7 Latina Celebrities Reveal Their Fitness Secrets

Celebrities have many secrets for staying in shape. While most celebs like to keep mum about their routines, a few of them have spilled the workouts that keep them fit.


Credit: @Shakira / Instagram

Shakira is an international music superstar. She became a Latin success by 1996, and went on to gain success in the United States in 2001. Since then, she’s released numerous other albums and went on U.S. and international tours. In 2012, she joined NBC’s “The Voice” as a coach.  Currently, she is on tour for El Dorado, her latest album, which has her on a strict regimen.

  Credit: @Shakira / Instagram

Shakira amps up her workout during her 5-month tour schedule. Her trainer, Anna Kaiser, creates workouts that improve her stamina so that she can get through each performance. She creates HIIT style of workouts with interval training. Shakira does some toning and rhythmic dance workouts because they are low-impact.

Credit: @Shakira / Instagram

She makes her fitness regime work around her busy life. Typically, she works out around two to three times a week. She likes working out in groups and interacting with people or taking evening walks with her sons. She has said that listening to her body is key. If she feels like she’s up for a long hike or swimming laps, she’s all for that.

Jessica Alba

Credit: @JessicaAlba / Instagram

Jessica Alba is well known for her role as Max Guevara on the sci-fi show “Dark Angel” that ran from 2000 to 2002. She’s been in many movies, including “Machete” and the sequel, “Machete Kills.”  In 2012, she launched The Honest Company, which sells natural, household and body care items. In 2015, she continued with a skincare line, Honest Beauty.

Credit: Instagram @JessicaAlba

Alba wakes up early to take YogaSculpt classes. She prefers that as her workout because they combine traditional yoga stretches with a vigorous workout.  She varies her workouts and sometimes adds more variety with spin class or a kickboxing. She enjoys exercising first thing because she says it gets her brain power going.

Credit: @JessicaAlba / Instagram

She makes her fitness regime work around her busy life. Typically, she works out around two to three times a week. She likes working out in groups and interacting with people or taking evening walks with her daughters. She listens to her body. If she feels like she’s up for a long hike or swimming laps, she’s all for that.

Jennifer Lopez

 Credit: Instagram @Jlo

Jennifer Lopez has been an icon since she landed the lead role of the 1997 movie Selena.  She started singing in 1999, and starred in several romantic comedies in the early 2000s. In recent years, she has served as a judge for both American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.  She was the executive producer of The Fosters from 2013 to 2018. She also produced and starred in Shades of Blue, as an undercover cop.

Credit: Instagram @Jlo

Lopez believes in making fitness part of her daily routine. She wants to stay healthy for her family. Therefore, she she’s always drinking water to stay hydrated during her work-outs. She tries to mix up her routines.  Lopez has two different trainers: Tracy Anderson, who uses free-style weights in routines, and David Kirsch, who teaches intense core work-outs.

Lopez uses many of Kirsch’s moves to sculpt her body, including a platypus walk.  This movement fires up your glutes and thighs as you step forward in a deep plié and then walk backwards. She also uses a stability ball to do Spiderman push-ups and strengthen her arms. When she can, she does a full body workout, including exercises, such as reverse lunges, side planks, and medicine ball sit-ups.

Demi Lovato

 Credit: Instagram @ddlovato

Demi Lovato was originally a Disney Channel actress on Camp Rock and Sonny with a Chance. Since then, she has become a popular pop rock singer, releasing popular hits, such as “Skyscraper,” and “Give Your Heart a Break.” She has won many achievements, including 13 Teen Choice Awards and a Latin American Music Award. Lovato is involved in numerous charities. In 2017, she teamed up with Fabletics to create a limited activewear line, where the proceeds help marginalized teen girls.

Credit: Instagram @ddlovato

Lovato changed her fitness routine when her body was feeling rundown constantly. She now works with a trainer and exercises at least six hours a week.  She rests on Sundays and does a mixture of cardio and strength training the other days. If she’s touring, her workout consists of moves like burpees, crunches, and a lunge-kick.

Credit: Instagram @ddlovato

When she’s working out at the gym, she prefers mixed martial arts and jiu jitsu.  She likes learning moves that teach her how to defend herself. She found she got to meditate and exercise simultaneously.

Selena Gomez

Credit: Instagram: @selenagomez

Selena Gomez is well-known known for her role as Alex Russo on Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place, which ran from 2007 until 2012. Gomez made her solo musical debut in 2012, and by 2017, she’d sold over 7 million albums.  She’s also starred in many movies, including Monte Carlo.  Her current projects include serving as executive producer for 13 Reasons Why and voicing the character of Mavis in Hotel Transylvania 3.

Credit: Instagram @AmyRosoffDavis

Gomez loves doing Pilates. Her trainer, Amy Rosoff Davis, has been working with her for years. They both do Pilates exercises together often.  Since Gomez likes to keep her booty lifted, she also takes HotPilates, where the studio is kept at 95 degrees. Celebrity trainer Shannon Nadj teaches moves like the side kick series to help clients sweat even more.

