Camila Cabello Explains How She Deals With The Anxiety She Feels On Her First Solo Tour

“I have so much to go, but I’ve come so far already.”

Camila Cabello had a very public split from girl group Fifth Harmony last December and fans have been waiting for her to finally strike out on her own. Cabello is currently on tour and from the looks her new docu-series, things are going just fine. In episode one, Cabello talks candidly about the anxiety that she felt when taking the stage. “I remember the first show I was so intimidated, like I was so scared,” Cabello says in the video. “There was like a switch I think in the second or third show where I was like, ‘Wait a second. These people aren’t judging me. They’re there to have a good time.'”

The rest of the tour diary shows Cabello getting ready for a show. She gets her makeup done, warms up on the guitar and pumps herself up with her crew and her little sister. Cabello points out that she’s finally at a point where she’s comfortable in her own skin. “When I was younger, I was kinda scared of everything. I feel like now, I’m genuinely just, like, myself.”

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Dave Grohl Thought He Discovered A New Rhythm But Someone Reminded Him Reggaeton Did It First


Dave Grohl Thought He Discovered A New Rhythm But Someone Reminded Him Reggaeton Did It First

Culto/ Facebook

El día que Foo Fighters "descubrió" el reggaetón.

El día que Foo Fighters "descubrió" el reggaetón.

Posted by Culto on Monday, September 25, 2017

Credit: Culto/ Facebook

“I thought I just discovered the coolest drum beat in the world… all of a sudden I realize every Justin Bieber song has it…”

It’s always interesting when someone “discovers” something about your culture that you’ve known about damn well all your life. If it’s not a chopped cheese sandwich, mofongitos or even the entire concept of NYC bodegas, it’s our music. Well, this interview with Foo Fighters frontman and ex-Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl reveals that he happened to stumble upon reggaeton when working on the Foo Fighters song “Run.”

According to the interview above, he thought following his high-energy guitar riff with a quick drum beat created a cool sound that he’d never heard before. A music producer pointed out, “Oh, you’ve brought us a Reggaeton beat,” to which he replied, “What’s reggaeton?”

Then Grohl exclaimed, “Every fuckin’ Justin Beiber song has it… I was like, ‘Oh no.'” Although I shook my head to that, it’s not entirely wrong, as The Beibs has indeed co-opted the sound time and time again. Seems like a theme here…

Here’s the song below. The “reggaeton” beat starts around one minute mark:

Credit: Foo Fighters / YouTube

I doubt anyone’s going to get a perreo in while jamming to this at the club. Not exactly “Despacito,” but I hear it. Good luck un-hearing it.

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