The 17 Best Alba Villanueva Moments That Are Abuela AF

In our culture, abuelas are the true rulers of the house, the family and our traditions.

And there’s no doubt that Alba Villanueva from “Jane the Virgin” is our favorite abuela on television. Throughout this series, abuela Alba drops some real wisdom (or abuela complaints) we can all relate to. Here are her best moments.

1. Alba teaching young Jane that her virginity is like a flower.

Alba Villanueva

This **iconic** moment is the opening scene of “Jane the Virgin” and the defining moment for adult Jane’s celibacy and relationships. That is, until she gets accidentally artificially inseminated and begins to question everything.

2. She’s the family’s moral support (and compass).


While Alba Villanueva can be religious and devout to a fault (whose abuela isn’t?), she also shares the wisdom from her own life experiences. Like this time when she confessed to Jane that she told her mom to have an abortion, but Jane had become the “best part of [her] life”.

3. She has a lot of opinions.


And we love her for it. She will support Jane and Xiomara until the moment they’re over someone and then she’ll word vomit all the ways they might have been wrong for them.

4. And all the wisdom that keeps families afloat.


When Michael died and Jane was widowed so young, Alba shared her experience of being a young widow. Meanwhile, the world watching got chills for the generational strength of the Villanueva family.

5. Alba also has her moments of spontaneity.


Like this time she suddenly decided to join Jane and Xiomara’s road trip, and then was immediately backseat driving.

6. Like the time she spontaneously ran out of a marriage proposal.


Alba had been widowed for 30 years before she got back in the dating scene, and she was waiting for marriage to have sex again. That thought sent her running!

7. While this is the only episode she’s that abuela…


I mean, we can all relate to someone yelling at you, which inevitably leads you to swerve, them to panic, and you to want to scream. You know what I’m talking about.

8. We’ve felt that feeling of frustration mixed with adoration and respect many, many times.


Pobrecita, Alba. We love you so much, but the anxiety to get places not on Latino time is real.

9. This was Alba’s online dating profile post-breakup:


LOL. Y’know, we’re tossing kudos her way for even undertaking the task of creating an online dating profile, and laughing at how rigid it is.

10. But she’s not too rigid to go to a sex shop with her granddaughter.


After confessing to Jane that she turned down the marriage proposal because she was afraid of being intimate again after 30 years on her own, Jane took action. And Alba’s face was priceless.

11. Better yet was her face-to-face with a latex suit.


Spoiler: Jane ends up buying her grandma some lube and a vibrator and slips it into her purse. When Alba dropped her purse in front of some children who asked her if that was a “vibrating hot dog”, she almost died of embarrassment.

12. But not before she took her new sex toy for a test run.


Moving past how bizarre it would be to buy this for your abuela, how cool is Alba that she’s able to overcome a lifetime of religious oppression and masturbate for the first time in 30 years?! You, go, Alba!

13. She never stops being the abuela you can go to in a pinch though.

CREDIT: @heygladys / Twitter

If you’re like me, and your abuelas are long gone, let Jane the Virgin raise you. I’m taking advice from this fictional TV character all the time, because she reminds me so much of my own abuelita. She is all our abuelas.

Caption: “Favorite abuela advice to this day @HereIsGina ?”

14. Alba has suffered immensely for her undocumented status.

CREDIT: CW / Jane the Virgin / @EITAK / Twitter

It was a weight on Xiomara growing up to never have an encounter with the police or her mother could be deported. When she was pushed down the stairs and almost died, she couldn’t even think about pressing charges for attempted murder because of her status and we wept with her.

15. Spoiler: Alba gets her green card!!

CREDIT: CW / Jane The Virgin / @DUH_LANIE / Twitter

While the 2016 Presidential campaign was scapegoating immigrants and undocumented workers in the U.S., Jane the Virgin was humanizing them. How could Alba deserve anything less after a lifetime of giving back to her community?

16. Let’s also never forget the time she went #TeamJafael.


Honestly, JTV, please leave #Jafael alone. Alba has always thought they were meant to be by God because his sperm accidentally ended up launching this whole, untraditional and beautiful family. I’m #TeamJafael for the abs.

17. Overall, there’s no question that Alba Villanueva is the backbone and hero of the family.


Alba Villanueva is the matriarch, and the guiding light for everything the Villanueva women do, and it’s all founded on their undying love and respect for her. #Same

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This 103-Year-Old Abuela Got Her First Tattoo After Starting A Bucket List During The Pandemic


This 103-Year-Old Abuela Got Her First Tattoo After Starting A Bucket List During The Pandemic

Joe Raedle / Getty

It’s easy to believe that as time goes by and the older that we get that we have fewer opportunities to pursue our dreams. A grandmother from Michigan is setting out to prove us all wrong.

