These Touching Camila Lyrics Will Make You Weep In Emotional Spanish

The music industry is full of rocky paths, and for a band to subsist for more than a decade is no easy task. The Mexican band Camila was founded in 2005 by Mario Domm, Pablo Hurtado and the musician known as Samo, who left in 2013. Camila is known for its deep and powerful lyrics about love and loss, which has led them to collaborate with the crème de la crème of Spanish-language and Anglo pop music, including Colbie Caillat, Kenny G, Alejandro Sanz, Alejandra Guzman, Reyli, Chambao, Aleks Syntek and more recently the Mexican duo Sin Bandera. 

Behind Camila’s success is a profound love for music. Mario Domm plays multiple instruments such as drums, piano, guitar, and bass, and is known for being super energetic onstage. Pablo Hurtado has played the piano since he was five years old, and like many great rockstars (think Keith Richards!) has experimented with genres like jazz and blues, which are pretty much the forefathers of rock. 

Behind the complex soundscapes that Camila produces there is a dark but enjoyable artistic sensibility that nos pone la piel chinita. Here’s some of their most intense lyrics. 

1. “Llévate los restos de abril
Llévate los besos que jamás te di.
Los segundos de mi reloj,
y este corazón roto en dos”
From: the song “Restos de Abril” in the album Dejarte de amar (2010)
The perfect medicine for: un corazón roto 

Credit: camilamx / Instagram

Camila’s frontmen can sure write out of romantic spite… and this song shows it! 

2. “Llegas cuando estoy a punto de olvidarte
Busca tu camino en otra parte
Mientras busco el tiempo que perdí
Hoy estoy mejor sin ti”
From: the song “Mientes” in the album Dejarte de amar (2010)
The perfect medicine for: being strong and finally let someone go

Credit: camilamx / Instagram

This song is as much about self-care as it is about being very, very ardido about not being chosen by someone. 

3. “sentí que el amor murió
yo sólo fui un error
y aunque muero por volver, me voy”
From: the song “Me voy” in the album Dejarte de amar (2010)
The perfect medicine for: finally accepting that he/she was just not into you

Credit: camilamx / Instagram

There comes a time in any person’s life when life just tells you to pack up your things and go, and Camilia knows it. 

4. “Tú, coleccionista de canciones
dame razones para vivir
tú la dueña de mis sueños
quédate en ellos y hazme sentir
y así en tu misterio poder descubrir
el sentimiento eterno”
From: the song “Coleccionista de canciones” in the album Todo cambió (2006)
The perfect medicine for: thinking about your muse

Credit: camilamx / Instagram

Every songwriter needs a muse, and this song is an ode to those who bring inspiration. 

5. “No me importa donde estás
con quien sales, con quien vas ya me da igual
si no quieres verme más
hazte a un lado
pero ya no me dañes más”
From: the song “Me da igual” in the album Todo cambió (2006)
The perfect medicine for: breaking someone’s spell over you

Credit: camilamx / Instagram

This song is as sad as it gets: what do you deal with being in love with someone you know will only bring tribulation and pain? 

6. “No había más que decir
Había llegado el fin
Hacia dos años ya
Que no me la encontraba

Estaba aprendiendo como vivir
Ya de ti me olvidaba cuando te vi.
Con la mirada desesperada”
From: the song “Perderte de nuevo” in the album Todo cambió (2006)
The perfect medicine for: when you unexpectedly bump into your ex, ay no!

Credit: camilamx / Instagram

For someone who is just getting over a lost love, the worst case scenario is bumping into that person. This song is all about that dreaded moment in which you see that face that you have imagined for endless nights. 

7. “Si la verdad te ofende
Si te digo lo que siento y lo que mi alma no se atreve
Es porque te quiero que te quiero hablar de frente
Prefiero hoy herirte y no lo que hacen todos
From: the song “Te confieso” (2019)
The perfect medicine for: being honest

Credit: camilamx / Instagram

This song exists because there is a moment when there is no more time for dancing around the facts: if you don’t really love someone, then say it as hurtful as it can be. 

8. “Me envenenaste el silencio
Se fue mi aire detrás de ti
Me arrebataste hasta el suelo
Tiraste y me rompí”
From: the song “Decidiste dejarme” in the album Elypse (2014)
The perfect medicine for: dealing with the anger that sometimes comes after a heartbreak

Credit: camilamx / Instagram

This song is ideal for that moment of self-pity in which you know someone te tiene de un ala. When the song is over, however, pick yourself together and para adelante

9. “Llegas para anhelar
Una misma dirección
Dos gotas de lluvia
Que cambian el mismo cielo”
From: the song “De Venus” from the album Elypse (2014)
The perfect medicine for: enjoying falling in love

Credit: camilamx / Instagram

Sometimes love does happen, so when the miracle presents itself just close your eyes and embrace it. 

