how “learning” computer algorithms fuel real-world biases like racism and sexism.

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Cardi B And Sister Sued Over Video Claiming To Show ‘Racist MAGA Supporters’


Cardi B And Sister Sued Over Video Claiming To Show ‘Racist MAGA Supporters’

iamcardib / Instagram / @iamcardib / Twitter

Cardi B and her sister are being sued for defamation of character after a viral video taken by Hennessy Carolina Almánzar. The video shows two men, one wearing a MAGA hat, and one woman telling Hennessy to move her car, which is parked on the beach.

Earlier this month, Cardi B shared a video taken by her sister showing a confrontation over where a car was parked.

Cardi B, who is notorious for having widely broadcast Twitter feuds with people, posted the video in response to a tweet from Candace Owens. Owens is a controversial conservative figure whose brand is all about shock and awe. Owens famously said she thinks it would be okay if “Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well.”

Immediately, there was skepticism about the incident since the video starts during the confrontation.

Responding to nay-sayers, Cardi B shared a video of her sisters voice messages sent to her IG DMs. Hennessy claims in the messages that the white men were the aggressors against her and her girlfriend while they were on the beach.

The videos did not convince some people that her sister wasn’t in the wrong.

Cardi B’s tweet is filled with responses questioning the video and denying its authenticity. The argument immediately turned political because of the mention of Trump and Trump supporters. The conversation on Twitter is divided among people who believe Cardi B and her sister and those who don’t.

Now, Cardi B and Hennessy are being sued by the beachgoers in the video.

“These peaceful Suffolk County residents were quietly enjoying a Sunday at the Smith Point beach with their families, when rap celebrity Hennessy Carolina suddenly approached them, raging, spitting, insulting, assaulting, defaming and threatening them, all the while videotaping them because one of them wore a MAGA hat,” beachgoers’ Miller Place attorney John Ray said, according to ABC7NYC.

The lawsuit claims defamation of character because of the language used in the video against them.

According to Billboard, plaintiffs Peter Caliendo, Pauline Caliendo, and Manuel Alarcon claim that they had approached Hennessy and her girlfriend, Michelle Diaz, blocked them in with how she parked her car. The lawsuit states that the men asked for Diaz to move her car and that’s when Hennessy started to record the video and hurl names and insults at them.

This story is developing and mitú will be updating as the story unfolds.

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