The 20 Best World Cup Fan Fashion Looks So Far

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The World Cup is full of soccer fans showcasing their team colors with jerseys and flags. But that is rookie level when it comes to repping your squad’s colors. These fans are taking FIFA World Cup fever to the max with some of their unique costumes and accessories.

1. Ready to Roar for Colombia

CREDIT: Instagram/@fifaworldcup

This Colombia fan has the eye (and polarized sunglasses) of the tiger and wants his country to win! Just in case the other team isn’t intimidated by his tiger face paint, he also has his feathered headdress adorned with Colombia’s colors and a 🐯 headpiece.

2. Iceland Incognito

Is it just us or does the Albiceleste fan on the right look *a little* like Messi? Maybe if Messi rubbed his hair on a balloon? Either way, what we can see is that these fans had a blast during the Argentina vs Iceland match.

3. Incan Warrior

CREDIT: Instagram/@fifa.news.wc.2018

This fan was featured as the ‘fan of the day’ for good reason. He brought the spirit of the mighty Incan empire on game day with his golden headpiece and necklace. Now the team just needs to find that fighting spirit themselves!

4. Costa Rican Couture

CREDIT: gabch11 / Instagram

This Peruvian fan captured the sentiment of the #RivalHug hashtag perfectly by captioning her ‘gram, “I want to make millions of friends.” It looks like she made a quadruplet of amigas with these fans from Costa Rica, sporting their country’s traditional clothing of golas (colorful skirts) and white ruffled blouses.

5. She’s Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Daa

Argentina may have gotten a 1-1 draw against Iceland, but we think this Argentina fan gets a score of 10 for her fashion choice. It is not easy to pull off blue lipstick, but this AFA fan nailed the look.

6. Got Vuvuzela?

Ohhh the vuvuzela. World Cup fans have a love/hate relationship with it, but these Brazil fans brought it back to style. Who needs a photobooth at the stadium when you have a Panini sticker-inspired cutout of Pedro Henrique? So 💯.

7. Los Tres Amigos

We’ve seen mexico fans on-screen dressed as Aztecs, mariachis, Mexican wrestlers, but this is unique. A little caballito, a parrot wearing a Mexico jersey and a GIANT sombrero? What is not to love?

8. Picture-Perfect for Panama

9. Sounds in Honor of the Seleção

We are loving all of the touches of emerald these fans wore to support Seleção. From the woman wearing those knee-high boots and Brazailian flag shirt to the batuqueiro drum with a World Cup wrap, these fans came to slay.

10. Ready to Conquer

This Mexican fan showed off all of the colors that make up El Tri with his Aztec headdress. Check out those large feathers that don’t even fit in the frame!

11. Amaz(on)ing

CREDIT: elenkapopova / Instagram

This fan dressed as a warrior straight out of the Amazon is going hard for Brazil. From the facepaint to the flag tied around his waist, he is ready to cheer for the Verde-Amarela.

12. Chavo del Ocho Cuties

Mexico got double the good vibes coming from this couple, who were dressed as Mexican television icons, El Chavo del Ocho and La Chilindrina.

13. Uniquely Uruguayan

How to be a soccer fan 101: wear a stovepipe hat featuring your team colors and proudly wave a scarf embroidered with your squad’s name. This fan believes Uruguay’s soccer fate is so bright, flag-themed shades are needed. 😎

14. Serape Squad

These Mexico fans were ready to mucha lucha during the game against Germany. If you don’t have your country’s flag waving in the wind during a match, then the next best thing is to have your serapes flowing.

15. Colombian Curls

CREDIT: fifaworldcup / Instagram

If you don’t know who this Colombia fan is trying to channel, then we’re not sure if you can call yourself a soccer fan. These are the unmistakable curls of Carlos “El Pibe” Valderrama, one of the heroes of Colombia’s golden age of soccer.

16. Kicking it with KIN

In case you aren’t liking every post from @miseleccionmx, we would like to introduce you to KIN, the official mascot of the Mexican national team. He is a hit in Russia.

17. Los Cafeteros from Colombia

These Colombian hinchas were decked out in the tricolors of Los Cafeteros for Colombia’s first group match game. The whole family is wearing the traditional sombrero vueltiao with a soccer twist to it, training pants and even yellow shoes the Colombian Football Federation would be proud of.

18. Aficionados for Argentina

This is a more subdued take compared to some of the fans at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, but these fans bleed their country’s color just the same. You’re doing amazing, sweeties.

19. Playing for Panama

CREDIT: apolikarpova / Instagram

Forget those Panama hats with the #basic black band. These hats are s-t-y-l-i-n-g. Where can we get one?

20. Peruvian Pride

CREDIT: AbelFilms / Instagram

Embroidered denim jackets? So last year? This year at the World Cup it’s all about embroidered hats.

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