10. “Antes que pase más tiempo contigo, amor
Tengo que decir que eres el amor de mi vida
Antes que te ame más, escucha por favor
Déjame decir que todo te di
Y no hay cómo explicar pero menos dudar
Simplemente así lo sentí, cuando te vi”
From: the song “Todo cambió” in the album Todo cambió (2006)
The perfect medicine for: agarrar el valor to say what you feel

You never know what will happen in a relationship, so if you think someone is el amor de tu vida, then spell it out bravely and truthfully! 

11. “Adicto al dolor,
Tu exceso de frío y de calor,
Me están destruyendo,
Me estás convirtiendo,
En algo que yo no soy.
No vuelvo a sentir,
Despiertas la peor versión de mi,
Me miento y me juro,
Me enfermo y me curo,
Que obscuro mi amor por ti.
Por ti.”
From: the song “Adicto al dolor” in the album Elypse (2014)
The perfect medicine for: dealing with the realization that you just can’t get over someone

Credit: camilamx / Instagram

The line that separates love and obsession is thin, and this song deals with how infatuation can lead us down a dark path. 

12. “Deje mi país
Mis pasos y mi gente
Quise seguirte y amarte
Y muy tarde entendí
Que para conocerte
Faltan vidas”
From: the song “Lágrimas” in the album Elypse (2014)
The perfect medicine for: being homesick and in love, the perfect emotionak storm

Credit: camilamx / Instagram

Being a migrant is an experience shared by millions around the world, and in this song homesickness is equalled to romantic love. They are both full of longing and nostalgia. 

13. “Con los ojos cerrados te seguí
Si yo busque dolor lo conseguí
No eres la persona que pensé
Que creí y que perdí”
From: the song “Mientes” in the album Dejarte de amar (2010)
The perfect medicine for: when the person you fall for is not who you think they were

Credit: camilamx / Instagram

Do you fall in love with a person or with the idea of a person? Sometimes the two don’t match! 

14. “Sabe amarga la verdad
O el invierno en la cuidad
Que sin ti se cubre de hielo
Yo he venido por aquí
Alguien te arranco de mí
O talvez soñaba despierto
Dices que este amor fue un momento
Un beso que no existió
Mientras tú me olvidas
Yo intento
Prenderme a tu corazón”
From: the song “Nada” in the album Dejarte de amar (2010)
The perfect medicine for: good old-fashioned decepción romántica

Credit: camilamx / Instagram

Once things are over you become a ghost in the other person’s past, and vice versa. Duele, pero es verdad

15. “Llévate tu piel y el dolor,
Llévate tu nombre lejos de mi voz
Déjame el silencio que aquí,
cada historia me habla de ti”
From: the song “Restos de abril” in the album Dejarte de amar (2010)
The perfect medicine for: telling someone to just leave you alone and take their pain away

Credit: 1510152848569. Digital image. Sipse. com

Another great line from “Restos de abril”. How to forget someone if that person just won’t let you go? This is a plea for some peace and quite in the midst of a romantic hurricane.

If you want to get emotional with Sin Bandera and Camila in Las Vegas this Cinco de Mayo, click this link here to purchase your tickets!

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K-Pop Stans Take Over #WhiteLivesMatter To Derail Racist Social Media Protest


K-Pop Stans Take Over #WhiteLivesMatter To Derail Racist Social Media Protest

Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

K-Pop is both one of the most popular and most polarizing music created. It has made a global impact with fandoms everywhere. However, sometimes you just can’t get on Twitter without seeing the videos of K-Pop flooding popular hashtags and discussions. The latest K-Pop Twitter takeover was something everyone could get behind.

K-Pop completely shut down a social media party of #WhiteLivesMatter.

Black Lives Matter protests have cropped up around the world and they don’t show any sign of slowing down. They continue to grow in size and the protest has gone international with protesters fighting for American Black lives. In response, some people tried to make #WhiteLivesMatter a thing on Twitter but K Pop fans shut it down quickly.

K-Pop stans really came through in an unexpected yet obvious way.

K-Pop stans are a force to be reckoned with. They are loud and large in numbers and when they want to be seen and heard on Twitter nothing can stop them. They are very engaged on social media and they came out to show solidarity with Black Lives Matter. Imagine wanting to go to #WhiteLivesMatter to legitimately see something and then seeing K Pop everywhere.

There was some choice speculation about the reaction of #WhiteLivesMatter supporters watching their hashtag get derailed.

Alt-right Twitter users have been using this tactic for years attempting to derail all progressive and unifying social media movements. The sudden reversal in the dynamics of social media manipulation is something we should all be celebrating thanks to the fast-acting K Pop fans.

Not only did K-Pop fans take over the hashtag, Twitter even classified its ranking within K Pop.

