Watch Bruno Mars Get Down In This Acoustic Guitar Version Of “That’s What I Like”

These vocals are everything. ?

Recently on the “Charlie Rose Show,” Bruno Mars performed an acoustic remix of his song “That’s What I Like.” With the help of two other singers and a lunch table, Bruno Mars took it back to the days when kids at school would sing (or rap) together during lunch time. Even though the setting was so simple — “The Charlie Rose Show” isn’t known for bombastic musical performances — their execution was beyond smooth. Looks like you can put Bruno Mars anywhere and he’ll still put on a fun show.

Bruno Mars then sat down with Charlie Rose to talk about all of the work and inspiration that goes into his music, the ultimate goal being, “You gotta hear me smiling.”


Bruno Mars explained to Rose that his goal with every performance is to turn it into a party. With such a busy tour schedule, performing at concerts night after night, Mars says he writes songs that he’s “genuinely [going to] have fun performing.” Bruno Mars recalls how much fun he would have dancing at school functions and family barbecues and that’s the exact feeling he wants to bring back with his music. “I think about those songs and it makes me feel like, ‘Man, it was fun to dance, it was cool to smile on the dance floor with a girl.'” Mars says that nostalgia is what helped create his latest album, “24K Magic”: “When you hear this, you gotta hear me smiling.”

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After Giving Ellen's Producer A Salsa Lesson Gina Rodriguez Was Awarded 10k For Puerto Rican Hurricane Relief


After Giving Ellen’s Producer A Salsa Lesson Gina Rodriguez Was Awarded 10k For Puerto Rican Hurricane Relief

Credit: TheEllenShow/ YouTube

Gina Rodriguez appeared on “The Ellen Show” this week and danced salsa to raise money for breast cancer research and Hurricane Maria relief in Puerto Rico. It’s right in line with what Ellen has been doing on her show lately: donating to causes that her guests feel very strongly about. Ellen also donated money to Hurricane Maria relief when Ricky Martin visited on the show.

Rodriguez was backstage before the show practicing her moves.

When money is on the line for a good cause, you have to be ready. Get it, Gina! ????

Rodriguez salsa danced her way into raising funds for two incredible causes.

Rodriguez has been especially vocal on social media about Hurricane Maria Relief in Puerto Rico. She also appeared on a song with Lin-Manuel Miranda and many other artists to help bring aid to the devastated island.

Rodriguez raised more money by teaching Ellen’s executive producer, Andy Lassner, how to dance salsa.

Credit: TheEllenShow/ YouTube

Rodriguez is a patient salsa teacher, because this guy’s got two left feet. But hey, it’s all in good fun if you’re raising money for a good cause. Wepa!

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