25 Vicks VapoRub Inspired Products For Bath Bomb Night

If there’s one lesson from my childhood that I could pass along to my future children it’s the power of Vicks. Thankfully Vicks healing powers still apply in adulthood, so next time life’s got you down or you’re just in need of a “you” night, try out these bath bombs, soaps and more to help you unwind.

1. A VapoRub bar will infuse your shower with next-level aromatherapy.

BelaDoceSkin / Etsy.com
CREDIT: BelaDoceSkin / Etsy.com

This soap isn’t just Vicks inspired it has it encapsulated INSIDE. Now you can tackle your dry/itchy skin all at once. Literally, slather up and get rid of your cold at the same time.

2. These Vicks-inspired bath bombs are perfect to use when you’ve maxed out your Lush gift card

CallieNicoleCarlile / Etsy.com
CREDIT: CallieNicoleCarlile / Etsy.com

Who needs flower and glitter bombs when you can fill your whole bath with the smell of Vicks? ??

3. Abuela doesn’t understand veganism, but I’m pretty sure she would stand for these vegan Vaporú bath balms.

CREDIT: FairyLillyCreation / Etsy.com

I know that Vicks does everything better, but it’s got flowers and its vegan okay?!

4. This poster that acts as an ode to Vicks is all the deco we need to set the mood for girls movie night in.

PepeTeAdoroArt / Etsy.com
CREDIT: PepeTeAdoroArt / Etsy.com

Love that it’s doing a shout out to the sage and savila we were taught to worship.

5. Beach mobile.

HomeSweetCoast / Instagram
CREDIT: HomeSweetCoast / Instagram

Honestly, abuela taught me many things. Still, I’m not sure she ever got this creative.

6. But nothing gets the spirits up like some sweets… Vicks flavor.

@bakersnom / Instagram
CREDIT: @bakersnom / Instagram

YUMMM! Have your Vicks and eat it too.

7. Or you can just wear Vaporú’s calmness on your sleeve.

Pinetration818 / Etsy.com
CREDIT: Pinetration818 / Etsy.com

Whatever suits your fancy, but bets are on that this plus a Vicks-inspired bath bomb pic will make you Insta-famous.

8. These natural and homemade Vicks Vaporubs

@maria_ecofreshop / Instagram
CREDIT: @maria_ecofreshop / Instagram

This one comes made with coconut oil. I would literally go ham on these pretty bottles. 

9. And of course, it’s not girl’s night without a Vapo-Candle.

@ashgarth / Instagram
CREDIT: @ashgarth / Instagram

I’m all about striking up the matches for some ~mood lighting~.


LaBodegaDeMama / Etsy.com
CREDIT: LaBodegaDeMama / Etsy.com

This natural version of your mom’s beloved Vivaporú is made with all the amor you’ll need to get rid of your nasty cold and ailments. The rub contains Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Tea Tree and Clove for the ultimate bruja.

11. More Vaporú’s calmness for your attire.

AREA787 / Etsy.com
CREDIT: AREA787 / Etsy.com

This Vicks pin will have you styling and breathing easy. Rock it on your leather jacket for the coolest look.

12. Chill out with some massage oil.

CutTheCrapOrganics / Etsy.com
CREDIT: CutTheCrapOrganics / Etsy.com

Anyone who has ever had a backrub with Vaporub knows the power Vicks can have on those kings in your back. Wouldn’t hurt to have this one take you to the next level.

13. And light it up with some candles.

candlelynn / Etsy.com
CREDIT: candlelynn / Etsy.com

I can only imagine how powerful the smell of Vicks gets once you put a wick in it and light on fire.

14. These Vicks Vaporub wax melts.

BigWhiffCandleCo / Etsy.com
CREDIT: BigWhiffCandleCo / Etsy.com

Put these bad boys in a wax warmer and guaranteed the smell will spread through your house better than any vintage jar abuela whips out. 

15. Shower Steamers.

574Creations / Etsy.com
CREDIT: 574Creations / Etsy.com

Yeah I’m for SURE Plopping these bebes in my next bath.

16. A tin collector from an original Vicks salve!

aunteeker / Instagram
CREDIT: aunteeker / Instagram

This vintage tin can is the perfect thing to pop in your bag to keep it organized. It’s the perfect pill box!  

17. Get lit with this soy scented candle.

AllOilEverything / Etsy.com
CREDIT: AllOilEverything / Etsy.com

That old familiar smell you love comes straight out of this soy scented candle. 

18. This Vaporub for babies

MotherTurtleHerbals / Etsy.com
CREDIT: MotherTurtleHerbals / Etsy.com

This is made with natural ingredients. Of course, while Vicks has always been abuelita approved I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t hurt to try something that was all natural. 

19. Shower Steamers.

NorthernPineSoapCo / Instagram
CREDIT: NorthernPineSoapCo / Instagram

No doubt your showers will be all the more invigorating with these steamers. Pro-tip: reviewers suggest adding this to the opposite side of your shower head.

20. Roller bottle blends for your headache.

HaywardHappy / Etsy.com
CREDIT: HaywardHappy / Etsy.com

Vicks has always been great for getting rid of and helping headaches. Pretty clever of this Etsy brand to turn the original concept into a roller bottle. 

21. Vapor tablets for the shower!

SunnyBungalow / Etsy.com
CREDIT: SunnyBungalow / Etsy.com

You really just can’t go wrong when you take the Vicks concept and put it in shower tablet form. 

