WATCH: Amara La Negra Keeps It Real About What She Looks For In A Romantic Partner

“Love and Hip Hop: Miami” star, Amara La Negra, recently made an appearance on “The Real” to talk about her ideal man when it comes to dating. Right off the bat, Amara makes it clear that she wouldn’t let her mom be in charge of setting her up on a date, however, she says that she does trust the hostesses of “The Real” to find her a man.

Hostesses Adrienne Houghton, Jeannie Mai, Loni Love and Tamera Mowry-Housley go through a series of questions in order to get an idea of the type of man Amara is into. In response to these questions, Amara reveals seven of the must-have qualities every man she dates must have.

1. She prefers a man with a tummy.

CREDIT: Get A Life / FOX

Even though Amara has nothing against a man with six-pack abs, she thinks it’s far more cute when he has a chunky tummy.

2. It doesn’t matter what type of profession he has, as long as he’s smart.


What she wants is to be able to have woke, intellectual conversations with the man. Don’t we all. ?

3. He needs to have a *big* personality.


Since Amara has a big personality of her own, she needs a man who’s personality is on the same level. “You can’t be all dry,” she said on the show.

4. He has to prove his love for her.


For Amara, it’s important to feel reassured about how someone feels about her and about how valuable she is to that person.

5. Her mom has to like him.


It’s as simple as that. If her mom doesn’t like the guy, then it’s over. Imagine trying to bring a guy around when your parents don’t like your boyfriend.

6. She won’t date someone who smacks their mouth while they chew.


This is the biggest deal breaker for Amara and, tbh, should be the biggest deal breaker for society. #ChewWithAClosedMouth

7. Last but not least, the person she dates needs to have a nice booty.?


She doesn’t require a bubble butt or a super in shape and big booty. Amara is happy with just a little share to a man’s backside.

What do you look for in a romantic partner?

For the full episode on Amara’s matchmaking, check out the two video clips below:

How do you get on this show?!

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These 25 Photos Prove That Jennifer Lopez Is The Product Placement Queen


These 25 Photos Prove That Jennifer Lopez Is The Product Placement Queen

JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most recognizable faces, names, and voices in the music business. She has been slaying in the studio since she walked off the set of “Selena” and she has made a lot of money doing it. One of the best ways for musicians to make money is by having products all throughout the music video. It isn’t like they get paid to make the music video. These things cost a lot of money so anything that can make money is likely going to make the cut. Here are 25 instances when Jennifer Lopez proved to be the product placement queen.

1. Body Lab

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

The health and fitness brand is created by women, for women. JLo is more than just a housewife fixing a shake with the product in the music video, she is also part of the Body Lab family.

2. Degree Deodorant

CREDIT: WisinYYandelVEVO / YouTube

JLo spends so much of her time in music videos dancing and running. There’s no wonder she would promote a deodorant. There’s no doubt that this is how she keeps herself smelling fresh.

3. Lavazza Coffee

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

How else will this woman stay awake and engaged in her projects? JLo seems to never have any down time between her shows and music.

4. Remy Martin

CREDIT: WisinYYandelVEVO / YouTube

Nothing like getting the party started on the right foot. This Remy Martin cameo is just a taste of the pool party culture that JLo is known to give.


CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

She can’t even walk down the street without a product placement making an appearance. Can’t the woman just have a leisurely stroll in peace?

6. Versace

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

JLo is so powerful that even when she is in someone else’s music videos they too get hit with product placements. Prince Royce did stand a chance.

7. Xtava

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

JLo starts her “Ain’t Your Mama” video stuck in the rain. As a reporter about to get on the air, she had to dry off. Thankfully a Xtava hair dryer was ready to go.

8. Nokia

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

We spend so much time on out phones so, of course, JLo would too. It was super casual the way she happened to get the front of her phone on camera.

9. Blackberry

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

Someone as important as JLo is destined to have more than one mobile device.That’s exactly what you notice if you watch her music videos.

10. Sprint Guy

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

When a product is too easy, always go for a person. That’s what “Ni Tú Ni Yo” taught us. How dope would it be to have the “Can You Hear Me Now” guy at your party.

11. Ice Watch

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

If this looks kind of familiar, you aren’t wrong. The photo of JLo and her Nokia is literally just half a second after she checks her Ice Watch in “Live It Up” with Pitbull.

12. Swarovski Sunglasses

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

Any of the Swaovski sunglasses will easily set up back $100. It’s not that that’s a lot of money, I am just surprised JLo doesn’t show off her better sunglasses.

13. Peuterey Raincoat

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

It is always nice to have your raincoat when you get caught in a rainstorm. It’s even better when you don’t pay for it and it happens to be a $500 raincoat.

14. BMW

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

Getting dropped off in style is one of JLo’s many talents. How else do you expect her to get to the club on time to oversee her minions.

15. Blackberry (Again)

CREDIT: WisinYYandelVEVO / YouTube

She sure does love to show Blackberry some love. While most of the country forgot that Blackberry exists, JLo definitely has a soft spot for the electronic device.

16. Sprint (iPhone)

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

What is it with JLo and her constant rotation of different phones? Also, how is the company Sprint calling JLo and why does she have their number and a photo saved?

17. Hennessy

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

Living the high life is something that JLo knows all about. Of course she and all of her friends are going to be celebrating with bottles of Hennessy.

18. Friendable

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

You thought this was fake, didn’t you? Well, you’d be wrong. This app does exist and it is a way for people to meet other people or groups of people in a strictly platonic setting.

19. Fiat

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

The music vide for “Papi” is basically just one long Fiat commercial. Seriously. How many other music videos have you seen where the artist spends the entire time behind the wheel of a car showing off how great the car maneuvers?

20. Beats

CREDIT: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

This might be the first music related product placement we have come across yet. How did it take so long? We may never know.

21. Bravo Floor Cleaner

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

The jury is still out on whether or not this one even exists. It was a floor cleaner that many people used in the ’70s.

22. Beluga Vodka

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

JLo might give other alcohols love and attention but Beluga is her favorite. Just watch her music videos and you will see the different lines of Beluga vodka.

23. Crown Royal Black

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

See. She does give other bottles of booze attention and love. This is also probably the most obvious product placement made by the pop star.

24. Planet Love Match

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

You know, because not everyone uses Plenty of Fish or Tinder. For those people, JLo is using her star power to move them to Planet Love Match.

25. Swarovski Earrings

CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

If there is one thing we know about JLo is that she loves Swarovski. She uses thousands of their crystals in her Vegas show from the props to her own outfits.

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