 Credit: Instagram @AmyRosoffDavis

Amy Roscoff Davis likes to mix it up for Gomez. Sometimes, they do yoga together. Sometimes, they blast some cardio moves and sometimes they take it easy with some simple stretches. It depends on Gomez’s body.

Eva Longoria

Credit: Instagram: @evalongoria

Eva Longoria is well-known for portraying Gabrielle Solis on the ABC TV show Desperate Housewives, which ran from 2004 to 2012. Longoria also starred as Ana Sofia Calderon on the one season wonder Telenova on NBC.  She currently keeps busy with her modeling contracts for L’Oreal, and New York & Co, plus many others.

Credit: Instagram: @evalongoria

Longoria says she doesn’t actually enjoy working out but likes the way her body feels after a session. Therefore, she tries to vary her workouts.  She does yoga. She does Pilates. She recently started lifting weights again to build muscle mass.

Credit: Instagram: @evalongoria

Longoria enjoys running while she’s traveling. She finds it the perfect way to stay in shape and see the sights.

Gina Rodriguez

       Credit: Instagram @hereisgina

Gina Rodriguez is best known for playing the lead role of Jane Villanueva in the CW dramedy Jane the Virgin. She’s also begun to star in movies such as the animated movies Ferdinand and Smallfoot , and the science fiction thriller, Annihilation.

 Credit: Instagram @hereisgina

Rodriguez was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disorder that causes muscle pain.. Rodriguez started doing Muay Thai, a form of mixed martial arts to help her work through her muscle pain. It’s a form of kick-boxing that improves balance and coordination through combat exercises.

Credit: Instagram @hereisgina

She now works out to stay healthy and gain energy. Her inner strength drives her to attempt new workouts. She is even able to do pull-ups now after extensive training.

Latinas Are Sharing What Their Eyebrows Tragically Looked Like When They First Tried Anastasia Dipbrow


Latinas Are Sharing What Their Eyebrows Tragically Looked Like When They First Tried Anastasia Dipbrow

We all know that eyebrows trends are cyclical. For every decade that there’s a pluck-everything-out-and-sharpie-it-on trend, there’s another that’s all about the au naturel “Blue Lagoon” look. For example, back in the 90s, the look du jour was pencil-thin arches that Latinas like Christina Aguilera and Cameron Diaz favored. But as the 2000s wore on and celebs like the Kardashians and Cara Delevigne grew in popularity, it was no longer the style to have barely-there brows. Instead, the fashion was big, bold, and bushy. And for those of us who were not naturally blessed with bushy brows, the only option was to march our butts into Sephora and invest in some Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Dip Prow Pomade. 

Anyone who’s tried ABH’s infamous Dip Brow Pomade knows that it takes a light touch to skillfully apply the makeup and avoid looking like Oscar The Grouch. With this particular brow pomade, a little goes a long way. But when you’re scrolling through Instagram for hours and seeing all of the Baddie Influencers in all their brow-licious glory, it can be easy to get carried away with your spoolie and angle brush. Hence, the over-filled brow trend was born. 

Naturally, with the advent of social media, all of our embarrassing eyebrow-related missteps are now documented publicly for the world to see forever. 

Recently, Twitter celeb @cakefacecutie posted an all-too accurate Tweet about the way her eyebrows used to look.

The tweet referenced the aforementioned Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Prow Pomade that had virtually taken over Instagram a mere few years ago. While the rest of us were trying to forget the brick-like ombre eyebrows that looked like they’d been tattooed onto people’s faces, @cakefacecutie was reminiscing about the good ol’ days.

Who knows how the over-drawn brow look started? A more natural-looking brow has come back into style since then, rendering the “Baddie” eyebrow look obsolete and embarrassing. But at the time, it had taken over the makeup world’s aesthetic pretty quickly and with a vengeance. We all knew that girl (or were that girl) who was walking around with perma-RBF because her brows were penciled into a terrifying scowl. 

Obviously, @cakefacecutie’s tweet struck a chord, because soon her followers were sharing their own personal stories of their eyebrow evolution.

It seemed as if Twitter users were practically jumping at the chance to chime in with their makeup horror stories. 

Even this girl’s cat was side-eyeing her questionable eyebrow decisions. 

Of course, there were more than a few Latinas who shared their pics of their too-thick fake dark brows.

Let’s be honest: Latinas have never really been able to resist a thick brow (we’re looking at you, Frida!)

Back in the day, it seems as if no one was immune to the shiny allure of the dip-prow pomade!

As we said before, we blame the trend on the emergence of Cara Delevigne as Tumblr’s new It girl. We all wanted bold brows and if we had to resort to Sephora to get them, then that was just the risk we were willing to take. 

