30 Pictures to Walk Down America Ferrera‘s Memory Lane

Would you have thought, looking at this nice, cute high school girl in the late 90s, that one day she’d be the red carpet beauty we know today? Let‘s jump in our DeLorean and go back to funky 90s to see how everything started.   

1. You Remember Ugly Betty!

Source: Devil America. Digital Image. Teen Vogue. September 18, 2016.

Some people say they knew very early on that they were “made for the stage”.  Maybe that’s true of our America?  Here she is in a Halloween parade, dressed as a little devil.

2. High School in the L.A Suburbs.

Source: Yolanda. Digital Image. Rotten Tomatoes.

So many of us are so far from who we’re going to be in high school.  But America Ferrera was getting close already.  She got the part in a Disney Channel movie, “Gotta Kick It Up!” when she was just 18.  

3. A Hit at Sundance.

Source: Ana García. Digital Image. Hello Giggles. March 10, 2017.

A few months later the acting thing started to take off!  Just 4 months later she lands her big Sundance break with the movie “Real Women Have Curves” by giving voice to young women who were struggling to love themselves and finding opportunities in life. This could‘ve been considered the birth of her inner activist…

4. Making a name for herself.

Source:  Thunder Monkey. Digital Image. Remezcla. March 6, 2015.

Years passed and America’s bubbly personality was catching on… She landed roles films and TV, like Lords of Dogtown and the CSI franchise. But much bigger things awaited…

5. Movie Career on the Rise.

Source: Carmen Lowell. Digital Image. HuffPost. October 19, 2014.

America made the jump back to the big screen, this time as one member of a “sisterhood” that passes around a certain pair of pants.  All four sisters, America, Blake Lively, Alexis Bledel and Amber Tamblyn, have gone on to bigger things, and we hope more pants.

6. It’s Ugly Betty Time.

Source: Betty Suárez. Digital Image. Bustle. May 10, 2015.

You know when you heard that title you said, “say what?”  Then you watched the show and said, “ah, so she’s supposed to be ugly, but really she’s cute….”  You know you loved some Ugly Betty back in the day.  And America was great on it!  Season 1, she won the Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG Award.  Take that, Meryl!

7. Changing Red Carpet Looks.

Source: Sisterhood Premiere. Digital Image. Superior Pics.

Around this time, America started hitting the red carpets like mad.  A new hairdo and some radically different eyebrows from Ugly Betty turned some heads!

8. Got her 1st Major Win.

Source: Big Steps. Digital Image. Zimbio. January 15, 2007.

2007 was looking like a great year for America (and it was!). She started the year earning her biggest win of her career, the globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy

9. Commended by the Secretary of Labor.

Source: Praises. Digital Image. Alchetron.

After her win at the Golden Globes, Hilda Solis, The United States Secretary of Labor commended her for “helping to break down stereotypes and provide a role model for young Latinas”. And she definitely was…

10. Taking TV by Strom.

Source: Yet Another Win. Digital Image. Zimbio. January 28, 2007.

Just a few weeks later she earned herself her 2nd major award when she won Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series at the SAG Awards… once again for her role as Betty Suárez. She was becoming television‘s IT girl and we were loving every minute of it.

11. She’s featured in TIME Magazine.

Source: America @ Spirit Awards. Digital Image. Zimbio. February 24, 2007.

As an outspoken Latina, America always has the media’s ear.  As the proud star of a network comedy (based on a Colombian telenovela), she broke down borders left and right.  No less a source than Time Magazine took note, naming her one of the most influential people of 2007.

12. Became Comedy Royalty.

Source: Emmy Win. Digital Image. Glamour. July 6, 2017.

Won a Primetime Emmy Award and became the 1st Latina to win a Primetime Emmy as a Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Way to go America!

13. Supported Hillary.

Source: Hillblazer. Digital Image. Soul Brother. November 10, 2008.

America, alongside her co-star Amber Tamblyn and Chelsea Clinton led the organization Hillblazers, a platform created for young voters who were supporting Hillary.

14. Pretty Betty.

Source: Pretty Betty. Digital Image. PopSugar. March 11, 2010.

Later in the show’s run, Betty got a bit of a makeover.  Some fans were upset, but not America, who saw it as a natural progression for the character.  Plus, she noted how men are constantly rewarded for changing their looks on screen, while for women, it’s seen as “very brave”.

15. Wedding Bells.

Source: America‘s Wedding. Digital Image. People. June 28, 2011.

America had met her longtime boyfriend Ryan Piers Williams when he cast her in one of his short films at USC.  They were together from that time on, and in 2011, they wed.  Since then, they’ve made several films together.  Click through for news on their latest production…

16. Debuted in Theatre.

Source: Roxie Hart. Digital Image. Celebuzz. November 8, 2011.

After the big success that was Ugly Betty, doors opened for America… one of them took her to London‘s West End to debut in theatre as Roxie Hart in the Chicago musical. I bet all that dancing was a real challenge.

17. College Graduation.

Source: USC Graduation. Digital Image. USC News. May 20, 2013.

