This Jack-O’-Lantern Carving Of Selena Quintanilla Will Make You Regret The Day You Didn’t Do This For Día De Los Muertos

Fans of the late Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla have found creative ways to immortalize and pay tribute to her in various ways since her death. From beautiful ofrendas for Día de Los Muertos to traveling Instagram Pages, Selena devotees continue to prove that there’s no keeping the reina’s legacy from living on. Arthur Alaquinez, a San Antonio-based artist, is just one of the many championing this effort but his recently shared photo of a jack-o’-lantern featuring the Queen of Tejano’s face. If we were having a contest, we’d pick this one as the winner.

Alaquinez’s intricate carving depicts a smiling Selena in the style of a Día de los Muertos design. 

The artist, who describes himself as “self-taught” in the bio of his Instagram profile shared the image of his fascinating pumpkin carving on Instagram. “Worked on this for a couple days, Artificial pumpkin Carving,” he wrote in the caption for the post. According to the site MySanantonio.com, this isn’t the first time Alaquinez has worked his magic on a pumpkin and turned it into a piece of art. Each year, the artist attempts to observe the passing of people near and dear to him for Día de los Muertos. 

“Arthur Alaquinez’s artistic talents wow each year with his pumpkin portraits of retired Spurs,” says the site. “Using a Dremel rotary tool, the artist carved away at a recreation of a photo taken of Selena in 1994 during a school visit. In the original photo, the Queen of Tejano is wearing gold hoop earrings and a necklace, has her hair pulled up in a cascade of curls and is holding a bouquet of roses. Alaquinez remembered all the details in his work and used paint to emphasize shadows and texture in her face.”

The portrait of Selena might have captured the most attention from Alaquinez’s pumpkin collection this year, but his jack-o’-lanterns of 2019 include others.

A recent rendering includes a portrayal of former Spurs player turned assistant coach, Tim Duncan.

He also recently did an image of slain rapper Nipsey Hussle who passed away this year.

The American rapper and entrepreneur died in Los Angeles this past Spring after he was shot multiple times at a store he owned in South Los Angeles. Alaquinez’s decided to beautifully pay tribute to the artist and immortalize him an untraditional way by using an artificial styrofoam pumpkin.

“My 1rst portrait done on a Artificial styrofoam pumpkin,” he wrote about the piece earlier this month in a post to his Instagram page. “Only right I do Hustle, Was not easy! I was tired of doing real pumpkins & them going to waste lasting only a couple days, Now they will last Forever!!” 

After the image of Alaquinez’s Selena went viral, he shared a post explaining his inspiration for his work.

“To think it all started only a couple years ago coming across a pumpkin on the internet, & saying to myself Cool!, I bet I can do that!, I’ve always been artistic but never pursued it, that 1rst pumpkin I did went viral from there ppl started asking me do you do paintings, do you do this, can you do that? I would tell them no but i bet i can. learning on my own along the way tried it got better little by little and by word of mouth I got commissioned to do different projects.. Extremely Humbled!. Big Shout out to @thepumpkingeek for when I reached out to him recently because I wanted to change from real to artificial pumpkins, wanted to know what type he used, I wanted for ppl to get more for their $ & the Art last forever! Thank you for that tip!” he wrote.

In an article by the Houston Chronicle, it was revealed that Alaquinez got a big break last year when he was hired by San Antonio Spurs to create figures of the players. 

Alaquinez was hired to create images of players such as LaMarcus Aldridge, DeMar DeRozan, Dante Cunningham, Rudy Gay, and Bryn Forbes. At the time he told the Chronicle that the request for his work by the team put him “cloud 9.”

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Star Of Netflix’s New ‘Selena’ Series Says She Felt The Pressure Of Playing Her Idol


Star Of Netflix’s New ‘Selena’ Series Says She Felt The Pressure Of Playing Her Idol

Justa little a while ago last year, Netflix announced that it hadofficially selected a Latina to keep the legacy of Tejano music legend, Selena Quintanilla, alive. For its highly anticipated show “Selena: The Series,” the big-time streaming platform has tapped Christian Serratos, AKA Rosita Espinosa of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” series.

In a recent interview with People magazine, Serratos revealed that she was anxious about stepping into her role as Selena.

“I’ve been listening to her since I was way below single digits,” Serratos told People in the recent interview. “’Baila Esta Kumbia’ (the second single released on Quintanilla’s 1990 ‘Ven Conmigo’ album), that was my song as a baby. Then it became my karaoke song as a teenager. I’ve always looked up to and really admired her, but I never thought I would have the opportunity to play her.

“It was really intimidating to audition and to play her, but I felt prepared in life to accomplish what I think we did on this show,” Serratos explained. “I gave it everything I could.”

Twenty-four years after her tragic death Selena is, once again, being brought back to life on the screen.

