These 23 Artists Totally Slayed Their Spanish-Language Debuts

Musical artists are always chameleons of sorts, whether it’s coming out with a new dance move or trying to sing in a different language, they’re always keeping us on our toes to see what they’ll think up next. Here are some artists you might not have known who have sung in Spanish!

1. Beyoncé

Queen B is basically our top pick to be an honorary Latina, and she has graced us with her vocals in Spanish multiple times. She recently sang “Mi Gente” with J Balvin to raise money for charity, but Bey has been bringing it in Spanish since she first sang “Irreemplazable” (Irreplaceable).

2. Demi Lovato

We currently can’t help listening to Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovato kill it on “Échame La Culpa,” a song she can add to her list of crossover hits and performances. She also recently released a Spanish version of “Tell Me You Love Me” on Spotify.

3. Drake

It was “God’s Plan” that Drake joined bachata king Romeo Santos on his song “Odio.” The Internet freaked out when we all heard Drake singing that first line of “Celo sus besos sobre tu cuerpo.” ? ? ?

4. Nicki Minaj

Romeo Santos knows who to team up with to help them brush up on their Spanish skills! Nicki lent her rapping skills for a bilingual mashup on the track “Animales,” rapping lyrics like ‘Romeo It’s me yo, the CEO Dame beso, yo necesito.’

5. Johnny Cash

The Man in Black’s classic “Ring of Fire” was translated into “Fuego d’Amor” and his rendition is the epitome of #YouTried. His Spanish is so poor, it’s hard to decipher what he’s singing. Sorry Johnny.

6. Kendrick Lamar

Don’t play SchoolBoy Q’s “Collard Greens” in front of your abuela because Kendrick’s half verse in Spanish is explicit. Think of it as Kendrick rapping all the Spanish curse words he grew up hearing around his hometown of Compton.

7. Fifth Harmony

Back when Fifth Harmony included five members, the group not only released songs, but a whole album in Spanish, titled Juntos. They were out there doing the most in the best way.

8. Camila Cabello

Speaking of Fifth Harmony, next on our list is Camila Cabello. The Cuban-born singer partnered up alongside Pitbull and J Balvin in “Hey Mama” and recorded the music video for the sultry song on a pastel-lined street in her homeland.

9. Zendaya

CREDIT: Instagram/@Zendaya

Romeo Santos isn’t the only bachata crooner inviting pop artists to collaborate with him in Spanish. Prince Royce partnered up with Zendaya for the song “X” and she sounds flawless. Someone clearly passed high school Spanish. 

10. Celine Dion


All hail one of pop’s royalty. Celine Dion used her incredible pipes while singing in Spanish on “Aun Existe Amor” and she sounded absolutely angelic.

11. Nelly Furtado

Free bird Nelly Furtado sang with Juanes on “Fotografía” and it gives us the feels every time we listen to it. Furtado also added some shiny Latin Grammy hardware to her trophy case by winning a Latin Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Album for her Spanish album Mi Plan.

12. Andrea Bocelli

The masterful singer Andrea Bocelli released a Spanish album titled Amor en Portofino back in 2013 with songs including “Besame Mucho” and “Nuestro Encuentro.” You can now play this as the soundtrack to your Catalina Wine Mixer trip.

13. Bruno Mars

It’s not often we get to hear Bruno Mars sing in Spanish, but when he does, it is magic. He sang a special rendition of “Just the Way You Are” during a telecast for hurricane relief to help Puerto Rico. Can we have him hop in the studio and record a version of that whole song in Spanish, please?

14. Alicia Keys

If you were dancing at the discotecas in Spain around 2009/2010, you def remember hearing Alicia Keys’ small sliver of Spanish in the song “Looking for Paradise.”

15. Beck

Beck is far from a loser when it comes to being a bilingual rocker. He sang a few lines in Spanish for “Loser” ‘Soy un perdedor,’ and took it up a notch by translating his song “Jack-Ass” into “Burro,” complete with mariachis. It makes you want to play it on your portable speaker while drinking a margarita in Acapulco.  

16. Sublime

Sublime may have not practiced Santeria, but something the band did do was sing in Spanish on the track “Chica Me Tipo.” The lyrics were actually pretty legit for singing in Spanish.

17. Nek

Back in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, a wave of Italian artists began dominating the Spanish-language radio airwaves. One of the songs that was played on repeat on Spanish radio stations was “Laura no està” by Nek.

18. Laura Pausini

Laura Pausini has enjoyed so much success in Latin America, especially in Mexico, that it’s easy to forget that she was born and started her career in Italy. One of her hits that has stood the test of time is “Entre tú y mil mares.” Her accent is indistinguishable—she sounds like a native!

19. Black Eyed Peas

Around the time of the 2016 election, the Black Eyed Peas released a Spanish remix of their hit 2003 song “Where is the Love?” The song, titled “Dónde Está El Amor?”  featured prominent Latino artists including Chiquis Rivera and Luis Coronel in an effort for people to get out and vote.

20. Josh Groban

Josh Groban has a whole host of songs in Spanish, including tracks “Si Volvieras a Mi” and “Alejate.”

21. Connie Francis

If you are scratching your head wondering who Connie Francis is, that’s OK. She was a pop vocalist in the ‘50s and ‘60s who sang “Muchas Gracias (Danke Schoen)” and her accent in was really good—we must say.

22. Manu Chao

We like it when French-Spanish singer Manu Chao sings in Spanish in the chill hit,  “Me Gustas Tú.” He has tracks in Spanish as well as in French, English, Italian, Arabic, Catalan, Galician and Portuguese. Eight times impressed!

23. Justin Bieber

We had to round out this list with an artist who caused as much controversy as buzz for singing on a track. Will the Biebs be dropping any other tracks in Spanish after “Despacito”? Guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

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