Early in her college career, America made the choice to give up her passion for acting and follow her passion for social activism.  But a professor helped convince her she could do both.  In 2013, she graduated from USC with a degree in international relations.  Juggling college with major film and TV roles took ten years, but she did it!

18. New and Improved Red Carpet Look.

Source: César Chávez Premiere. Digital Image. PopSugar. February 14, 2014.

The fashion world had to turn its head when America did red carpets for Cesar Chavez.  The former “Ugly Betty” star showed off a new sense of elegance and grace in a navy blue gown for the Berlin Film Festival premiere.

19. Big Biopic Role.

Source: Helen Chávez. Digital Image. Lionsgate Publicity.

America played Helen Chavez, wife of Cesar, in the 2015 movie Cesar Chavez.   Aside from wanting to tell the story of a Latino icon, America loved that the film showed him as a human being, a husband, and father.

20. Produced by Conference:

Source: Empowering a New Generation. Digital Image. Variety. June 4, 2016.

America as a panelist at the Produced by Conference, to help mentor a new generation of TV, film and new media producers.

21. Standing Up For What’s Right.

Source: DNC 2016. Digital Image. Instagram @americaferrera. July 18, 2016.

America has become a political force in her own right.  She takes a stand for immigrants’ rights, women’s rights, and even spoke at the 2016 Democratic National Convention alongside Lena Dunham.  Keep an eye on this one!

22. 5th Anniversary Celebration.

Source: Surfing USA. Digital Image. Daily Mail. June 23, 2016.

And since she swims a lot anyway…America and husband Ryan tried out a new pastime on their fifth wedding anniversary: Surfing!  Surfing is just a liiiiitle bit harder than it looks, so we’re pretty impressed with this pic!

23. Fighting Her Inner Saboteur.

Source: Victory. Digital Image. NY Times. November 30, 2016.

Since wrapping Ugly Betty and getting married, America has expanded her workout routine.  Since training for and running her first triathlon, she has completed several more.  She says it’s a great way to silence her inner saboteur and feel good with who she is.

24. Was front and center at the Women‘s March.

Source: America in Politics. Digital Image. Inquisitr. January 22, 2017.

America has always spoken loudly when it comes to defending the rights of those whose voices are not being heard. That‘s why in 2017 she became the opening speaker at the Women‘s March in Washington. We couldn‘t be more proud of one of our favorite Latinas.

25. Became Selena.

Source: Selena. Digital Image. Vivala. November 1, 2017.

In last year‘s Superstore Halloween Special, her character Amy went to work dressed up THE one and only Tex-Mex queen, Selena Quintanilla… and it was EVERYTHING! ?

26. New friends like Jay and Bey

Source: Family Feud. Digital Image. Instagram @americaferrera. December 29, 2017.

When you’re a smart, funny, politically active TV star, you start to make friends.  For example, noted film director Ava DuVernay, who directed Jay-Z’s latest video, “Family Feud.”  She joined an all-star cast (Brie Larson, Michael B. Jordan) to play a freedom fighter from the future.  

27. Pregnancy with Traveling Pants:

Source: Sisterhood. Digital Image. Instagram @americaferrera. January 2, 2018.

Okay, so here’s the not-that-big secret.  America and her husband Ryan are expecting their first baby!  They made it public in late ‘17.  Her “Sisters” are all still friends and were there to celebrate.

28. Taking a Stand Against the Industry.

Source: Time‘s Up. Digital Image. InStyle. January 7, 2018.

We know she‘s always fighting for a cause so it‘s no wonder he became one of the signatories for the Time‘s Up Legal Defense Fund in response to the #Metoo Movement created against sexual harassment women’s face in the workforce.

29. Sharing With Michelle.

Source: Secrets. Digital Image. Instagram @americaferrera. January 18, 2018.

America got the opportunity not only to take a picture with the amazing Michelle Obama but also got the opportunity to share the good news about her pregnancy with her… How cool is it that the former 1st Lady congratulates you one becoming a Mom?? Not gonna lie, we‘re a bit jealous!

30. Strong, Successful Woman

Source: We Love America. Digital Image. GotCeleb. January 19, 2017.

A lot has happened since 2002, and America Ferrera’s looks have undergone many changes.  But what has stayed the same are her talent, her tenacity, her charm and her dedication.  Who knows where the next 16 years will take her!

#IceBae Has Blown Up The Internet. Meet The Latina Border Patrol Agent Behind The Viral Hashtag That Has Latino Twitter Freaking Out

Things That Matter

#IceBae Has Blown Up The Internet. Meet The Latina Border Patrol Agent Behind The Viral Hashtag That Has Latino Twitter Freaking Out

A Latina Border Patrol agent has gone viral as #IceBae and from the looks of her new account on Twitter she seems to be enjoying the new found fame.

The agent, who identified herself as Kiara Cervantes, was photographed providing security for Mike Pence during his visit to a migrant detention center in Texas. From that photograph came #IceBae with thirsty fans calling her out for her beauty. But it also attracted many people who were appalled that a Latina would participate in the mass imprisonment of largely Latino men, women, and children.

All this started when a Latina Border Patrol guard was photographed providing security for Mike Pence at a migrant detention center.

