Here Are 13 Beautiful Airbnb Homes For Everyone Who Is Ballin’ On A Budget

As an alternative to booking a hotel, more and more people are booking entire houses, apartments, lofts and penthouses with the hospitality service of Airbnb. Each home has its own special touch and unique features, which is what makes these 13 getaways in Latin America so exquisite. And to top it off, the following Airbnb homes are all under $100.

1. “Casa Santa Maria on the Macal”

Jim / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

For only $98 a night, this home is located in a town in Belize called Benque Viejo Del Carmen. The house has a total of five bedrooms with five beds and three bathrooms. This rainforest destination also includes a kitchen, wifi, washer and dryer. With a five star rating, this home is known for its peaceful location and beautiful jungle views.

2. “Exceptional Property Private Beach”

Anthony / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

This ocean view oasis is located in Governador Celso Ramos, Brazil. The home has its own private beach and includes four bedrooms with two and a half baths. You can book this Airbnb for a total of $62 per night.

3. “Stunning View, Magical Place!”

Marcus Vinícius / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

This two bedroom and two bath hideaway totals to $94 per night. Built on the edge of a cliff, this house gives you a beautiful view of the Chapada de Contagem.

4. “Pasajcap Peace”

Karsten (Castro) / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

Located in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala, this home is known for its peaceful views. The house lies between the two Mayan villages, San Marcos and Tzununa.

5. “Breathtaking Views – Cliffside Waterfront Retreat”

Erynne / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

This paradise is only accessible by boat. It is located in Santa Cruz La Laguna, Guatemala and gives you the breathtaking views of a lake and three volcanoes. Best of all, it’s marked at only $74 per night.

6. “Ocean & Mountain View, Beaches Pool Yoga”

Diana and Don / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

This two bedroom dream home is located in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic. For only $79 per night, this hilltop residence offers an amazing mountain view and also has a yoga studio.

7. “Private Oasis in Fun Beach Town”

Bo / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

This riverfront house is located in Tamanique, El Salvador. The private oasis is surrounded by nature and away from all of the bustle, but close enough to different shops and restaurants.

8. “Welcome to Your Retreat!”

Jim / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

This $98 haven is located in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The two-story home is known for it’s vibrant art and decorative furniture. It includes two bedrooms, two baths, and even has a garden.

9. “Cozy and Modern, Great Location” 

Carlos / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

This cozy studio is located in Bogota, Colombia, which you can book for $46 a night. The perk of this studio is that it is very close to all of the city’s restaurants, shops and night life venues.

10. “Patagonian-Style Cabin” 

Jeremias / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

The cost of this cabin is $21 per night. It is located in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. This chic and modern cabin comes with a view of the lake and is close enough to restaurants and shops.

11. “Historico y Luminoso Duplex Centro!” 

Carlos / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

This duplex is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina and can be booked for a total of $62 per night. Fun fact: The duplex was once owned by Bioy Casares and Silvina Ocampo – both famous Argentinian writers.

12. “Casa en la Habana. Casa Marina.”

Denisse / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

For only $53 per night, this house includes two bedrooms and two baths. It is located in Havana, Cuba.

13. “New Beautiful Ocean View and Spectacular Construction” 

Daniel / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

This beautiful home is located in Atenas, Costa Rica. The house is located on top of the mountains, which gives a beautiful panoramic view of the Valley of the Pacific. This five star place can be booked for a total of $44 per night.

Which Airbnb are you adding to your bucket list?  

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These Were The Moments That Defined Latin America In 2020 That Weren’t About COVID-19

Things That Matter

These Were The Moments That Defined Latin America In 2020 That Weren’t About COVID-19

2020 will easily go down in manny of our memories as the year that just wouldn’t stop. As the year started, it all seemed to be sort of fine as the world came together to battle record-breaking Australian bushfires and worked to hopefully contain an outbreak of a strange new virus in China.

However, as the year comes to a close things have gone de mal a peor for the world in general, but for the Latino population in the United States and Latin America as a region in particular. Though it’s hard to realize just how much we all witnessed and experienced since so much of what happened seems like it was a lifetime ago.

Here’s a look back at some the defining moments from 2020 across Latin America.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira kicked off the year hopeful with a history-making performance at the Super Bowl.

Yes, believe it or not, this happened in 2020. The pair put on what many have called the best half time show in Super Bowl history. They were also joined by J Balvin and Bad Bunny.

Bolivia’s Evo Morales was forced into exile, only to return to the country in November.

After being forced into exile at the end of 2019 for attempting to illegally run in upcoming presidential elections, Morales spent a year abroad – first in Mexico and then in Argentina.

