WATCH: ‘American Idol’ Contestant Brandon Diaz Dedicates His Audition To His Cuban, Immigrant Father

“I’m auditioning today because…it’s really for my dad.”

“American Idol” has returned with it’s first week of auditions and among the first round of contestants was 21-year-old Brandon Diaz. The aspiring singer hails from Ashburn, Virginia and is currently a student at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. When asked about his reason for auditioning, Diaz gave all of the credit to his father, who immigrated from Cuba to the United States at three years old.

“He’s an incredible vocalist. He’s taught me everything I know. He’s always searched for the American dream and he’s always pushed me [to do the same],” Diaz expressed after stepping into the audition room.

Diaz’s song of choice for the audition was “Unaware” by Allen Stone, which he nailed and blew the judges away. In particular, judge Lionel Richie was veryy impressed by Diaz’s falsetto. Katy Perry even commented that she thinks “he’s the best male singer we’ve seen so far and I think he’s top ten.”

The only judge who had a critique was Luke Bryan, who thought Diaz had gone too high on one of the notes during his audition. Honestly, if that’s the worst critique from the audition, you must be doing something right.

However, viewers across the internet disagreed with Luke Bryan’s comment.


Altogether, the “American Idol” judges decided to send Diaz home with a golden ticket, which wins him a trip to Hollywood and a chance to further compete in the show.

Only one Latino has won “American Idol” so far and that was Scotty McCreery in 2011. Could Diaz be next?

For the full version of Diaz singing “Unaware” by Allen Stone, check out the video clip below:

To stay updated on Diaz’s journey, check out the next episode of “American Idol” which airs every Sunday and Monday at 8pm.

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These Latino Contestants Stole The Show, And Audience Hearts, When They Competed On ‘American Idol’


These Latino Contestants Stole The Show, And Audience Hearts, When They Competed On ‘American Idol’

davidarchie / Instagram

“American Idol” has gone through a few transformation since it first hit TV screens with Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson. Many celebrities have lent their skills to the judges’ panel and many contestants have become stars on their own. One thing that hasn’t changed, Latino excellence on the show. Here are 19 Latinos who we still think about even years after their season because they are just so good.

Here’s How Upset Some ‘American Idol’ Fans Are That A Drag Queen Made The Top Ten


Here’s How Upset Some ‘American Idol’ Fans Are That A Drag Queen Made The Top Ten

“I think we do know talent when we see it.”

American Idol contestant Ada Vox had the audience chanting her name over the roof top after slaying her performance of Jennifer Holliday’s “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.” The loud applauses and the judge’s standing ovation left Vox emotionally overwhelmed. Although Vox wasn’t one of the top contestants to be chosen through America’s votes, the judges overruled the voting outcome to put Vox in the top ten.

Katy Perry took off her earrings and said, “I think we do know talent when we see it.”

It was then the judges collectively made the executive decision to send Vox to the top ten, making her the first ever drag queen to make it to “American Idol’s” top ten. In response, several “American Idol” fans had mixed emotions about this decision.

Some were particularly bothered about Vox’s stage identity as a drag queen.

However, those types of hateful comments were shut down quickly.

Yes, yes, and yes. ? There’s no one version or definition of who an American idol is or should be.

Also brought to the top ten by the judges was contestant Michelle Sussett.

Rather than performing a cover of a song, Sussett performed an original song of hers called “I’m a Dreamer.” In both Spanish and English, Sussett sang her heart out, delivering lyrics that resonated very much with DREAMers across America. One of these impactful lyrics being, “I’m just like you, I just want something better. It doesn’t matter where you come from.”

Similar to Vox’s case, it wasn’t America’s votes that took Sussett to the top ten, rather the judge’s collective decision. This makes Sussett the first ever Venezuelan to make it to “American Idol’s” top ten.

Some “American Idol” fans disagreed with the judge’s decision.

Others, on the other hand, recognized Sussett’s hard work.

Stay tuned for the next episode of “American Idol” on Sunday, April 29th to follow Vox and Sussett’s journey and make sure to vote for your favorite contestants here.

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