This Photographer Is Getting People To Transform Into Frida Kahlo For 15 Minutes


Last week, thousands of Frida Kahlo look-a-likes gathered to make history and break a Guinness World Records for most Frida’s in one place. This event proved two things: countless people adore Frida and many of them are inspired by her look. Brazilian photographer Camila Fontenele de Miranda is taking this very concept and created a project inspired by Frida, of course.

Her project, titled “Todos Podem Ser Frida (All Can Be Frida),” is literally transforming her subjects — men, women, babies — into Frida.

Fontenele de Miranda told the Huffington Post about her first encounter with Frida Kahlo, which happened while she was in college.

She says it completely changed her view of life. “First, I fell in love with the colors, but then I found a strong, almost spiritual connection between us,” said Fontenele de Miranda.

The project was launched in 2012, and, initially, Fontenele de Miranda worked exclusively with men.

“Frida used to wear men’s clothes, and also there were rumors about her bisexuality,” Fontenele de Miranda told the Huffington Post. “I think she was really brave for living with such intensity, fearless of experimenting to be the other.”

She then started including women, children, and even people posing with pets.

#Repost @catarse (@get_repost) ・・・ Todos Podem Ser Frida é um projeto fotográfico de @camisfontenele iniciado em 2012, onde os fatos mais impactantes da vida da artista Mexicana Frida Kahlo foram traçados por cinco fragmentos fotográficos: Frida por inteiro, O amor de Frida, A dor de Frida, As cores de Frida e o Aborto de Frida. A produção foi realizada por artistas plásticos convidados pela idealizadora do projeto e os modelos todos do sexo masculino. A inversão de papéis e gênero foi propositadamente escolhida para mostrar que a imagem da Frida está presente nas várias nuances do ser humano.⠀ ⠀ Agora o projeto vai virar livro e você pode fazer parte dessa história.⠀ ⠀ ? www.catarse.me ? Frida⠀ ⠀ #fotografia #foto #livro #publicações #fridakahlo #frida #crowdfunding #financiamentocoletivo #fazumcatarse #catarse

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What is most compelling, at first sight, is not just stoic pose from some of her subjects, but their eyes. Each gaze is remarkably different, and, yet a real sense of honesty is clearly there. Whether the subject is serious or has a playful smile, they always have a Frida-like sense to them.

While the photographer says that each subject can be photographed as Frida for 15 minutes, each set up is actually more complicated than that.

Fontenele de Miranda has a team of photography assistants and makeup artists that help the subjects become Frida.

Now, the photographer is turning “Todos Podem Ser Frida (All Can Be Frida)” into a book.

Credit: Camila Fontenele de Miranda / Vimeo

De Miranda is raising money to get the book published. “With much love, affection and all the best feelings, we inform you that our collective financing is open now,” Fontenele de Miranda wrote on Facebook. “With your collaboration will be possible the publication of the bilingual book (Portuguese/English) of the project ‘All Can Be Frida,’ made with stories and the best photographs made on the essays and interventions.”

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