Credit: @theprovince / Twitter

So, who is the Latina officer in the photograph? The female officer has since been identified as Kiara Cervantes.  Many of the original comments were focused on her good looks, which kicked off the pretty bizarre hashtag #IceBae

Since the photo went viral, Kiara has started up her own Twitter account and has already racked up nearly 37.5k followers in less than 2 days.

It looks like Cervantes enjoyed the new found attention and decided to create a Twitter account to capitalize on all the fame. She posted a video (which has since been deleted) introducing herself as the #IceBae.

Apprently, Ice Bae has all sorts of ‘supporters’ that she had to thank on Twitter.

Credit: @kiarace24 / Twitter

Because of the response to the original photo and that #IceBae was trending on Twitter with thousands of thirsty comments, Cervantes decided to create a Twitter account. One of her first tweets was to thank everyone for all the ‘support’ and to tell her ‘supporters’ how much she loves them.

She’s also taken to Twitter to share some selfies of her in uniform with her new found supporters.

Credit: @kiarace24 / Twitter

Because when you work at a detention center that houses migrants in overcrowded cages and is at the center of an international scandal, of course selfies should be on your list of to-dos.

At least a few people on Twitter tried to help her out with some caption ideas for her new photo…

Credit: @kiarace24 / Twitter

I mean that is pretty clever if it wasn’t so depressing.

And this person who kept her caption suggestion poignant yet simple.

Credit: @kiarace24 / Twitter

What would you caption her photo with?

Seriously, the people are not here for it.

Credit: @rates_by_me / Twitter

Apart from all of #IceBae’s supporters, her detractors are definitely speaking out on social media. Many pointed out how by sexualizing Cervantes they were also sexualizing the dehumanization of the very people being held in the detention centers.

Rapper Fat Nick, called her out as ‘literal scum’, that her family would be ashamed of.

Credit: @_FatNick / Twitter

Cervantes fired back Sunday at rapper Fat Nick who tweeted that her family will disown her and “shame on any Hispanic working for ice of anything of that nature.”

“I think that’s really rude and naive of you to say,” she tweeted. “You have no idea who my parents are and no idea what goes into my job on a daily basis… before speaking on something you know nothing about…. DONT. Regardless I’m blessed and thankful for the career I have.”

Another Twitter user pointed out what pretty much most of the Latino community is thinking.

Credit: @hcapd / Twitter

One Twitter user, among thousands of others, called #IceBae what many are thinking: a guard at a concentration camp. For people to be idolizing a person who is supporting a system of injustice, racism, and bigotry, has many people across social media very upset, particularly those in the Latino community who feel #IceBae has turned her back on them.

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J Balvin Gets In The Business Of Japanese Hip Hop As He Announces New Project For Anime Film


J Balvin Gets In The Business Of Japanese Hip Hop As He Announces New Project For Anime Film

jbalvin / mflo_official / Instagram

J Balvin is totally on a roll right now. He’s just released a surprise album, Oasis, with Bad Bunny which has rocketed to the top of the charts and now the Colombian singer has announced a new project that will take him in an entirely different direction.

J Balvin is working with a Japanese hip hop group in an upcoming anime film.

Credit: @MeetMusicLovers / Twitter

Reggaetonero and Latin music superstar J Balvin has teamed up with Japan-based hip-hop trio m-flo on the theme song for a new animated movie, called HUMAN LOST, to be released in theaters worldwide this fall.

The popularity of Japan’s anime culture is increasing around the world, so it makes perfect sense for the “Mi Gente” singer to do such an incredible collaboration.

The anime film he’s working on is based on a sci-fi novel from 1948.

The original novel, called No Longer Human, is rated as the second best selling novel in all of Japan. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to assume, that with the backing of J Balvin and m-flo, the new adaptation will do even better.

No Longer Human is told in the form of notebooks left by one Ōba Yōzō, a troubled man incapable of revealing his true self to others, and who is instead forced to uphold a facade of hollow humor.

The film, along with the new track, will hit theatres in the US this fall.

While the animated movie is set to hit the theaters in the U.S. in fall this year, it had its world premiere last Friday at the Anime Expo 2019 in Los Angeles.

M-Flo made a surprise appearance at the event to announce their involvement in the movie’s main theme, which features Balvin.

Turns out, M-Flo and Balvin also performed together at last year’s Summer Sonic Festival in Japan – Balvin’s first time performing in the country.

Credit: @billboard / Twitter

The “Safari” singer performed in Japan for the first time last summer at the annual Summer Sonic music festival, where m-flo’s VERBAL suggested they work on the theme song together.

A known fan of Japanese popular culture, Balvin readily accepted the offer and the collaboration took off from there.

Quite a few J Balvin fans were surprised by the annoucement but most were super excited for the project.

It’s definitely a big departure for the reggaeton singer but with the global popularity of Latino singers right now, it’s seems like a perfect match to us.

Some people on Twitter admitted they were just here for the new J Balvin track…not the anime.

Credit: @pkjd818 / Twitter

Even if that’s true for some people, anime has exploded into a giant industry worth more than $18 billion globally, so I’d say Balvin is making the right decision.

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