22. Mentholated “Goose” Grease, rub!

MMarvelousMedicinals / Etsy.com
CREDIT: MMarvelousMedicinals / Etsy.com

Reviews for this product say the Mentholated Goose Grease is perfect for chest congestion and stuffy noses. Instead of using goose though, the brand uses coconut oil. So PETA lovers can enjoy! 

23. Or you can just wear Vaporú’s calmness on your sleeve.

LizasBoutique / Etsy.com
CREDIT: LizasBoutique / Etsy.com

Not sure if your grandma would totally love this necklace or wear it like an azabache token. 

24. Body Spray

MelsCandlesMore / Etsy.com
CREDIT: MelsCandlesMore / Etsy.com

For that Latinx who loves the smell of Vick’s as just a perfume, spritz this tone on all of your scent points. 

25. This Rub that’ll make you breathe easy.

CutTheCrapOrganics / Etsy.com
CREDIT: CutTheCrapOrganics / Etsy.com

Get ready to go to town on your heels with this shea butter infused product.

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UPS Delivery Man Is Fired After Video Surfaces of His Anti-Latino Racist Rant

Things That Matter

UPS Delivery Man Is Fired After Video Surfaces of His Anti-Latino Racist Rant

Photo courtesy Forward Latino

An unnamed UPS delivery driver has been fired after being caught using racist language when delivering a package to a Latino household. The incident occurred on December 17th.

The video, which was caught on a doorbell camera’s security footage, shows a white UPS driver appearing to be angry when delivering a package.

“Now you don’t get f—–g nothing…You can’t read and write and speak the f—–g English language,” he says while writing a “failed to deliver” notice and pasting it on the house’s front door.

The Aviles family says that the footage shows that the UPS worker never even attempted to deliver the package in the first place. He never rang the doorbell or knocked on the door. Based on that, the family has come to the conclusion that the driver intentionally withheld the package from the family out of prejudice and spite

They believe that the only way the driver could’ve known that the family was Latino was by making assumptions based off the name on the package.

“The only information this driver had that could serve as a trigger for this deep-seated hate was the name on the package,” said Forward Latino President Darryl Morin at a press conference addressing the incident.

“So what we have here is a very intentional act to ruin Christmas for somebody, for someone to spew this hateful rhetoric, and quite honestly to deceive their employer,” Morin continued.

Per UPS, the employee has now been fired. “There is no place in any community for racism, bigotry or hate. This is very serious and we promptly took action, terminating the driver’s employment. UPS is wholeheartedly committed to diversity, equity and inclusion,” UPS said in a statement. They also said they contacted the family to apologize.

But the Aviles family is still rattled that such bigoted people are out and about, letting their petty prejudices effect other people’s lives.

“The package was a Christmas gift that we eventually received after Christmas Day, but what if it happened to have time-sensitive content like an epipen or a book I needed to take a final,” said Shirley Aviles, the mother of the man who lives at the address, told NBC News. “I don’t get it. It’s just sad.”

Aviles seemed disturbed about what this incident says about human nature. “This is about the things people do when they think no one is watching them. That’s important because that’s when you see people’s true colors and that’s what’s scary,”

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Here Are Some Christmas Traditions From Around Latin America


Here Are Some Christmas Traditions From Around Latin America

Henry Sadura / Getty Images

Christmas is a special time of year. Families have their traditions to mark the festive year and some of those traditions are rooted in culture. Here are some of the ways various countries in Latin America celebrate Christmas.

El Pase Del Niño Viajero – Ecuador

El Pase del Niño Viajero is a pageant that happens in Ecuador that lasts weeks. The parade is meant to represent the journey of Mary and Joseph. The parade highlights the religious importance of Christmas in Ecuador and is most common in the Andean region of the country.

The biggest and most important parade is in Cuenca, a deeply religious city. Citizens near the city have all day to see the parade as it starts in the early morning and runs through the late afternoon. This gives people a lot of time to make it to the city to witness the parade.

La Gritería – Nicaragua

La Gritería comes after La Purisma. La Purisma is celebrated at the end of November and is meant to celebrate the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. La Gritería is celebrated in early December and involves literal yelling. Someone would shout “Que causa tanta alegria?” (“What causes so much happiness?”) People respond “La Concepción de María.” (“Mary’s Conception.”)

Las Posadas – Mexico

Mexican posadas are the most recognizable. Posadas take place in Mexico from Dec. 16-24, though this year they are most likely to be virtual. The posada begins with a procession in the neighborhood filled with people singing and sometimes led by two people dressed as Mary and Joseph.

Another part is the posada party. Before guests can enter, there is a song exchange with the people outside playing Joseph looking for shelter. The hosts sing the side of the innkeeper saying there is no room. Eventually, the guests are welcomed into the home to celebrate Christmas.

Aguinaldos – Colombia

Aguinaldos are a series of games played by people in Colombia leading up to Christmas. There are certain games that are common among people in Colombia. One is pajita en boca, which requires holding a straw in your mouth the entire time of a social event. Another is dar y no recibir, which is about getting people to take something you are giving to score a point.

El Quema Del Diablo – Guatemala

El quema del diablo is celebrated in early December and is a way of letting go of the previous year. People burn piñatas and effigies of the devil to let go of all negative feelings and moments from the previous year. If there was every to try a new tradition, this would be the year. Burn an effigy and banish 2020 to the past, where it belongs.

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