Regional Mexican Singer Luis Coronel Reunited With TV Host And Things Got Emotional

It’s been five years since Luis Coronel was signed to his first record deal, which radically changed his life forever. The 21-year-old transformed from an amateur boxer to Regional Mexican superstar thanks to YouTube, lots of talent, and by overcoming incredible obstacles.

Last week, Coronel appeared on a Los Angeles morning news show and things got super sentimental. Take a look:

"You are going to be one of the biggest there is!" Singer Luis Coronel and our guest co-host Alex Cambert had us all crying happy tears ? Watch his full interview: http://bit.ly/2t3VEOX

Posted by Good Day L.A. on Friday, June 23, 2017

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Alex Cambert, who was a special co-host on “Good Day L.A.,” began the interview by attempting to introduce Coronel and said that two have known each other for at least four years. He could hardly get the words out. Host Liz Habib put her arm around Cambert to help him get through the moment.

Cambert spoke about the tough experiences the Coronel had to go through, including losing his father when he was a child, working at a boxing gym to help out his family financially, and even contemplating suicide.

“I am so proud of you, papa,” Cambert said to the young singer.

In a Facebook post, Cambert posted this message about his personal interview with Coronel.

“This got emotional today on Good Day LA. The show was gracious enough to allow me to invite Luis Coronel and he was gracious enough to accept. This was part of his first major English language interview. He’s a remarkable young man and I’m proud of how well he’s handled all his success.”

In a backstage interview at “Good Day L.A.,” Coronel was able to speak in depth about his heartbreaking situation.

We're behind-the-scenes with singer Luis Coronel ? He's performing July 15 in Los Angeles with Prince Royce!

Posted by Good Day L.A. on Friday, June 23, 2017

Credit: Good Day L.A. / Facebook

“It’s unbelievable because at those moments in my life when I was living through that, I really thought that I’d be alone,” Coronel said on “Good Day L.A.” “I thought that my life was going to be lonely.”

With so many emotions running high, Coronel barely had the chance to speak about his latest gig: he’s opening for Prince Royce on a tour that kicks off on June 29 in Texas.

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The ‘Traveling Selena’ Instagram Page Is The Sweetest Fan Page You’ll Find On The Internet


The ‘Traveling Selena’ Instagram Page Is The Sweetest Fan Page You’ll Find On The Internet

travelingselena / Instagram

At the height of her fame, Selena was a Tejano star whose concert attendance shattered records both abroad and at home while also gaining her certain type of love and adoration that can only be attributed to her fans. Today, nearly 30 years after her death, the American singer’s legacy has continued its stretch across the globe, partially in thanks to a devoted Instagram profile called Traveling Selena which features the late singer in Barbie doll form at some of the most recognizable sights around the world.

Twenty-four years after her death, Traveling Selena is making sure her influence is still being felt across the world.

In the style of a traveling gnome, the Instagram account is taking n the Tejano singer to some of the most recognizable sights in the world. Even more exciting the page’s creator features Selena wearing some of her more memorable outfits. The page’s account describes itself as taking pics in front of some of the most beautiful places! Outfits and pics are all my own.”

So far Selena has gone to the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

During her career, Selena expanded her fan following by touring New York City, Argentina, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Central America. At the time of her death, despite her broad international fan base which included countries such as Japan and Australia, she had not traveled much outside of the Americas. Now ya girl is getting to do the Bidi Bidi Bom Bom wherever the account goes. Including.

To Phuket.

Where even ancient dragons aren’t as fire as her replicated outfits.

They’ve even taken her to San Fran…

Where Selena’s most basic fan base will adore the Instagrammable pics taken by the bridge and the house from “Full House.”

And to see one of the world’s most iconic figures of all: Selena herself in wax form.

How meta.

6. San Diego

I love that they have Selena being a true millenial taking pciks in front of mural art.

7. The zoo

And heading off to bless the animals at the zoo with her presence.

8. Her own mural

The best part of these pics is that we now get to add locations to our bucket list.

8. Khao San Road

Literall watching Selena head off to all of these places is giving me so much wanderlust.

9. Phi Phi Islands

Her trip to Thailand looks like the best ever and now I want to go take a vacay at a tropical get away.

10. On a Tuk Tuk

This is the best look above all and now I want to hop on a tuk tuk and take a ride!

11. Sunset Station

Nothing more divine than Selena in her Dreaming of You outfit.

12. Aruba

Selena visiting the Caribbean?! Hope the account takes her back to Puerto Rico.

13. Multnoham Falls

Selena literally living our best lives beyond the grave is everything.

14. Avatar Land

James Cameron would be so lucky to include the Latina icon in his wonderfully made up land.

15. Palace of Fine Arts

Selena being her most real Barbie self outside of the palace of fine arts is everything .

16. Coca Cola classic!!

And look at her chilling next to her favorite beverage of choice.

17. Las Vegas!

Seeing the diva showing off a totally classic outfit on the strip will give you major going out vibes. Bidi bidi bom bom.

18. The Full House house

Selena rocking her fullest self at the Full House house will give you all kinds of nostalgia for forever.

19. Her favorite place in all of the land!

Selena went to visit her favorite state in the country: Texas for Halloween and got dressed up as the true reina that she is.

20. The gum wall

Wearing one of her iconic outfits, Selena suited up to go to the gum wall.

Whitney Houston’s Estate Released Images Of Her Hologram And Basically It’s As Scary As Seeing La Llorona


Whitney Houston’s Estate Released Images Of Her Hologram And Basically It’s As Scary As Seeing La Llorona

@1043MYfm / Twitter

Last year when the world learned that the estate of the later singer Whitney Houston planned to send her hologram on your, there was a mass of objections and outcries. Now that a sneak peek of the tour has been released, fans have dug in their heels.

“An Evening With Whitney : The Whitney Houston Hologram Tour” will begin on February 25 in the UK.

While Houston’s death occurred eight years ago, her estate has decided to bring her back to life for fans by giving her a new tour experience. According to The New York Post, “‘An Evening With Whitney’ was designed with Whitney’s image in mind, Pat Houston, the singer’s former manager and head of the Whitney Houston estate, said. Whitney planned on giving a more intimate, unplugged-esque tour before she died. And while that never took place when she was alive, the production team behind the hologram has ensured her vision will happen posthumously.”

“We had a discussion about her doing ‘Whitney Unplugged’ or some type of ‘Evening with Whitney,’ and that was really her idea,” Pat Houston said according to the Post. “It’s a dream that was realized by her. So that’s the production. This isn’t something that we’re just putting together. This is something that she wanted to do, and I get very emotional watching this because it is so close to what she wanted. The only thing missing was her, physically.”

Whitney fans have taken to Twitter to voice their horror over the hologram which, in all honesty, is alarming to see at first.

Literally so many fans have been left speechless.

And so many of u shave too many questions.