That’s what you call success. #WhiteLivesMatter was stunted in its original mission of trying to lessen the Black Lives Matter protests demanding racial justice. There has long been a group of people trying to take attention away from Black Lives Matter under a cloak of caring for all people. Some have even claimed that it was racist to say Black Lives Matter because it somehow minimizes other lives.

Black Lives Matter is not trying to say other lives do not matter. What it means is that Black lives are under attack and they need to matter to society. There is a crisis of unarmed Black people being killed by police for no reason and it has to stop. It is a crisis that has needed attention for years and the death of George Floyd coupled with COVID-19 has catapulted it into the forefront of the American consciousness.

Even people who don’t listen to K-Pop got in on the fun.

Honestly, it is a remarkable thing to see. Twitter users coming together for a common goal of silencing what was being called a racist mobilization on Twitter.

People loved to see it all happen.

Anything that can bring people together is something we should celebrate. The world is fighting to protect the lives of one community that has been over-policed and disproportionately attacked by police. The movement has grown to now include more people both online and offline.

Maybe it is the isolation, but people are very grateful for this moment in social media history.

Black Lives Matter organizers are giving it everything they have. They are fighting to keep people organized in the fight against racial injustice at the hands of police officers. It seems they have support and backup from all sides.

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Mexico Plans To Reopen Cancun To International Tourists But It’s Not At All Prepared For Visitors

Things That Matter

Mexico Plans To Reopen Cancun To International Tourists But It’s Not At All Prepared For Visitors

Omgitsjustintime/ Instagram

There are millions of people just itching for a vacation right now, and Cancun wants to welcome visitors with open arms. However, there’s a huge problem with their plan. Most of the country is still in a severe phase of the pandemic – with all 32 states reporting daily increases in confirmed Covid-19 cases.

In cities such as Guadalajara and Mexico City, even locals aren’t allowed to venture far from their homes and restrictions on shopping, dining, and exercising are still in full force.

However, the country’s president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), has resumed his cross-country travels and is trying to portray a ‘new normal’ – the problem is little has changed to prevent further outbreaks.

Cancun is aiming to open its doors to tourists from June 10 – but it makes zero sense given the actual situation on the ground.

Quintana Roo, home to the famed beaches of Cancun and Tulum, will resume activities next week – according to the governor, Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez. The state, which depends heavily on tourism, has lost over 83,000 jobs in the last few months due to the pandemic, and with reopening the state could see an economic rebound. However, that entirely depends on the success and implementation of safety measures.

In a press conference, the governor said that tourists could start arriving in the Caribbean destination as soon as June 8th. He added that tourism is an essential activity and that there is no other of greater importance in Quintana Roo “and we are going to fight for it to be considered that way.”

He stressed during the public address that for the opening to happen by June 10th, protocols and hygiene measures must be followed to protect workers and tourists from Covid-19.

And he has good reason to reopen. According to a new survey by Expedia, ‘Cancun flights’ is one of the top 5 searches on the platform. In the same survey, Playa del Carmen, Cancun and Isla Mujeres (all located in Quintana Roo) were announced as three of the most internationally sought after destinations.

Meanwhile, AMLO has launched a cross-country tour touting the lifting of Coronavirus restrictions.

Credit: Rebecca Blackwell / Getty

President AMLO also held his daily press conference from the state of Quintana Roo to mark the beginning of Mexico’s economic reopening and resume his tours across the country.

But this too makes zero sense. Yes, the government has mandated that states can begin lifting restrictions – if they’re no longer declared ‘red zones.’ However, every state in the country is still in the red, with many seeing peak infection numbers.

It’s just the most recent example of confusing messaging from the president.

Credit: thatgaygringo / Instagram

While AMLO is eager to get the country reopened and put Mexicans back to work, Coronavirus cases continue to rise across the country. Mexico has now recorded the seventh-highest number of Covid-19 deaths in the world, according to the Johns Hopkins tracker, with nearly 10,000 virus-related fatalities and almost 100,000 confirmed cases. Testing in the country is low and health officials acknowledge that the numbers are likely much higher.

The federal government unveiled a red-light/green-light system to implement reopening procedures state by state. But currently every state is still in ‘red-light’ phase – meaning stay-at-home orders are still in full effect – making AMLO’s messaging extremely confusing.

Time and time again, the president has downplayed the virus outbreak and has criticized stay-at-home orders for harming the economy.

Keep in mind, however, that non-essential travel between the U.S. and Mexico is still largely banned.

Since March, all non-essential travel has been banned between the U.S. and Mexico. However, that ban is currently set to expire on June 22. It’s possible both sides could extend the travel ban, but given AMLO’s rhetoric it isn’t likely he’ll keep the country closed to tourists for much longer.

However, it’s important to point that out even if you technically can travel – right now you really shouldn’t. In much of Mexico, confirmed Covid-19 cases are on the rise with many cities across the country just now entering it’s worst phase.