How could we forget the concealer-under-the-brow look?

Of course, an over-done eyebrow look wouldn’t be complete without “carving out” your eyebrows with a too-light concealer to really define the look with sharp edges. Because heaven forbid one hair is out of place.

As more and more people added their memories to the Twitter thread, the photos became funnier and funnier.

Maybe the Universe allows bad brow trends to happen so we can laugh about it years later on Twitter? Just a thought.

Some people’s pictures honestly looked like they were joking, the photos were so over-the-top:

There’s something about eyebrow trends that makes people go blind to the oddity of what they’re doing to their faces. And so many of us were walking around like this without anyone stopping us. Let’s be honest: friends don’t let friends overfill their brows with ABH Eyebrow Pomade. 

Unfortunately, because of the way fashion works, we’re sure that we’re currently indulging in some sort of trend that will make us look back and cringe in years to come. Maybe it’s our beloved high-waisted jeans, or the drawn-on freckles, or the resurgence of the 90s face-framing tendrils. But, one thing’s for sure: we’ll all be roasting ourselves on Twitter for thinking we looked good.

This Latina Got A Text From Her Ex Right Before His Wedding Day And Twitter Is Wrecked


This Latina Got A Text From Her Ex Right Before His Wedding Day And Twitter Is Wrecked

What would you do if an ex of yours were to hit you up out of the blue? To some it might not be a big deal, to others, it might be a little weird, and to many, it might just be a little random.  

Added plot twist: what would you do if an ex of yours were to hit you up right before his wedding day? What are you supposed to do in a situation like that? Alexa, play “Someone Like You” by Adele. 

Last week, Twitter user Alexsa Sanchez Aquilar tweeted out a text she received from an ex right before his wedding day.

Yup, you heard that right.

In a post to her Twitter feed, Sanchez Aquilar shared that her ex texted after out of the blue. The day before his wedding.  the “I’m getting married tomorrow. I wanted to send you this message. (My fiance knows I’m sending this to you) Thank you for being my first love. Thank you for always encouraging me, thank you for keeping me out of trouble, thank you for the times you took care of me when I was sick, and depressed. Thank you for loving me. If you haven’t already I hope you one day find love,” the message says.

While the woman who shared the tweet didn’t say much when sharing the initial screenshot beside “i–i’m speechless” –– other people on Twitter had a lot of mixed reactions as the tweet quickly went viral.

The really long message from her ex goes on to say, “If you loved me that much when we were young I can only imagine how strong people and powerful your love is now. The way your heart is made it’s amazing. I know we were only kids when we dated but you taught me what love is. To the man who is lucky enough to have you as their wife I hope he treats you with care, I hope he knows who he has in front of him, I hope he shows you love and loyalty every day. You deserve that and more.”

“My point in all of this is, you are the reason why I know how to love someone. You taught me love, you taught me how to deal with my anger, how to deal with my depression and how to live life to the fullest and I’m grateful for you. I wish you love and happiness.”

BuzzFeed, who first wrote about the viral tweet, also reached out to Aguilar for comment. “At first, I didn’t know what to say. I started crying when I read the text –– it warmed my heart that I helped him be a better version of himself.”

But of course, many didn’t share Aguilar’s sentiment had questions about why the ex felt the need to send her a text the day before his wedding?

Like, should Aguilar have been like “congratulations, but are you sure about getting married?”

While some understood where @masonrain_ was coming from, they felt that perhaps the ex-boyfriend was simply reflecting and expressing his gratitude toward Aquilar –– even if the timing felt a bit sketchy.

But @masonrain_  flat out thought it was disrespectful to both Aguilar and the fiancé. It got people thinking and arguing about whether you’d be a little thrown off if your partner told you that they’d be reaching out to their ex the day before your wedding?

Ultimately, many Twitter users disputed these sentiments and arguments pointing out that in a lot of cases, breakups and past relationship make can make us stronger and that reflecting on them and growing from those mistakes is a good thing.

Plus, while some relationship may have ended badly –– you don’t always have to hold on to resentment or residual feelings of animosity for the rest of your life.

It sounds like Aguilar and her ex-boo went through a lot during their time together as a young couple, and it sounds like they look back at it fondly rather than negatively.

For one, Aguilar tells BuzzFeed that the texts weren’t weird at all –– despite everybody else’s two cents about the situation. She tells BuzzFeed that she and her ex had helped each other through difficult times. “We helped each other heal, I feel like no matter what happens, he and I will forever have respect towards each other,” she said.

Like Aguilar said we can all benefit from a broken heart and allow ourselves to see why a relationship might not have worked out and chalk it up it as a lesson learned.

I wanted to show that just because things don’t work out with someone, that doesn’t mean you should have hate towards them,” Aguilar said. “Regardless of everything, you were meant to be a part of that person’s life, and them, yours.”

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