Dorothy Pollack is a 103-year-old grandmother who has been spending her time in the pandemic crossing off her bucket list.

The grandmother, who recently celebrated her birthday in June, has been spending the past few months in isolation at a nursing home in Muskegon, Michigan. Just like the rest of us, for Pollack, it’s been a struggle.

“Covid-19 had her in prison for months,” Teresa Zavitz-Jones, Pollack’s granddaughter told CNN. “The nurse in the home said she was horribly depressed and we needed to get her out. We couldn’t see her so we had no idea how she really was. She’s extremely hard of hearing so phone calls were not helpful.”

Weeks after being discharged from her nursing home Pollack decided that she was going to get a tattoo.

“It was pretty exciting because years ago my grandson wanted me to get one and I wouldn’t do it,” Pollack told CNN. “All of a sudden, I decided I would like to have one. And if I could, a frog. Because I like frogs.”

Last Friday, Pollack sat down for a session with a local tattoo artist and got her frog. “She took it like a champ. I didn’t even see her wince. Maybe she had half a wince once,” Ray Reasoner Jr, the artist behind her tattoo told CNN. “She was just so excited. It was an amazing experience. If someone over a century old tells you to do something for them you just gotta do it.” Reasoner, who works at A.W.O.L. Custom Tattooing in Muskegon, noted that Pollack is the oldest person that he has ever tattooed.

Pollack told CNN that she “absolutely loved” loved her tattoo and has been further inspired to cross more items off of her bucket list.

Onto more adventures for this one!

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‘Jane The Virgin’ Is The Perfect Representation Of What Happens With Three Generations Of Moms Live Together

Things That Matter

‘Jane The Virgin’ Is The Perfect Representation Of What Happens With Three Generations Of Moms Live Together

Jane The Virgin / The CW

“Jane the Virgin” doesn’t just give us a telenovela where every mother is a grounded and developed character. It shows America what single latinidad motherhood looks like from birth to vieja-hood. From the wisdom of abuela Alba, to the free spirit of Xiomara and the diplomatic Jane, we see a taste of our own traditions and the evolving methods of Latina motherhood in different generations.

While you have probably never accidentally been artificially inseminated, you’ve definitely felt the same love shown by these tv mamas. They are always there for each other to lift each other up and make life as great as possible. Moms are just like that. Happy Mother’s Day. Even though we might be separated in quarantine, we can still give our moms a sweet memory on this day. Call her and tell her you love her.

We first meet the Villanueva women with their eyes glued to a telenovela, like most Latino families.

Jane the Virgin / The CW

No matter how old you are or how cheesy they are, telenovelas with your mom and abuela are moments we all cherish.

Legit, we have been snuggling with the most important women of our lives for some incredible telenovela drama since we were little kids.

Jane the Virgin / The CW

The Villanueva women even have a long-standing Mother’s Day tradition of binge-watching an entire telenovela series and that’s magical.

ICYMI, Jane was accidentally, artificially inseminated, which is not common.

Jane the Virgin / The CW

Like many of our families, Jane was taught that her virginity was sacred. Unfortunately, a mishap led to her pregnancy without sex. Luckily for Jane and us, Latino families are strong units and we all pitch in when we need to.

But with the help of her mom and abuela, she makes it work.

Jane the Virgin / The CW

They support her going back to grad school. You can bet your mom would babysit your kid while you went back to school, too. Jane’s parenting style is all about leading by example and staying rooted in her dreams pre-Mateo.

We can relate to mami y abuela being high key chismosas.

Jane the Virgin / The CW

Privacy? What privacy?! Even when Jane goes onto the porch to have a “private” conversation, there’s no escaping the curious eyes of the women in her house. If you are feeling triggered, you aren’t alone.

While all three Villanueva women live under the same roof, they have very different parenting styles. Alba is all about the tough love.

Jane the Virgin / The CW

Alba, like our abuelas, like to keep things old-school. Like, she raised your mom so she clearly knows how to raise a child. There isn’t anything wrong with her methods of raising a child. but some times you just have to do things yourself. Jane might not take all of her advice, but that’s just how the modern family unit works, right?

Xiomara, like our moms, lives like a mama bear ready to protect her child no matter what.

Jane the Virgin / The CW

How many times has your mother confronted someone who was making your life difficult? You might feel embarrassed that she is going ham on your teacher or boss, but it is all because she loves you. Let her go all Xo on them. She is only trying to make sure you are always happy.

Whenever there is a hard moment in anyone’s life, mom is always there to do what she can.

Jane the Virgin / The CW

You might have a serious illness or facing some kind of legal trouble and things seem hopeless. However, mom will do anything to make it a little bit better for you. We stick together, we pray together, and put faith in each other.

However you’re celebrating Mother’s Day, consider binge-watching “Jane the Virgin” with your own mom and abuela.

Now, go call your mother because she loves to hear from you.

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