Here Are 13 Beautiful Airbnb Homes For Everyone Who Is Ballin’ On A Budget

As an alternative to booking a hotel, more and more people are booking entire houses, apartments, lofts and penthouses with the hospitality service of Airbnb. Each home has its own special touch and unique features, which is what makes these 13 getaways in Latin America so exquisite. And to top it off, the following Airbnb homes are all under $100.

1. “Casa Santa Maria on the Macal”

CREDIT: Jim / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

For only $98 a night, this home is located in a town in Belize called Benque Viejo Del Carmen. The house has a total of five bedrooms with five beds and three bathrooms. This rainforest destination also includes a kitchen, wifi, washer and dryer. With a five star rating, this home is known for its peaceful location and beautiful jungle views.

2. “Exceptional Property Private Beach”

CREDIT: Anthony / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

This ocean view oasis is located in Governador Celso Ramos, Brazil. The home has its own private beach and includes four bedrooms with two and a half baths. You can book this Airbnb for a total of $62 per night.

3. “Stunning View, Magical Place!”

CREDIT: Marcus Vinícius / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

This two bedroom and two bath hideaway totals to $94 per night. Built on the edge of a cliff, this house gives you a beautiful view of the Chapada de Contagem.

4. “Pasajcap Peace”

CREDIT: Karsten (Castro) / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

Located in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala, this home is known for its peaceful views. The house lies between the two Mayan villages, San Marcos and Tzununa.

5. “Breathtaking Views – Cliffside Waterfront Retreat”

CREDIT: Erynne / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

This paradise is only accessible by boat. It is located in Santa Cruz La Laguna, Guatemala and gives you the breathtaking views of a lake and three volcanoes. Best of all, it’s marked at only $74 per night.

6. “Ocean & Mountain View, Beaches Pool Yoga”

CREDIT: Diana and Don / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

This two bedroom dream home is located in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic. For only $79 per night, this hilltop residence offers an amazing mountain view and also has a yoga studio.

7. “Private Oasis in Fun Beach Town”

CREDIT: Bo / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

This riverfront house is located in Tamanique, El Salvador. The private oasis is surrounded by nature and away from all of the bustle, but close enough to different shops and restaurants.

8. “Welcome to Your Retreat!”

CREDIT: Jim / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

This $98 haven is located in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The two-story home is known for it’s vibrant art and decorative furniture. It includes two bedrooms, two baths, and even has a garden.

9. “Cozy and Modern, Great Location” 

CREDIT: Carlos / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

This cozy studio is located in Bogota, Colombia, which you can book for $46 a night. The perk of this studio is that it is very close to all of the city’s restaurants, shops and night life venues.

10. “Patagonian-Style Cabin” 

CREDIT: Jeremias / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

The cost of this cabin is $21 per night. It is located in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. This chic and modern cabin comes with a view of the lake and is close enough to restaurants and shops.

11. “Historico y Luminoso Duplex Centro!” 

CREDIT: Carlos / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

This duplex is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina and can be booked for a total of $62 per night. Fun fact: The duplex was once owned by Bioy Casares and Silvina Ocampo – both famous Argentinian writers.

12. “Casa en la Habana. Casa Marina.”

CREDIT: Denisse / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

For only $53 per night, this house includes two bedrooms and two baths. It is located in Havana, Cuba.

13. “New Beautiful Ocean View and Spectacular Construction” 

CREDIT: Daniel / Airbnb / Digital Image / March 22, 2018

This beautiful home is located in Atenas, Costa Rica. The house is located on top of the mountains, which gives a beautiful panoramic view of the Valley of the Pacific. This five star place can be booked for a total of $44 per night.

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You Can Live Your ‘Fresh Prince’ Fantasy With An Airbnb Stay At The Actual Bel Air Mansion


You Can Live Your ‘Fresh Prince’ Fantasy With An Airbnb Stay At The Actual Bel Air Mansion


If you ever daydreamed about telling a cabbie, “Yo homes, to Bel-Air!” then your chance is finally here. Will Smith and Airbnb have teamed up to offer the actual Bel Air mansion from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Once again, the vacation rental site has graced us with an Airbnb stay fit for the 90s kid in all of us. It wasn’t long ago that Airbnb offered up a stay at Barbie’s Malibu Dream House. There’s also a Hello Kitty apartment in Japan and the actual house from the series Twilight.

Of course, we should all still be doing our part to minimize the risk of Coronavirus and that’s why this Airbnb stay is only available to residents of Los Angeles county. But if you’re like me, all this time cooped up at home, under quarantine, following social distancing guidelines probably has you longing for some excuse – any excuse –  to leave the house. Well, now here’s the perfect excuse.

Will Smith and Airbnb team up to rent out the mansion from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Yes, it’s true! Although it’s been 30 years since the show first hit the airwaves, the Bel Air mansion from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is still a very real place – and it’s soon available to rent on Airbnb.

