9 Songs You Didn’t Know Bruno Mars Helped Write And Produce

In addition to being an award winning singer, Bruno Mars is a songwriter with an incredible resume. Even though we usually give credit to the singers themselves, here are some popular hits Mars helped write and produce throughout his career:

1. “F*ck You!” by Ceelo Green

CREDIT: CantoYo Karaoke / YOUTUBE

Mars collaborated with CeeLo Green and The Smeezingtons (the writing and producing team Mars was part of at the time) to create the famous single “F*ck You.” This song was also known as “Forget You” and “Thank You” due to radio censorship. After being released in 2010, the single became an international success, breaking the top 10 in several countries.

2. “Right Round” by Flo Rida ft. Kesha


This single was inspired by 80’s hit “You Spin Me Round” by Dead or Alive, which you hear a sample of throughout the song. Mars co-wrote this song with Flo Rida and ever since it was released in 2009, the song has reached over 12 million downloads.

3. “All I Ask” by Adele


Mars co-wrote this song with Adele and it was released in her 2015 album, “25.” Even though Adele was a bit of a diva at first, once she and Mars began to work on the song together they had a lot of fun and Mars was impressed by her powerful vocals.

Mars performed a cover of “All I Ask” himself, but gave it a little romantic, R&B twist…


4. “Love Me” by Justin Bieber


Mars and his production team, The Smeezingtons, worked together to write “Love Me,” which was released in 2009. This song was dedicated to all of Bieber’s fans, thanking them for all of their unconditional love and support.

5. “Dumb love” by Sean Kingston


“Dumb Love” was co-written by The Smeezingtons and The Jackie Boyz, another team of songwriters that consisted of two brothers. As part of Sean Kingston’s third studio album, this pop, r&b hit was released in 2010.

6. “Tears Always Win” by Alicia Keys


Written by Mars and his Smeezington partners, “Tears Always Win” was released in 2013, as part of Alicia Keys’ famous album “Girl On Fire.”

7. “One Day” by Matisyahu


Written by Mars and his team, The Smeezingtons, “One Day” was released in 2008 as part of Matisyahu’s third album. Later in 2010, there was a second version of the song recorded and released which featured R&B singer Akon.

8. “Never Close Our Eyes” by Adam Lambert


If you’re a devoted American Idol fan, then you might remember Adam Lambert from season eight of the show. Mars and The Smeezingtons worked together to write “Never Close Our Eyes” which was released in 2012, as part of Lambert’s second studio album.

9. “Can We Dance” by The Vamps


Mars worked with British Pop band, The Vamps, and helped co-write “Can We Dance” which was released in 2013.

So, is there anything Mars can’t do??

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Kali Uchis’ “Telepatía” is Becoming a Global Hit Thanks to TikTok


Kali Uchis’ “Telepatía” is Becoming a Global Hit Thanks to TikTok

Through the power of TikTok, Kali Uchis is taking her song “Telepatía” to the top. The Colombian-American singer is sitting comfortably in the top 10 of Spotify’s Top 200 chart in the U.S. thanks to a TikTok trend.

This isn’t the first time that TikTok brought new fame to songs.

TikTok has proven to be quite the catalyst for today’s top hits. The app assisted in getting Olivia Rodrigo’s “drivers license” to the top of Billboard Hot 100 chart, where it remains. TikTok also reinvigorated interest in Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” last year thanks to Doggface’s viral video. Now Uchis is getting her long overdue shine with “Telepatía.”

“Telepatía” is becoming a global hit thanks to the same phenomenon.

At No. 7 on the Spotify U.S. chart, “Telepatía” is the highest-charting Latin song in the country. Bad Bunny’s “Dákiti” with Jhay Cortez is the next closest Latin song at No. 14. “Telepatía” is also making waves across the globe where the song is charting on Spotify’s Viral Charts in 66 countries and in the Top Songs Charts of 32 countries.

There’s also plenty of “Telepatía” memes.

Uchis is turning the viral song’s success into strong sales and streaming. On this week’s Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart, “Telepatía” debuts at No. 10, marking her first top 10 hit on the chart. There are also memes circulating on other social media apps that are contributing to the song’s virality.

“Telepatía” is one of the key cuts on Uchis’ debut Latin album, Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios). It’s the best example of her translating that alternative soul music that she’s known for into Spanish. The song is notably in Spanglish as Uchis sings about keeping a love connection alive from a distance. It’s timely considering this era of social distancing that we’re in during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Uchis is currently nominated for a Grammy Award. She’s up for Best Dance Recording for her feature on Kaytranada’s “10%” song.

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Kehlani Dresses as Both Prom King and Queen on Cover of ‘Playboy’, Talks Feeling Comfortable in Both Gender Roles


Kehlani Dresses as Both Prom King and Queen on Cover of ‘Playboy’, Talks Feeling Comfortable in Both Gender Roles

Photo via kehlani/Instagram

Kehlani has long been open about the fluid nature of her gender expression. That’s why it’s exciting that the R&B star is experimenting with different facets of her personality on the most recent cover of Playboy.

In a bold move, Kehlani appears on Playboy‘s latest cover dressed in both (traditionally) women and (traditionally) men’s clothing.

And as if one Kehlani isn’t exciting enough, the magazine cover treats us to two versions of this Oakland native. On the left side of the magazine, Kehlani is dressed up as a Prom Queen, complete with a resplendent gown and a tiara. On the cover’s right side, Kehlani is dressed in Prom King drag: her tie undone, her collar open, her crown askew.

She shared the picture to her personal Instagram page with the cheeky caption: “I always wanted to date me.”

In the accompanying interview, Kehlani talks about gender identity and expression, motherhood, and owning her sexuality.

When Kehlani was asked how she defines masculinity and femininity, Kehlani got refreshingly candid. “I’ve discovered that I’ve run from a lot of femininity,” she admitted. “I was way more comfortable in a more masculine space. I feel more masculine when I am in my stillness and I’m grounded in a quiet, contemplative mode.”

She then explained that she feels “most feminine” when she’s “being the mother of my house.” (Kehlani had a baby girl named Adeya Nomi in 2019). She also explained that she “feels her femininity” when she ‘s indulging in self-care, like soaking in a flower-filled bath, or doing a hair mask.

“My femininity makes me feel soft and gentle and tender and careful in a different way than my masculinity makes me feel,” she said. “I’m trying not to let it fall into the gender norms of feminine and masculine, but for me it does a tiny bit. But I also am very fluid in both of those settings.”

Kehlani has always been open about her fluid sexuality and gender identity.

In 2018, she tweeted: “Not bi, not straight. I’m attracted to women, men, REALLY attracted to queer men, non-binary people, intersex people, trans people”.

But of course, haters on the internet accused her of “queer-baiting”–that is, pretending she’s queer to get more LGBT fans and attract attention. In an interview with The Guardian last year, she revealed why the accusation frustrates her.

“I’ve had girlfriends in front of people’s faces, right under their noses, and they weren’t famous and so nobody cared to make it public,” she said. “So they automatically assume that I must like men more than women.”

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