Cafe Tacvba Still Performed In Cancun Just 48 Hours After Being Attacked And Robbed On A Highway In Mexico

Mexican rock band Café Tacvba was robbed of its instruments, consoles, and gear on last Thursday morning on a highway in Mexico. According to reports, the robbery left two of their crew members “brutally beaten” as the group was on route to a show in Cancun, Mexico. The robbery took place in a section of a highway connecting the cities of Puebla and Veracruz, which had been plagued by robberies and assaults on cargo trucks.

Café Tacvba took to social media to let fans know about the robbery.

Credit: @cafetacvba / Twitter

According to a press release released on their Twitter, unidentified assailants left two crew members “brutally beaten and kidnapped for a while.”

“Our instruments and equipment, indispensable for any Café Tacvba show, were STOLEN,” the group said. The unidentified assailants stole the group’s equipment truck that would later be found emptied of its content, abandoned on the side of the highway.

The violent attack occurred as the Mexican government announced earlier this month that they will be focusing on preventing similar attacks. The protection of key interstate highways, which have experienced regular robberies, will be one of the main priorities of a newly formed national guard.

The group is working with local authorities to recover some of the stolen gear.

Credit: @NPR / Twitter

While there is no update on the status of the stolen gear, the group is currently working with local authorities. Mexico has seen its share of violent crime in recent years that has been fueled by violent drug cartels and political corruption.

Fans of the group took to social media to show support after news broke about the robbery.

Credit: @timoteogringo / Twitter

The Grammy-award winning group, which formed three decades ago, is widely beloved for their fusion of rock with traditional Mexican folk music.
They are also one of Mexico’s most well-known and successful rock bands. The band has enjoyed significant success in the United States with their unique and exciting sound.

The outpour of support for the music group has caught the attention of fellow musicians.

Credit: @julietav / Twitter

“Let’s help our friends of @cafetacvba recover their instruments,” singer/songwriter Julieta Venegas tweeted to her followers.

Despite the attack, the duo still performed their Saturday show in Cancun. That is true testament to the groups devotion for their fans despite having to deal with a terrible ordeal less that 48 hours earlier.

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A Video On Social Media Has Everyone Assuming That Bad Bunny Is Now Engaged


A Video On Social Media Has Everyone Assuming That Bad Bunny Is Now Engaged

gabrielaberlingeri / Instagram

Social media is a great way to spread your news. It seems like Bad Bunny might secretly be trying to spread some special news. A video on his girlfriend’s Instagram has everyone speculating that the Puerto Rican artist is now engaged.

It’s amazing how one video can send people into a series of tailspins.

View this post on Instagram

mi canción favorita y me la quitan 🥺 #vivaelperreo

A post shared by 787 (@gabrielaberlingeri) on

It seems like a woman innocently sipping a smoothie and enjoying her day. However, if you look closely, you will see that the young woman is actually wearing a ring on an important finger.

The news is spreading fast all over social media.

Nothing has been confirmed but social media works as good as a small-town rumor mill. As soon as one person sees it, everyone has to know about it. Like, it can never just be a little secret for people hold among themselves. Twitter is the land of snap reactions and unfounded claims.

The rumor has already started breaking hearts across the internet.

Honestly, the best part about celebrities is believing that you can one day be their boo. Now, with this cryptic video, it is clear that Bad Bunny’s heart is being permanently taken away from us.

Some folks are just mad.

Like, calm down. It is literally not a big deal because of the likelihood of finding and marrying a celebrity is pretty low. Hollywood has spent too much time trying to get us to believe that that was so possible.

Some people are happy for the young woman finding happiness.

Nothing wrong with celebrating someone who is winning at life. If you were engaged to Bad Bunny, you’d be happy too.

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A University Is Releasing A Historic Mexican Cookbook Filled With Recipes You’d Want To Try


A University Is Releasing A Historic Mexican Cookbook Filled With Recipes You’d Want To Try


The University of Texas San Antonio is bringing the history of Mexico into our kitchens. The university is releasing cookbooks that are collections of historic Mexican recipes. Right now, the desserts book is out and online for free. Main dishes and appetizers/drinks are coming soon.

You can now taste historic Mexico thanks to the University of Texas San Antonio.

UTSA has had an ongoing project of preserving, collecting, and digitizing cookbooks from throughout Mexico’s history. Some books date back to the 1700s and offer a look into Mexico’s culinary arts and its evolution.

UTSA has been digitizing Mexican cookbooks for years and the work is now being collected for people in the time of Covid.

Millions of us are still at home and projects like these can be very exciting and exactly what you need. The recipes are a way to distract yourself from the current reality.

“The e-pubs allow home cooks to use the recipes as inspiration in their own kitchens,” Dean Hendrix, the dean of UTSA Libraries, said in UTSA Today. “Our hope is that many more people will not only have access to these wonderful recipes but also interact with them and experience the rich culture and history contained in the collection.”

The free downloads are a way for people to get a very in-depth look into Mexican food history.

The first of three volumes of the cookbooks focuses on desserts so you can learn how to make churros, chestnut flan, buñelos, and rice pudding. What better way to spend your quarantine than learning how to make some of these yummy desserts. We all love sweets, right?

If you want to get better with making your favorite desserts, check out this cookbook and make it happen.

There is nothing better than diving into your history and using food as your guide. Food is so intrinsically engrained in our DNAs and identities. We love the foods and sweets from our childhood because they hold a clue as to who we are and where we come from. This historical collection of recipes throughout history is the perfect way to make that happen.

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