Starting on September 29, Airbnb will give you the chance to book a stay at the home in groups of up to two. The five available dates, which only cost $30 in honor of the show’s 30th anniversary, are October 2, 5, 8, 11, and 14.

And since they’ve partnered up with the ‘Fresh Prince’ himself, guests will have access to the wing of the house where Smith’s character called home, as well as to a poolside lounge area and dining room. Other perks include access to Will’s wardrobe and a virtual welcome by DJ Jazzy Jeff.

The only disclaimer: because of Covid-19, those lucky guests must prove residency in LA County and be able to prove they’re from the same household. Airbnb also states that the rental will be compliant with CDC rules and follow the enhanced cleaning protocol made by Airbnb as well.

These accommodations look hella fresh and are definitely Will Smith approved.

Credit: willsmith/ Instagram

Although Airbnb states that guests will have access to the wing of the property where Will Smith crashed, you obviously won’t be locked in the bedroom for the entire stay.

Here’s how Airbnb describes your once-in-a-lifetime stay: “It’s your crib for the night, so feel free to act like you own the place. My wing of the mansion includes my bedroom (great for naps), a full bathroom (great for spitting bars in the shower), pool area (great for dips), an outdoor lounge, and the dining room (great for eating obviously). And you gotta do it like my guy DJ Jazzy Jeff so don’t forget your sunglasses!”

Oh, and the best part: Will Smith is the host.

Your stay comes with all sorts of incredible perks!

Credit: Airbnb

The mansion from every 90s kids dreams is still as fly as it ever was. Bold graffiti art, posh interiors, timeless family portraits, and Philly cheesesteaks served on silver platters will give visitors the full 90s glam experience. The listing adds that guests will be able to enjoy the following:

  • Lacing up a fresh pair of Air Jordans before shooting some b-ball in the bedroom. 
  • Spinning throwback classics all night on turntables just like DJ Jazzy Jeff’s. 
  • Donning a fly look from Will’s closet, from argyle prepster to all-star athlete and Bel-Air Athletics gear. 
  • Soaking up the sun poolside on luxe lounge chairs.
  • Being (virtually) welcomed to the mansion by none other than DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Those looking to book a night at the Banks home should note that the house rules follow local COVID-19 guidelines and rules. Airbnb also said visitors can also rest assured knowing that the king-size bed will be cleaned in protocol in accordance with CDC rules and consistent with the company’s enhanced cleaning measures.

This is not the first time Airbnb has offered the chance to stay in homes that take me back to my days as a kid. In 2019 you could stay at the Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse for just $60 a night, and later this month, residents in Deschutes County, Oregon, have the chance to spend the night at the last remaining Blockbuster video store.

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People Have A Lot Of Opinions About The Argentina Episode Of Netflix’s ‘Street Food: Latin America’


People Have A Lot Of Opinions About The Argentina Episode Of Netflix’s ‘Street Food: Latin America’

Manuel Velasquez / Getty Images

Netflix has a new food show out and it has everyone buzzing. “Street Food: Latin America” is bringing everyone the sabor of Latin America to their living room. However, reviews are mixed because of Argentina and the lack of Central American representation.

Netflix has a new show and it is all about Latin American street food.

Some of the best food in the world comes from Latin America. That is just a fact and it isn’t because our families and community come for Latin America. Okay, maybe just a little. The food of Latin America comes with history and stories that have shaped our childhood. For many of us, it is the only thing we have that connects us to the lands our families have left.

The show is highlighting the contributions of women to street food.

“Street Food: Latin America” focuses mainly on the women that are leading the street food cultures in different countries in Latin America. For some of them, it was a chance to bring themselves out of poverty and care for their children. For others, it was a rebellion against the male-dominated culture of cooking in Latin America.

However, some people have some strong opinions about the show and they aren’t good.

There is a lot of attention to native communities in the Latino community culturally right now. The Argentina episode where someone claims that Argentina is more European is rubbing people the wrong way right now. While the native population of Argentina is small, it is still important to highlight and honor native communities who are indigenous to the lands.

The disregard for the indigenous community is upsetting because indigenous Argentinians are fighting for their lives and land.

An A Jazeera report focused on an indigenous community in northern Argentina who were fighting to protect their land. After decades of discrimination and humiliation, members of the Wichi community fought to protect their land from the Argentinian government grabbing it in 2017. Early this year, before Covid, children of the tribe started to die at alarming rates of malnutrition.

Another pain point in the Latino community is the complete disregard of Central America.

Central America includes Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Belize, and Panama. Central America’s exclusion is not sitting right with Netflix users with Central American heritage. Like, how can five whole countries be looked over during a Netflix show about street food in Latin America?

Seems like there is a chance for Netflix to revisit Latin America for more food content.

There are so many countries in Latin America that offer delicious foods to the world. There is more to Latin America than Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, and Bolivia.

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