Mexico’s President AMLO made his first trip abroad to visit Donald Trump at the White House.

Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is a staunch populist and has long said his primary focus is domestic policy within Mexico. Therefore, despite two years in office, AMLO hadn’t left Mexico once. So it came as a surprise when his first trip abroad was a visit to the U.S. leader who had long disparaged Mexico, the government, and Mexicans – not to mention his trip came in the middle of a global pandemic.

Migrant caravans continued to make their way towards the U.S. despite interference from Mexico and Covid-19.

Migrants attempting to make their way to the U.S. isn’t unique to 2020. For decades, migrants have long banded together for safety in numbers along the treacherous journey to the north. However, they became larger and better organized in 2020, perhaps owing to the new dangers of Mexican interference.

Mexico’s AMLO vowed to stop migrants from reaching the U.S.-Mexico border, adhering to Trump’s request. It was also noteworthy because the caravans continued despite the Covid-19 crisis, which has hit the region particularly hard.

Peru saw three presidents in the span of a few weeks after massive protests.

Peru is facing one of the greatest crises the nation has faced. Just as the country seemed to be emerging from the worst of its battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, the country has entered a severe political crisis.

The country’s elected president, Martin Vizcarra, was impeached and removed from office. His predecessor responded with a heavy hand to the protests that ensued resulting in his resignation less than 24 hours later. The government then had to find someone willing to take the job which proved to be a tough sell.

In fact, massive protests swept across Latin America.

From Mexico in the north to Cuba in the Caribbean and Chile in the south, protests were seen all across the region. Although each movement had it’s own stated goal and objectives, many were largely borne out of the same purpose: to fight back against corruption.

Brazil’s President Jaír Bolsonaro tested positive for Covid-19 but it did nothing to change his approach to the pandemic.

Jaír Bolsonaro has long been compared to Donald Trump, with many calling him the Donald Trump of South America. The two were also strongly aligned in their responses to the Coronavirus pandemic, with the pair largely downplaying the severity of the crisis.

Then, Bolsonaro became infected with the virus and many hoped it would change his view on the crisis. It didn’t.

A growing feminist movement developed in Mexico, demanding protection from a shocking rise in violence against women.

Mexico has long been battling endemic violence and the country has continued to see record-setting rates of homicides. But it was the growing rate of violence against women, particularly femicide, that gained national attention.

Women banded together and started large nationwide protests. Over the summer, women in the capital of Mexico City occupied government buildings and destroyed many of the city’s most popular monuments to hopefully get their message across. Although the movement has gained more recognition by Mexicans, the government has still failed to address their concerns. Let’s hope things are different in 2021.

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In A Post-Covid World, Here Is Where You All Said You Want To Travel


In A Post-Covid World, Here Is Where You All Said You Want To Travel

Covid put a stop to our travel plans for 2020. After almost a year in lockdown, we have had time to plan fantasy trips and explore the world. We asked you where you wanted to visit and here are some of the places you all can’t wait to see.


Argentina offers something for everyone. As on of the southernmost countries in the world, Argentina offers natural sights that will make nature lovers swoon. Into architecture? Cities like Mendoza offers a look at the art-deco style that will make you feel like you are back in time. Don’t forget to try to make a trip down to Ushuaia, the End of the World for a spectacular view.


Cuba is a tricky one but a beautiful place to see. The country is filled with old buildings and cars that make it feel like a time capsule. Now, the island is old because they are oppressed and don’t have much. But you can always find ways to make sure that you help people of the island instead of giving the money to government approved businesses.

Costa Rica

This is about as wild and wondrous as it gets. Costa Rica will give everyone a chance to really be one with nature. The Central American country is a rainforest oasis with nature everywhere you look. The country prides itself on how development is not encroaching on nature and has even outlawed zoos and aquariums.


Honduras is an underestimated place to visit. The food and people are warm and inviting. There has been some unrest in the country in recent years and a series of hurricanes has devastated the population. Tourism is a great way to bring money into a place the needs it. Just don’t take advantage of them while you are there.


Mexico is a country filled with wonders new and old. You can experience the ruins of some of the oldest civilizations and bask in the modernity of Mexico City. The food is as diverse and vibrant as the people with delicious moles in Oaxaca and experimental fusions in Mexico City. Valle de Guadalupe is home to some farm to table restaurants and exquisite wineries. It truly is a journey of the sense if you take time to see the country.


Colombia is one of South America’s gems. After years of internal conflict, the nation is growing and quickly becoming a destination. Bogotá and Medellín are great but make it a point to visit Cali. The city is one of the place everyone should visit if they make their way to Colombia.

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