After Marc Anthony’s Mother Passed Away People Questioned If It Was Too Soon For Him To Perform, But Fans And Even J.Lo Came Swarming To His Defense

Marc Anthony’s mother, Guillermina Muñiz, passed away last Thursday, July 27th. The announcement came to social media on both Anthony’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. The international salsa legend posted a touching message to his mother, calling her “my family’s hero, our rock, our protector, inspiration and now Angel…”

Anthony posted to social media thanking everyone for their prayers.

The full post on Instagram read:

Today at 12:10pm my families hero, our rock, our protector, inspiration and now ANGEL passed away. She left in peace, accompanied by all your prayers and well wishes for which we thank you all. Mami, I’m going to miss you so much! // Hoy a las 12:10pm la roca de nuestra familia, nuestro eje y héroe, nuestra protectora, inspiración, y ahora nuestro ÁNGEL, descansa para siempre. Se nos fue en paz, acompañada por todos los rezos, oraciones y deseos de buena voluntad de todos ustedes por los cuales le estoy eternamente agradecido. Mami, ¡me vas a hacer tanta falta!

Muñiz’s passing came only a few days after Anthony reported to the world that perhaps things weren’t going well with his mother.

Two days after her passing, as he had been scheduled, Anthony was back on stage.

As promised prior to his mother falling ill, he was set to perform the halftime show in Miami for El Clásico.

Some fans thought it was too soon for him to be performing.

But others applauded him for being able to go on with the show.

Audio issues for the televised ESPN broadcast, caused some to complain about Anthony’s performance and his fans weren’t having it.

This Twitter user thought the audio issues were unacceptable and someone should apologize to Anthony.

But the biggest show of support came from ex-wife and collaborator, Jennifer Lopez, who posted this beautiful photo of Anthony surrounded by his children.

“Just what the doctor ordered…” Lopez wrote, sharing a photo of Anthony smothered by his children, smiling and being loved. She finished with “Descansas en paz Ginny… te vamos a extreñar” (RIP Ginny, we’re going to miss you). It was a touching tribute for someone who raised a man that has brought so much joy to the world.

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