Little information has been released by Netflix about the series, but Serratos casting will undoubtedly launch quite a bit of chatter.

christianserratos/ Instagram

The series, which was created with the participation of the Quintanilla family and announced by Netflix last December, has already garnered quite a bit of anticipation online. Back in 1997, the casting process for the singer had the Latino community astir for months until it was finally revealed that then-dancer, singer and actress Jennifer Lopez (still known as a triple threat for her moves, voice and acting chops) had earned the role. The Boricua’s casting caused quite the controversy primarily because she was not Mexican. This time around, Netflix kept the controversy in mind while conducting casting. In a recent interview with NBC News, Moisés Zamora– who is the head writer and one of the executive producers for the show– explained how crucial it was for him to ensure Mexican- identity was strongly included in the show.

“I associated her with my family and being Mexican in America,” he told the outlet at the time while highlighting how the younger singer was shaped by her identity of being a woman of Mexican heritage who also grew up in Corpus Christi while speaking English.

For the latest portrayal of Selena, the executive producer was involved in the casting of Serratos, a Latina of both Mexican and Italian descent.

Serratos knows all about breathing life into deceased characters.


For four seasons she has raged against the undead in “The Walk Dead” and in her earlier career played Angela Webber, friend to Bella Swan lover of vampires, in Twilight.

According to outlets, it’s unclear how the series will tackle Quintanilla’s vocals.

Back when Lopez took her turn as the singer, she was made to lip-sync to Quintanilla’s vocals. We’re pretty sure that if Netflix doesn’t decide to do the same, they’ll be in good hands because Serratos voice is banging. She even sings “Baila Esta Cumbia” in this compilation!

So far fans of Selena are on board with the news.

While buzz online hasn’t quite ramped up, we’re pretty sure once news of the casting catches on Latina Twitter will be doing the washing machine for days.

And it appears Serratos has the Selena Fan Club seal of approval.


And it’s no wonder why! Serratos cuts a pretty uncanny resemblance to the Tejano beauty.

Of course, while most of the reactions to Serratos casting have been positive the TWD club is a bit worried.

Okay TBH it feels like a worthy sacrifice.

Like literally people are bummed.

Pero… like I said! Serratos as Selena will totally be worth it.

(Jeeze… wonder if she’ll die by zombie attack?)

But there is a silver lining to the upset.

If fans of “The Walking Dead” are this bummed over possibly losing Serratos, that means she must be pretty damn good at taking on great roles. So here’s to Serratos and her new role! Hopefully, for TWD fans she’ll be able to juggle both… if not bidi bidi bom bom.

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‘Selena’ Producer Sues Abraham And Suzette Quintanilla Over Limited Series


‘Selena’ Producer Sues Abraham And Suzette Quintanilla Over Limited Series

Jordan Murph / Getty Images for MAC Cosmetics

Moctesuma Esparza is suing Netflix, Abraham and Suzette Quintanilla over “Selena: The Series.” Esparza is seeking damages of $1 million for an alleged breach of contract. The lawsuit comes one month before the series is set to debut on Netflix.

“Selena: The Series” is almost here and there’s a new lawsuit about the project.

“Selena” producer Moctesuma Esparza is suing Netflix along with Abraham and Suzette Quintanilla over the new limited series. The lawsuit claims that Selena’s father and sister broke an agreement they entered into that gave him the rights to the late-Tejano singer’s life, according to TMZ.

Esparza claims that the deal made for the rights included more than just the 1997 biopic.

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A post shared by Selena: The Series (@selenanetflix) on

According to TMZ, Esparza claims that the agreement made included any remakes of the story. Esparza also claims that he has the rights to the story of every character. The documents allege that Esparza met with Suzette and Abraham to discuss a project he created for “Young Selena.”

The conversation over Selena’s life rights began in 1995.

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Admiring this beauty today. 💜

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According to an article in the LATimes from 1995, the family and Esparza entered into an informal agreement. According to the article, instead of formal contracts about the rights to Selena’s story, Esparza gave the Quintanilla family final say on the script. In return, Esparza was able to completely handle the production side.

The article states that Esparza was not after the rights to Selena’s story at the time. However, Esparza is alleging that that changed in 1998 when he and the Quintanilla family formalized a deal over Selena’s rights.

Netflix’s “Selena: The Series” will be streaming on Dec. 4.

It isn’t clear what this lawsuit would mean for the series. The Quintanilla family is known for keeping a strong protector of Selena, her story, and her image.

The show is giving younger Selena fans a chance to get to know the younger Selena. This are the years leading up to the wild popularity in the Latino community and her English-language cross-over. It’s been decades since we got the first in-depth look into Selena’s life and fans cannot wait to finally have an in-depth look at a different moment in the iconic singer’s life.

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